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Texas Ebola Patient Dies

Some_Llama Re:The Conservative Option (480 comments)

"So you're right... it isn't a complete fucking disaster yet that has claimed 100 million lives.

So automatically we should just french kiss people with the disease and then cough in the face of every new person we meet. Because this isn't something that should be taken seriously."

Over reacting and being a dick is definitely the way to get your point across and people to listen to you.

about two weeks ago

Texas Ebola Patient Dies

Some_Llama Re:The Conservative Option (480 comments)

" people are taught to over simplify things especially when political talking points echo chamber their minions into all towing a very simple line."

Like characterizing a discussion as "talking points" and using terms like "echo chamber", "minions" "towing the line".


about two weeks ago

Texas Ebola Patient Dies

Some_Llama Re:The Conservative Option (480 comments)

" This keep calm and carry on nonsense"

Exactly!!! the one thing i have learned in all of my travels is that you always want to remember:


about two weeks ago

The Single Vigilante Behind Facebook's 'Real Name' Crackdown

Some_Llama Re:What an asshole (305 comments)

"Do you think he prefers his son's murder to go unsolved?"

unsolved? probably. Unrequited? no.

about two weeks ago

Intel Drops Gamasutra Sponsorship Over Controversial Editorials

Some_Llama Re:gtfo (724 comments)

"The problem is that, being online, there are no longer limits. If you're a woman gamer, and you don't respond to certain male gamers they way they want you to, you will get death threats, rape threats and doxxing. And it goes from 0-60 in nothing flat. Playing online games all day has left many of these young men completely without any sort of self-governance of their id. And people end up getting hurt. Sometimes in very real-world ways."

maybe the problem is that girl gamers should take this as the way people are's not about misogyny, it's the detachment a game world gives to those who would otherwise control their emotions, no (perceived) repercussions and anonymously engaging others seems to breed this behavior.

It happens all the time to me and the friends i play with as well as girls i play with (my daughter is 19 and plays l4d2 with me so i see it firsthand) maybe it's just easier to trigger people who have a chip on their shoulder to begin with...?

about two weeks ago

Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Some_Llama Re:Yawn... (534 comments)

"This makes me think you havent read the book. I cannot off the top of my head think of a single thing that would make aliens problematic, whether taken literally, metaphorically, or otherwise. It simply doesnt speak on the topic."

as one who has read the book thoroughly let me explain why this would be problematic, since jesus was born on this earth through the lineage of adam, as the sacrifical lamb slain for our sins, caused by the first of humans, how could he possibly be the sacrifice for a life form on a different planet?

are those beings bound by sin because of something done by someone not of their lineage?

best case scenario is that this has played out multiple times on the differing planets (each planet's race having their own jesus), otherwise the whole religion is a lie.

if the best case scenario is true then christianity is STILL a lie since Jesus supposedly was the creator of everything (thru him god did creation) and is the sole savior... which doesn't work with the best case scenario.

aka, if there is life on other planets (humanoid life, intelligent, sentient, knowing guilt from "sin" aka right and wrong) then the bible is a lie.

so.. that's the issue.

about two weeks ago

Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Some_Llama Re:Yawn... (534 comments)

um yes you can?

"Christianity and it's doctrines are not all from the Bible. Catholicism says this out right."

maybe you shouldn't combine catholicism and christianity? they are two different things.

about three weeks ago

Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Some_Llama Re:Yawn... (534 comments)

"There's a joke among my sect. We are called Latter Day Saints (LDS)"

so you are a mormon?

about three weeks ago

Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Some_Llama Re:Yawn... (534 comments)

I see your luke and raise you a

1Corinthians 6:2

"Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world is to be judged by you, are you incompetent to try trivial cases? 3Do you not know that we are to judge angels? How much more, then, matters pertaining to this life! "

Most people don't understand the passages in the bible and since understanding is given by god, it's hard to know what you know... that's why it's better to worry about your own plank than try to solve the specks of others...

  the judging not passage has more to do with mercy than telling people not to judge, as mercy triumphs over judgement, so you can judge (how would you live life without making judgements?!?) but be warned, if you are going to judge others by a strict interpretation of biblical theology, you are held to the same standard.. and you will fail just as those you judge fail

if you need to figure out who is "christianly" because you want to avoid "false christians" jesus goes on (from that luke excerpt) to talk about the things people do, not what they say:

Luke 6:43
“For no good tree bears bad fruit, nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit, 44for each tree is known by its own fruit."

about three weeks ago

Are the World's Religions Ready For ET?

