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Microsoft Surface Drowning?

SoftwareJanitor Let it Bleed (337 comments)

Too bad they have other cash cows that can cover for losing 1/3 billion a quarter on a failing product line...

about 2 months ago

Suing Open Source Startups - A New Scam?

SoftwareJanitor Re:They didn't tell what patents you're violating? (104 comments)

If they won't even identify their patent numbers then they are obviously full of crap and just trying to hold you up for money. However, you can look up patents yourself online at and search by things like the name and city/state of the inventor or assignee. You could then see if the company even has any patents, and if they do if there is any merit at all to their claims your software infringes on them. That information should be very useful to your lawyer in advising you on whether you can just blow them off or not.

about 10 years ago


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