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Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

Smokey Behr Re:Ewww... (242 comments)

Even bottled water has "minerals added for flavor", something that's on every brand of "drinking water". The only bottled water you won't find with added minerals is "distilled water" or "deionized water" that is used for clothing steamers and car batteries (the old-school lead-acid type), or anywhere else you don't want the minerals.

about 2 months ago

Comcast Converting 50,000 Houston Home Routers Into Public WiFi Hotspots

Smokey Behr Time to BYOM! (474 comments)

The way around this is to buy your own modem that doesn't have all of Comcast's cruft. The major chain electronics stores all have DOCSIS 3.x modems for sale, so you save the cost of leasing the equipment (which you can recoup in less than a year), and you can control who has access to your bandwidth.

about 3 months ago

California Bill Proposes Mandatory Kill-Switch On Phones and Tablets

Smokey Behr Re:A More Effective Killswitch (341 comments)

Come to the Central Valley where our sheriffs actually like the law-abiding to be carrying. SF and AlCo are the worst for CCW (besides LA). SF only has 2 civilian CCW holders for its million(-ish) of population.

about 7 months ago

California Bill Proposes Mandatory Kill-Switch On Phones and Tablets

Smokey Behr How about a kill switch on criminals? (341 comments)

How about allowing law-abiding citizens the ability to carry firearms to activate the kill switch on criminals. SF, and Oakland/Alameda County are among the most impossible places for anyone to get a CCW in California.

about 7 months ago

Soda Makes Five-Year-Olds Break Your Stuff, Science Finds

Smokey Behr Re:It isn't the soda. It's the survey. (287 comments)

All I'm going to do is point out the disproportionate amount of violence and crime that occurs in majority Black neighborhoods, the disproportionate amount of violence that occurs in majority Black countries, and the lower average IQ found in Africa compared to other continents. There is no racism in facts.

about a year ago

Soda Makes Five-Year-Olds Break Your Stuff, Science Finds

Smokey Behr It isn't the soda. It's the survey. (287 comments)

The problem with the survey can be found in the results section of the Abstract. They oversampled males by +4, and 51% of the families were Black. This isn't a soda/soft drink issue; it's a parenting/cultural issue, which is mentioned, but essentially glossed over when you start delving into the "study". The families were already "in the system", as they were part of an ongoing study, which tells me that there were already parenting and cultural issues that go deeper than the family's diet.

about a year ago

Utah Set To Exempt NSA Datacenter From Power Tax, After All

Smokey Behr Herp-a-derp (86 comments)

The fscking NSA is snooping on damned near every American both onshore and offshore, as well as millions of people overseas, snarfing up dozens of terabytes of data on a DAILY basis; yet has no fscking clue as to the legislation that is going to directly affect them and their budget? This is another reason why we need to eliminate as many agencies of the Federal Government as possible, and get back to Article I, Section 8 permitted functions.

about a year ago

$375,000 Lab-Grown Beef Burger To Debut On Monday

Smokey Behr Igor, bring me a Frankenburger (221 comments)

Okay, you've grown meat in a test tube, but who's going to eat it? The whole point of real meat is the flavor that's imparted to it through its feed and husbandry. There's a reason why some people raise and slaughter their own cattle, or grind their own meat, or buy the frozen patties from the warehouse club store. This whole thing is like a Concept Car: Sure, it can be done; sure, it's as expensive as hell; sure, it can be eaten; but who in their right mind is going to eat it? I have a feeling this is going to be Post's "Blinky Moment", where the 3-eyed fish is cooked and served, but whether it's edible or not is a whole different story.

about a year ago

9th Circuit Court Elevates Celebrity Privacy Rights Over Video Game Portrayals

Smokey Behr The 9th Circus fails again (207 comments)

Keller should quit whining and be glad for the free publicity. The 9th got this decision wrong, since this falls somewhere between Fair Use and no personally identifiable information. Of course, I agree with some of the posters that EA should totally nerf that character so that nobody will want to play him.

about a year ago

How Outdated Data Distorts Doctors' Pay

Smokey Behr Re:Praise Legacy Data (336 comments)

When I was in between insurance plans (and jobs) I paid cash for a doctor's appointment, and got a 25% discount, plus they changed what was done to a cheaper "procedure", so I paid even less. If the Federal Government got out of the business of providing healthcare, the overall quality would go up, and the cost would go down.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Supporting "Antique" Software?

Smokey Behr Re:But dos and older windows 9X apps / os may not (212 comments)

I've been running Toughbooks for a while, simply because I have older network equipment that needs a real RS-232 serial connection to talk to it, and I have a plethora of two-way radio equipment that requires programming using a serial port and interface box. The Radio Programming Software won't recognize serial ports above COM4, and most USB-to-Serial converters have issues with sending the signals down the line. I also have Amateur Radio equipment and software that requires a real serial port for sending and receiving data and keying the radio. USB converters can't provide the correct signaling functions.

about a year ago


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