Some_Llama Re:Islam and Math / Science (534 comments)

"While there were Christians who fought slavery, the idea that slavery is immoral is not based on the Jewish nor Christian sacred texts which explain in detail who can be a slave, and how to treat slaves. 10 commandments, none of them even hint that slavery is bad."

Maybe you haven't read it in detail but in these texts were the first ever commandments that slaves be given rights, and eventually freed as well as punishmnets for mistreatment of slaves.

  if that's what you mean by "how to treat slaves" then i apologize but it seems a gross oversimplification of the fact that before the old testament and foundation of judiasm, slaves had no rights and would never be free.

" Gay rights? Nope."
In texts that propose that sexual perversion is evil and evil is bad, no i don't think it would champion "gay rights".

"Women's equality? Nope."
the old testament gave women rights above what had existed previously, the new testament elevated women to equality with men in the eyes of god...

Religious freedom?
"Religious freedom", wow ok, maybe the old testament but definitely not the new... the new testament forbids anything other than loving your neighbor so i don't see how anyone could associate anything else with christianity without blatantly overlooking the stated intent of it's founder.

  Freedom of speech?
wtf? i'm not even sure what you're talking about.. grasping at straws i guess...

"If you mean in some magical sense where the universe or reality at its core cares one way or another, no values are better than other values. But I assure you, some values lead to more flourishing and some values lead to more suffering."

the one value the universe holds which is pretty self evident, is one of balance, which is pretty much the core value of the old/new testament too.. so.. if i had to guess you hate anything religious and this attests to the slant and bias your post is full of...

about three weeks ago

Microsoft On US Immigration: It's Our Way Or the Canadian Highway

Some_Llama Re:Fine! (365 comments)

"but once you have 80 billion dollars, they can't do much to take that money away from you. They can only take new money that you earn using that money."

Where do you keep it? In a bank? accounts are only insured to 100k per account?

invest in stock market? crashes, overseas accounts? nationalized, property? Values fluctuate.

I'm not sure how you would maintain that wealth but maybe because i don't have it.. but i'd be interested to know...

about three weeks ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

Some_Llama Re:No, no. Let's not go there. Please. (937 comments)

"The book that says that they must kill non believers."

the book doesnt say this to christians, to jews yes, and in the quran to muslims yes... there is no commandment whatsoever to kill anyone as a christian.

about a month ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

Some_Llama Re:illogical captain (937 comments)

this guy's position is one of misunderstanding and fallacy, he takes a superior moral stance to god (lol) and it's all based on not knowing or caring what the word of god actually says...funny.

about a month ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

Some_Llama Re:illogical captain (937 comments)

"Obviously, the existence of a god is a complex notion and hence cannot be the the default, but is something that must be demonstrated, i.e. must have supporting proof to be accepted."

Like water turning to blood, raising people from the dead, turning water to wine, etc, or like God speaking from a mountain, food falling from heaven, a fire in the sky at night and a cloud during the day?

The problem with continually asking for proof is that 2000 yrs down the line another guy is sitting there demanding proof from a god that has given more than enough already.

god then has two choices.. sit there at your side for constant proof which no one would choose sin, or well i guess one choice since atheists won't be happy otherwise.

If you want proof, there is a book that god wrote that gives many many examples as well as ways to test his promises and existence.. but you have to be willing to try......don't listen to any other man's interpretation of this book go read it yourself.. find the promises and examples yourself and test them for your own knowledge.. if you don't but yet still spout this self serving tripe.. well then i assume you're like every other atheist i've ever met or heard talk about god.

about a month ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

Some_Llama Re:illogical captain (937 comments)

" I imagine your position would suddenly reverse if government assets were used to promote a hate group that targeted [] you. []"

Nope, as a christian (who i'm guessing your throwing this assertion towards) we are told to turn the other cheek, to be allow persecution for our beliefs gladly.

It's the highest glory/honor to be murdered by someone because i'm a christian... just like christ. Fuck yah, bring it!!!

about a month ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

Some_Llama Re:illogical captain (937 comments)

" then you are an evil person at heart, merely constrained by religion."

muslim/judaism/christianity (pretty much all religions as well?) say people are evil at heart.. that anyone born to this world is of the evil inherent in the world, and the teachings of those religions are a path to free yourself from that evil.

the carrot and stick is not an approach or constraint of evil (as any atheist loves to point out) as evil abounds in even those who profess to be religious, but a guarantee of justice professed by all three. hell is not the reason to find salvation, the path to salvation is there for those who would choose it because they prefer it over evil. it's a choice.

about a month ago

Technological Solution For Texting While Driving Struggles For Traction

Some_Llama Re:A solution in search of a problem... (326 comments)

I had a truck try to split an over pass embankment and end up rolling 4 times across 5 lanes of traffic while next to me, only because my wife yelled out when she saw this happening was i able to speed forward and avoid being crushed/part of the accident.

