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Autonomous RoboFish at the London Aquarium

Snar Bloot That's all nice, but, robot (fish) in an aquarium? (136 comments)

Yes, I read the article. Saw the pics. Pretty cool, I guess.

But I'm failing to see the interest in taking little Johnny to the aquarium to see "robot fish", in the same way I'd be a bit torqued off if I took my kids to the zoo and we saw robotic giraffes. Cool, yes. Unexpected, yes. What I'm there for, no.

If I took my kids to a "robotozoo" or whatever it might be, that's neat. But this sort of thing belongs in...maybe one of those hands-on sort of museums, or a kids science museum, or some place where you go to see cool robotics stuff.

I'm not knocking the technology here, or the software...but you put a pile of robotic trout in a nice little place a guy can toss a dry fly in and get a hit and get the sort of reactions you might with some real fish, NOW you have a robot that is really entertaining.

catch and release only, of course...at MY robot fish 'aquarium' you can't take your fish home. We weigh it, take your picture, and send it back with a new AI adjustment so it is SMARTER than your flesh-fish and you gotta do better next time to catch him

I guess while this is kinda cool, it's not an aquarium exhibit. The cool thing about a real aquarium is the fact it has REAL fish, with REAL behaviors, and the real variety that exists in nature. Don't you kinda think robot fish here are sort of like having a Sony (tm) pet dog in a zoo?

more than 9 years ago


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