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Sony Paid Warner Bros. $400 Million to Go Blu-Ray?

SkyWalk423 Re:free market? (487 comments)

I am still fairly libertarian.

Right now, I think 90% taxation on anyone with an income (including corporate provided "benefits") over $5 mill a year is about right.


more than 5 years ago


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Well said, Golias.

SkyWalk423 SkyWalk423 writes  |  more than 8 years ago Every now and then (although rarely, judging by my journal history) I come across a thought that is so well-expressed that I feel compelled to steal it. I found one today below a /. post entitled On The Feminine Form In Gaming. Here it is.



Journal Forwarding

SkyWalk423 SkyWalk423 writes  |  more than 10 years ago Instead of keeping two separate journals/blogs/timewasters, I'll direct you to my existing blog. [] Post on it at will, but try to keep it intelligent and relevant. I'm kind of a snob that way.

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