The driver had been texting, i knew this because before we got on the on ramp i was behind him at the light before the on ramp which he did not notice change and which caused me to "beep" slightly to get his attention (i watched him look up, etc.. and saw the phone), he did something similar two times before actually getting on the road.


about a month ago

Ancient Skulls Show Civilization Rose As Testosterone Fell

Some_Llama Re:Men are obsolete (387 comments)

"Why on earth would you ever encourage ANYONE to line up for work in a coal mine?"

Do you hear anyone complaining that girls are under-represented in coal mines like they do about high paying low physical exertion jobs?

I'm pretty sure that's the analogy here. do you not understand analogies? it's used to compare two things that are similar but different so to maximize the point in the comparison that they both share but might be overlooked. In this case it's feminists demanding partial equality in jobs but masquerading their complaint as demanding full equality in jobs.

about 2 months ago

Western US States Using Up Ground Water At an Alarming Rate

Some_Llama Re:Peak Water (377 comments)

you said:

"Fracking doesn't poison ground water".

Weird, taking a second and googling "fracking poisoning groundwater", the top hit was this:

" Records from disparate corners of the United States show that wells drilled to bury this waste deep beneath the ground have repeatedly leaked, sending dangerous chemicals and waste gurgling to the surface or, on occasion, seeping into shallow aquifers that store a significant portion of the nation's drinking water.

In 2010, contaminants from such a well bubbled up in a west Los Angeles dog park....."

the second hit was this:
"...How can drinking poisoned water be safe? Numerous scientific studies have concluded that fracking poisons the local water supply by adding carcinogens and radioactive materials. According to Dr.Sandra Stenigraber, Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Ithaca College and Science Advisor to Breast Cancer Action, there have been over 1,000 different cases of water contamination near fracking sites."

So um where exactly do you get this bit of logic? oh from the oil/natural gas companies you shill for? that would be my guess.

about 3 months ago



Some_Llama Some_Llama writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Some_Llama (763766) writes "An Ohio legislative panel yesterday rubber-stamped an unprecedented process that would allow sex offenders to be publicly identified and tracked even if they've never been charged with a crime.

From the article:
"A civilly declared offender, however, could petition the court to have the person's name removed from the new list after six years if there have been no new problems and the judge believes the person is unlikely to abuse again."

So on the bad side now "anyone" can be a sex offender, but on the good side you only have to wait 6 years and you can petition to clear your name, I guess this shows they at least considered there might be one false positive?"



Human conditioning

Some_Llama Some_Llama writes  |  more than 6 years ago

I'm sure many people have heard of Pavlov's experiment, and last year i remember reading (on /.) about how they were able to reproduce the "feeling of some presence" often attributed to supernatural feelings by directly stimulating the brain...

I have thought about this a lot.. what if you were able to find and stimulate the pleasure or more important the desire sections of the brain, let's say for practical stakes you had implanted wireless receivers for input in a baby's brain.

What could you accomplish if you were able to follow this person from birth and activate those centers whenever you pleased?

If you made the person feel desire whenever an image of the opposite sex was apparent could you condition them to be heterosexual?

What if every time (for example) the person stole something you gave them pleasure? Would you raise a career thief?

What, if in conjuction with this control, you also had the ability to determine what the person was thinking, say for practical purposes, they had a helmet that could decode neural pathways or chemical signature changes.. this would allow even finer grained control over the person because now would you not just be able to influence the brain's response to actions but thoughts as well....

If the person was debating whether or not to steal something you would have a direct influence, via positive feedback, on that person's final decision regarding the act.

If something was influencing you, giving you pleasure for specific thoughts or acts.. would it be easy to withstand that kind of influence?

What if this had been going on since you were born.. would you even "know" there was any influencing going on, as this is how it had always been?

Maybe this seems scary to you, i don't know.. but i do know the concept is pretty much proven already, take addiction.

We know that a reward of feeling good is enough to produce a psychological addiction to certain drugs, even though there is no actual physiological addiction.


On the topic of God

Some_Llama Some_Llama writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Every so often there is a story that causes people to debate God on slashdot.. a common meme or point i see made is if God exists then why doesn't he prove himself to us and instead make us use Faith.

After pondering this question (which seems quite fair) I realized he HAS done this.. many times.. people even tell stories about it and have documented these events.. in the Bible.

So when you see this question, think about this..

