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Graphene Sheets Get Easier To Manufacture

Slashamatic Re:Room temperature SC? (81 comments)

Yes, cooling has got easier but building bif systems and keeping them cold isn't easy. Room Temperature semiconductors may be difficult but what about those at around 75K, the boiling point of nitrogen.

Tech to keep nitrogen liquid (even on big bits of plant) is well known and even relatively cheap.

more than 5 years ago

Wall Street Becoming a Linux Stronghold

Slashamatic Re:Real-time trading requirements? (214 comments)

What happens is that you get market data as fast as possible, predict what is happening then act on it. If somebody else is faster, they get the deal, you don't. Already some of the biggest electronic exchanges, LSE, Xetra & Eurex offer so-called proximity hosting where you pay $$$ to share the data centre with the exchange.

Yes, the original order may have come from a human but the execution of big orders is via algorithmic trading so that the market isn't adversely effected.

more than 6 years ago


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