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gOS Gadget Aims Ubuntu At Cloud Computing

SomeGuyTyping Re:Who Gives a Shit (36 comments)

Any companies persuaded by the extremely vocal linux minority to support Desktop Linux will wake up and realize that the significant time and resources spent on developing for a non-standard platform whose demographic wants everything for free is a complete waste.

Desktop Linux users want everything free not for free

more than 5 years ago

On my current computer, I'm using ...

SomeGuyTyping Re:Sweet Linus (360 comments)

Mine is left primary at home, but I want to change it so that games show up on the right screen, the left one seems a bit awkward - something about wanting my aiming hand near the aim sight in an FPS

more than 6 years ago



Document Management Systems

SomeGuyTyping SomeGuyTyping writes  |  more than 7 years ago

SomeGuyTyping (751195) writes "As I read about various Document Management Systems (DMS), I find they all want you to scan everything. I'm looking for a system that would allow you to tag paper and store a record of it existence and location as well as keeping track of electronic documents. Also, if any DMS has a feature to alert you of documents that are not filed yet, whether they exist or not (i.e., a permit needed for a project), that would be a major plus. Open Source is preferred, but a commercial system is not out of the question."

SomeGuyTyping SomeGuyTyping writes  |  more than 8 years ago

SomeGuyTyping (751195) writes "I'm submitting this here not only because I believe a lot of ./ers have the MS Vista release candidate, but those who don't may be interested in what Microsoft has done.

I have Vista RC1 running in my living room and I'm using the Media Center to watch TV. It's been running great for a couple months. All of a sudden on Tuesday, I got a decoder error when trying to play video. I tried a few things, but eventually formatted and reinstalled Vista. Somehow, I still get the same decoder error. However, if I roll the date back to Monday, Nov 13 or earlier, it works fine. I also have Vista on a second partition of my work laptop, so I tested it there. Lo and behold, same problem — decoder error if the date is Nov 14 or later. Since I've used a few different mpeg decoders, it seems to be built into Media Center.

I can understand a free release candidate expiring, but there was no notice or warning — actually there was no indication that the problem was related to an expiration of any kind.

Are other ./ers seeing this? Is there a workaround or fix (besides MythTV)? Has there been any word from MS?"


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