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Jim Blasko Explains BitCoin Spinoff 'Unbreakable Coin' (Video 1 of 2)

SkunkPussy Pump and Dump until proven otherwise (55 comments)

Every new altcoin should be regarded as a pre-mined pump and dump scam until proven otherwise.

The great strength of bitcoin is its network effect.

Every new coin has to demonstrate how they will gather sufficient network effect to make themselves useful, the equivalent of overtaking facebook, google or amazon. It could certainly be done but think how many years it is since facebook overtook myspace! It doesnt happen very often.

4 days ago

Marriot Back-Pedals On Wireless Blocking

SkunkPussy Outside the hotel as well (179 comments)

The key thing here is that they're not just blocking inside the hotel, they're blocking outside the hotel as well as radio is a broadcast medium.

Its utterly antisocial of them to do this as it will affect other properties near their hotel and they should be completely ashamed of themselves, along with the hucksters that sold them that shite.

about two weeks ago

Sony Thinks You'll Pay $1200 For a Digital Walkman

SkunkPussy short playback on FLAC? (391 comments)

Why is FLAC playback so battery-intensive? Is it because its not implemented in hardware while the mp3 playback is?

about three weeks ago

Netflix Cracks Down On VPN and Proxy "Pirates"

SkunkPussy Excessive powers granted by copyright (437 comments)

The fundamental issue here is that copyright is too powerful. Electronic goods should be a single global market, so the fact that copyright holders are able to use the powers granted by copyrights to slice the market shows that copyright law grants too much.

about three weeks ago

Sony Hack Reveals MPAA's Big '$80 Million' Settlement With Hotfile Was a Lie

SkunkPussy Settlements != justice (117 comments)

This is another example of how settlements can work against the public interest of justice. This blatant lying may influence other court cases differently to an open judgement.

I think all terms of settlements should be public, for the sake of justice.

about a month ago

Google and Apple Weaseling Out of "Do Not Track"

SkunkPussy Re:DNT is useless by design (145 comments)

I expect the EU to sooner or later begin enforcing it under the data protection legislation.

about a month ago

Sony: 'The Interview' Will Have a Limited Theatrical Release

SkunkPussy Great marketing (176 comments)

About 40x as many people know the name of the film now than if they hadn't dramatically pulled it.

about a month ago

Hotel Group Asks FCC For Permission To Block Some Outside Wi-Fi

SkunkPussy Inconsiderate hypocritical cunts (293 comments)

If they are blocking wifi inside their hotel, they are almost certainly blocking wifi outside their hotel as well. An eye for an eye...

about a month ago

Man Caught Trying To Sell Plans For New Aircraft Carrier

SkunkPussy entrapment (388 comments)

I never feel anyone's actually committed a crime when an FBI agent is to some extent an instigator

about a month and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Making a 'Wife Friendly' Gaming PC?

SkunkPussy Re:Simple (720 comments)

GTX 750 Ti + Haswell 4770K can be run fanlessly or with maybe one low speed case fan.

So as long as the 750Ti is powerful enough for OP's resolution then OP is set.

about 2 months ago

How the World's First Computer Was Rescued From the Scrap Heap

SkunkPussy Except... (126 comments)

...it wasn't the first computer.

about a month ago

Intel Announces Major Reorg To Combine Mobile and PC Divisions

SkunkPussy Anti-competitive? (75 comments)

Surely using their market power in one segment to sell at a loss in a different segment is anti-competitive.

about 2 months ago

US School Installs 'Shooter Detection' System

SkunkPussy Maybe I lack imagination but... (698 comments)

...so the police find out about the shooting about a minute earlier. If police turn up 5-20 minutes after the first shot has been fired, is there any real benefit to this device?

about 2 months ago

Facebook Sets Up Shop On Tor

SkunkPussy Words. I can't even. (125 comments)

So you're going to go to all of this trouble to use a completely secure connection which conceals your identity and information about your browsing. Then you're going to go to a website where the first thing you do identify yourself to that website then the second thing you do is give yourself a cookie that identifies you to any website anywhere on the internet that has a facebook like button?

about 3 months ago

An Open Source Pitfall? Mozilla Labs Closed, Quietly

SkunkPussy Mozilla's losing coolness (112 comments)

Its lost the browser initiative to google. I can't imagine it will still be around in its current form in a decade.

about 4 months ago

Verizon Throttles Data To "Provide Incentive To Limit Usage"

SkunkPussy flawed measure (316 comments)

No matter how little bandwidth customers use, some of them will always be in the top 5%!

about 6 months ago

Microsoft Files Legal Action Against Samsung Over Android Patent Dispute

SkunkPussy Re: Laugh all the way to the bank (83 comments)

But the reason that say android is successful is probably not because of any specific patented technology it uses, rather it has a good enough user interface and google made it freely available for a while. The specific innovation behind android that led to its success is its open nature. None of microsoft's patents contribute to this.

about 6 months ago

Microsoft Files Legal Action Against Samsung Over Android Patent Dispute

SkunkPussy Re:Laugh all the way to the bank (83 comments)

TBH if microsoft have continuously failed to gain traction in the mobile phone market, I don't really see why its reasonable for them to tax the companies who've made a product people want to use.

about 6 months ago



GNU/Linux more popular than Windows 8 amongst Steam users

SkunkPussy SkunkPussy writes  |  about a year and a half ago

SkunkPussy (85271) writes "Windows is renowned for the slow adoption of new versions, but when it comes to gaming, Windows 8 can't even boast as many steam users as Linux does, despite Windows 8 being available for roughly twice as long as the GNU/Linux Steam client."
Link to Original Source



Anti Piquepaille Manifesto

SkunkPussy SkunkPussy writes  |  more than 10 years ago

I hate all these articles from Roland Piquepaille's blog. They strip the story down to the barest, blandest minimum; when you click through to the blog, you still have to then click on the links in the blog to read the story.

Maybe Piquepaille's articles are good if you don't have the time to read the full story. But if this is the case, what are you doing on slashdot? Slashdot is not for busy people.

Piquepaille is obviously making a mint with the advertising on his website from all the traffic from slashdot, so is he paying slashdot a cut of his advertising traffic? or is he cynically exploiting slashdot and doing not a lot of work for his advertising dosh? He certainly gets a lot of submissions accepted..

My final gripe is that it is always Roland himself who submits his own articles, never a websurfer who came across them and submitted them to slashdot on the basis they might be interesting to the slashdot audience. Self promotion.

Also can anybody think of a good (derogatory) nickname for Piquepaille?

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