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Sir Patrick Stewart

SlashCrunchPop ROTFL! MOD PARENT UP! (324 comments)

That's a great compilation, thanks for sharing!

about 5 years ago

Owner of the Word Stealth 'Protecting' Rights

SlashCrunchPop Re:Personal Experience - The truth about this guy (745 comments)

Ever wonder why he hasn't threatened to sue Amazon despite the fact that there are over 250 titles containing the word stealth there? Well, the poor bastard works for Amazon, so you can understand why he spends his spare time going around and threatening to sue everyone else who in any way uses the word stealth. It's his way of blowing off steam, if it weren't for that he'd go postal and Bezos would get a new haircut and some of you people who still don't boycott Amazon would not get your books and DVDs.

more than 9 years ago


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