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TSA Employee Caught With $200K Worth of Stolen Property

Sodade Re:thieves standing around (655 comments)

True, sad story:

My kids live in a foreign country and I get to see them once a year. In 2007, I visited and filled my camera's card with pics of them. When I was packing up, I made the dumbass decision to put the camera in my checked in bag to save weight on my carry on bag. I flew back in to Newark and caught my connecting flight from there. I come home, unpack and guess what's missing.

I call the airline and they say I have to fill out a form to get some money back from them. They asked me how much the camera was worth - oh, the camera was old and I didn't really care, but the pictures on it are worth about $1500 considering the airfare it took to go take the pictures. haha. As most probably do, I blew it off - Filling out forms and dicking around with customer service is rarely worth the pittance you get back from the effort.

And now I read this. That fucker stole my camera.

about 6 years ago


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