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Larry Page: Healthcare Data Mining Could Save 100,000 Lives a Year

Snapple Think about it... Seriously... (186 comments)

There is a HUGE pool of untapped resources. Insurance companies process claims for millions, and have all the data, what is being prescribed, what is not being prescribed.. how long the perscription is for..... Who is seeing a doctor on a regular basis, and who isn't.... Using this data you can find out what treatments are being effective, and which ones aren't. Or is it really worth going to the dentist every 6 months? Isn't that worth it's weight in gold?

Internally insurance companies can summarize data without compromising their client's as they have the data all ready. Moving it to an external company would involve generating an guid for each identifying piece of information before it leaves the company. Basically a complete scrubbing of the data, but it is not an impossible task.

Why won't this happen? It's not a privacy issue, it a $$$$ issue.... Drug companies wouldn't want you to find out that they are selling snake oil.. They could loose millions if a report showed that their drug is not as effective as a competitors....

about 7 months ago

Josh Ledgard On MS's Future Open Source Efforts

Snapple Realistic Expectations (427 comments)

First thing you have to remember is that this IS Microsoft. They are NOT going to be giving away their cash cows, so completely forget IE, Office, and Windows. It ISN'T going to happen. Knowing the crowd here, there will be a lot of noise, and very little signal! Now that said there are a couple areas that they could:

Development tools:
If you've ever done work in the Microsoft environment, you'll know that the tools are decent. For those about to flame me, don't bother, you haven't really USED the tools. I use Visual Studio for .Net development and it is good. Having a tool like that under linux to develop against IIS servers... that would be nice.

SQL Server Tools:
Having a true collection of tools such as the client, and enterprise manager, and Query Analyzer would be a nice thing. Again, this may be a pipe dream as it means they have to play nice with linux users, but it could help connect all those PHP sites to SQL Server!

Outlook/Exchange Protocols: Wow.. this would be the cat's meow... being able to create a client that would connect up to the exchange server. Forget Linux.. I would love to have this under Windows!

Create an native API available to everyone for the basic services. I'm in the telephony world and would love to be able to create a client that is compatible with MSN and then connect to my servers for phone calls! :)

Windows CE/Pocket PC 2003:
You can forget about the windows pirates here! You buy a pocketpc, you get the OS.. that's the way it goes. So, open up the source, let the masters of kernel tinkering in the world play a bit! This could open the way to many devices guys!

more than 10 years ago



Major Canadian Retailer suspends online sales...

Snapple Snapple writes  |  about 6 years ago

Snapple (3106) writes "I just received and e-mail from Canadian Tire, one of canada's largest Automotive/Household retailers is "suspending" their online sales.

"Effective January 29th, 2009 online sales of product (excluding gift cards) from Canadian Tire's website, www.canadiantire.ca, will be suspended. "

"Over the past few years, canadiantire.ca has experienced exceptional growth in traffic, making it one of the busiest e-commerce sites in the country. Our research indicates that the overwhelming majority of the traffic to the site is focused on products that are heavily researched, but not necessarily suitable for home delivery (patio sets, tires, etc). This, coupled with the fact that we have an extensive store network with 473 stores located within a 10-15 minute drive of 90% of the Canadian population, led us to the decision to discontinue direct home delivery and to deploy our resources to development of capabilities and features that will significantly enhance the online experience for the millions of customers that visit canadiantire.ca every month."

Is this the way of the future to drive people back into the stores so all that in-store merchandising doesn't get wasted?"

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