If God today came to earth and did some miracle for all to see as "proof" of his existence.. whatever he might do.. say make the earth stop revolving for 12-24 hours, make all the water in the great lakes turn to blood for a day then back to water, kill all of the first born sons of man.. whatever.. people would definitely believe. we would make documentaries, pass these down to our great great great grandkids, make monuments to his greatness (which he wouldn't approve of), but 2000 years from now we would be in the same exact place.

People would call us stupid and naive for believing obviously normal things that could attributed to nature in some way, they would still demand for "proof" in their time. they would call the documentation faulty because it had to be translated how many numerous times to be decipherable in their time period's language.

The only way to continually prove his existence is for him to always be here in the flesh providing miracles every day.. but if this was to happen who wouldn't follow him?

I think the reason he requires faith is so that we "choose" to follow him and not just pay lip service because he is standing right here in front of us.. he allows us to do evil and let's us act like he doesn't exist because if we were immediately punished for every sin, who would sin and how could he separate those who would truly follow out of love for him and those who didn't want to be punished?

Asking for God to prove himself to you is logically silly, and quite arrogant. Even when he lead people out of egypt by parting the red sea and providing mana from heaven, when he took moses away for a few days they people turned (ran) to idolatry, who can fault him for wanting us to prove ourselves to him rather than the other way around?


JPEG compression, is this any better?

Some_Llama Some_Llama writes  |  more than 7 years ago

SO I was thinking (off hand for a few minutes) about how images are compressed using the format JPEG.

Could it be done better? I think maybe yes...

With current processors (64 bit) and storage space I was thinking of an algorithm that would go like this (I might repeat myself but this is for clarity):

Hard code all pixel color values for 32 bit color, this would mean 16 million colors (each exact shade) indexed with a particular Byte value.. say 00000001 for absolute black (255,255,255?).

So this would create a lookup table within the algorithm (that could be optimized i'm sure) for each of the 16 million colors for 32bit pics.

You would also need about 200 other Bytes defined as instructions (go to, increment, decrement, number of pixels,etc)

So, a 1600x1200 32 bit picture would give you 1,920,000 "Bytes" of color information, with each pixel being represented by one distinct Byte per color for that specific pixel.

1.9 MB is pretty standard for raw pic info, but the way it could be optimized (compressed) and would result in no loss of clarity would be to have the program that interprets the dat do so thusly:

For all values of adjacent pixels that have the same "Byte" value you place a Go To Byte value... so say you have 15 pixels across a picture (from left to right) that have a Byte value of 00000001, the Go To value is 10111110, and number of pixel value of 1111110 (equaling 14), with 3 bytes you could store 15 bytes worth of pixel info with no loss.
The program would read the string of bytes 00000001:10111110:11111110 as:
  this first pixel is black:go to:pixel 15

And just write the same pixel value for all pixels in the "go to" range.

So for pictures where adjacent colors are the same value you would save a lot of space with no loss, of course IRL colors are not so accommodating, BUT colors do tend to gradually increment shades and such, to a different way to express this would be:
byte value:increment value by 1:go to:5

So say you have a gradual increment in shades for even 5 pixels you could shave this down to 4.

You could do the same thing for alternating pixels that go up then down a shade of color, like for borders.

This has probably already been done, and in a more efficient way, but it has interested me before so I wanted to write down my thoughts while they were fresh... if you have any insight please post.


Fog or snow? problem solved

Some_Llama Some_Llama writes  |  more than 8 years ago

So I have seen a lot of stories about heavy snow or fog causing accidents because of visibility problems.

I thought of a solution, what you could do is develop a type of windshield with build in LED or other illuminating dots, or some sort of one way reflective material that is otherwise clear, and a radar detection system in the front of the car.

When turned on it could scan ahead of the car for objects at a given distance (say 300 ft or 100 m) then once it detects something it could print out an outline of the object on the windshield, and then adjust the image as you get closer (make it grow or shrink accordingly).

Viola, problem solved.

I believe we already have the technology available to do this, just the logistics of implementation would need to be worked out...


Solving problems

Some_Llama Some_Llama writes  |  more than 8 years ago

So I have been thinking offhand the last few weeks and have come up with 2 solutions to problems facing america.

First the energy crisis. We could subsidize solar panels for all americans. Wait wait, hear me out :)

I saw a documentary the other day about ultra hippies who lived off the grid raising their own crops, dairy, use biofuel for their cards and got all of their electricity from Solar panels and battery arrays, the solar setup cost about $20,000 per household. I worked out the math and in ten years time we could subsidize this setup for pretty much all americans.

Where to get the money you say? Well all we would do is divert the current Oil company subsidies we currently provide to this project instead. No tax increases and a huge reduction in foreign Oil dependence.

