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New Zealand Tree Stuck In Evolutionary Time Warp

SlashdotTroll Nipples from a universal design. (337 comments)

Why do quarterbacks have a helmet if the linebackers have eyes to be certain that none would pass to sack the carrier?

Some men are known to regress to a female gender, and female to a male gender because the body is universal. Even the King James Version, Authorized Version 1611 Holy Bible confirm that their are men who's "breasts are moistened with milk."

more than 5 years ago

New Zealand Tree Stuck In Evolutionary Time Warp

SlashdotTroll It's... Monty Python's Flying Circus. (337 comments)

The worst in the series. I prefer the Life of Bryan, more than all the others.

more than 5 years ago

Defining an Interactive Physical MMO For the iPhone

SlashdotTroll Whatever MMO it is, please put Richard Stallman in (124 comments)

RMS is the Ultimate Linux Killer. I mean, the guy single-handedly destroyed OSI and all further attempts to characteristically reversion Opensource software to the Public by creating an artificial "free" that can't be bought.

There should be a spell in this MMO that is called "Kike Blast" or "Communigger" or somthing, that just reserects dead jew lawyers from excrement that ride upon wild boars and blast molusks and crabs from their genital regions at their gentile enemies.

Richard Matthew Stalman is the greatest troll in history, in these regards.

more than 5 years ago

Gamer Plays Over 30 Warcraft Characters

SlashdotTroll ah ha. (189 comments)

But' can`his comma`s fly' like`these? That's r`ght, capta`n` you're vvessel pr`v`leges are grounded*

about 6 years ago

Best Reference Site For Each Programming Language?

SlashdotTroll Re:For all languages (538 comments)


more than 6 years ago


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SlashdotTroll SlashdotTroll writes  |  more than 10 years ago I lament due this world. My fellow users at odds with my fragmented contributions. I cede their quality may be lacking for this cramped laptop keyboard inhibits my ability to compose a document quickly. Sadening, frightening; my Karma was good and the merit is above average, yet to cede my faith in the moderation of these tollerable replies. I'm no more faltering that I know the misconception within my grasp: post for post that can not be corrected by my hand. Will anyone that oversees my value, please deem my worthiness to lend a helping hand doth it offend thee reading eyes? My form is incomplete that it is with publishing error, as I will strive to ammend that it be consumed by anyone with reason. Oh bless me, edify; amonish me so.

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