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Ask Slashdot: Anti-Theft Products For the Over-Equipped Household?

Slim Boom Plus one for Dog (doug) (408 comments)

I'm going to second the dog idea. Sure, someone determined to steal your stuff might bring a steak, but most crimes are opportunistic. If a dog starts barking before they even enter the place, why bother. In Atlanta I remember reading thieves were chopping through the sides of homes rather than using the windows in order to avoid the sensors and motion alarms. Good luck combating that. And a dog will probably bring some perspective into your life, make you care a little less about all that stuff.

about 8 months ago

NSA Confirms It Has Been Searching US Citizens' Data Without a Warrant

Slim Boom Kevin Bacon Game (274 comments)

HAHAHAHA!! The 6 degrees of separation. By this logic they can spy on the entire world because everyone knows someone who knows someone who kinda knows someone who . . .

about 10 months ago


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