I also thought of a water powered generator hooked up to the main water line of each house, since water pressure is constant, and water can't be compressed, this would generate a small amount of electricty whenever using water, good for night hours of use (dishwashing, baths, flushing toilets) and esp good for big buildings where water use is pretty much constant.

The other solution I just thought of today, Universal health care.

How to get the money, well this is the controversial part, end the war on drugs and divert that money to health care.

Anyone familiar with the WOD knows it is a losing battle, and anytime a person is involved in the criminal system, that person HAS to be punished, which is shown to have a negligable effect on curbing drug use.

What we could do instead is use the money we currently use on enforcing drug laws and use it for rehab facilities instead of prisions.

I am talking about decriminalizing drugs, not making them legal persay.. much in the way other countries do (germany, canada, etc).

Of course any laws violated in relation to drug use (theft, assault, murder, etc) would be prosecuted but also mandated rehab which would already be paid for...

It's not that there are no answers to these problems, just that i doubt we could ever stop the powers that be from continuing the status Quo which keep some people VERY rich, and others poor or VERY poor or incarcerated.


yay! im getting mod points again

Some_Llama Some_Llama writes  |  more than 8 years ago

At about the same rate I used to , see below posts for more info..


mod points

Some_Llama Some_Llama writes  |  more than 9 years ago

So now it's been close to 9 months with not a mod point in sight, my karma is excellent, I meta mod 1-2 times a day but yet no mod points...

Something else I think I have discovered... when you create a new account, you will be higher on the mod point ladder than others who have been in the system and have had mod points or karma associated (especially in regards to medamoderation which I think dings you big time if you get metamodded down), basically to get the new account a chance to join in on moderation.. so asshats can use these to wrongly mod topics, and metamod daily, which moves "good" people down so they don't have a chance to moderate...

I think there should be a mandatory 6 months no mod points on new accounts... this is just silly.

SO to re-cap, when i first joined slashdot (made an account) I had the basic karma level and was getting mod points about once a week... soon after they started the meta mod program I dropped off the face of moderation and haven't had a mod point since....

*UPDATE* As of 1-25-06 I have started to get mod points again, so it makes me wonder if the meta-modding effect has subsided, or (more disconcerting) was I exempted from modding posts for some reason?!?


The masses

Some_Llama Some_Llama writes  |  more than 9 years ago

You know how you always here the saying "(this or that) is the Opium of the masses"?

Well this saying is usually to explain why something exists, like religon in marxism, or TV in American culture...

My question is why not just use Opium? Why waste all that time using something else to keep the people down when Opium is so easy to cultivate and distribute?

It's like the whole "Try this food, it tastes just like chicken!!"

If I wanted to eat something that tasted like chicken, I WOULD EAT CHICKEN!!!


Metamod (again)

Some_Llama Some_Llama writes  |  more than 9 years ago

So I think I have figured out something about metamoderation...

If you moderate a topic and then it is metamoderated as bad (you know, bad neutral or good) then your chances of being a moderator in the future gets dinged...

This has to be why I haven't had a single mod point in about 6 months now... I moderate every day, if not 2x a day, but nothing, nada, zip.

I think some asstards have been metamoderating bad for all metamods, just to be jerks (and we know they are out there, intent on ruining the /. experience for anyone else)... I think the metamoderation idea is good, I just think it is way to easily abused...


I think they like me

Some_Llama Some_Llama writes  |  more than 9 years ago

I have now meta moderated about 20-25 times without a single mod point, sometimes i get to metamoderate like 2 times a day.

I'm convinced that someone likes my method of actually checking context and making informed decisions in my metamods, either that or they are trying to get in my pants... i dunno...


Would this work for RIAA lawsuits?

Some_Llama Some_Llama writes  |  more than 9 years ago

If you get subpoenaed just submit to the judge that yes you did download but you own a license for every song you downloaded so you didn't break the law.

Then find out what songs they list in their brief against you and go buy it in legit form, like singles, cd, etc...

That way when you have to prove that you have the license for the copyright you will have it and save yourself about $735 per song (since the minimum is a $750 fine per song copyright violation).

Seems a lot beter than giving the bloodsucking RIAA lawyers your money plus tying up their time in court making it futile to continue on suing people en-mass because of the cost of litigation (if everyone who was subpoenaed did this).

Let me know what you think...


so yah new but

Some_Llama Some_Llama writes  |  more than 10 years ago

this is getting old and i'm ready to start shooting people.

"... oh yah, this is Slashdot."

The ... is anything said before this saying that sets up the joke.

This saying isn't funny anymore, it might have been for like 3 days total like 4 years ago.. now it isn't.

Please stop saying it.

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