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Higher Tuition For an Engineering Degree

Somnus The varied roles of university education (531 comments)

The US college system has struggled with contradictory aims since the GI bill boom:

* Providing a source for elite scientists, bureaucrats, etc. to serve specific public goods

* Educating the citizenry, as a public good for the democracy and economy

* Educating individuals who want to make themselves more marketable and prosperous

Elite research universities tend to emphasize the first two, with uniform tuition and no credit limits for undegrads and arts/sciences grad students; money-making professional programs business, law, and medicine exist in different schools with different tuitions and policies. They tend to have large endowments/tax bases to hire distinguished faculty, give financial aid and build infrastructure; and, they can draw considerable public funding for research with distinguished faculty.

OTOH, schools that rely on tuition to maintain cash flow have to worry about market forces and the monetary value of the degrees they issue.

The question raised by the article is, does this indicate a failure of US education? As it concludes, starting salary is really the only market signal for specific majors, and doesn't correlate well on the long-term. However, some people need the early cash.

Most universities try to strike a middle ground; this will continue to be a problem as long as people need money to subsist, i.e. for the foreseeable future.

more than 7 years ago



Somnus Somnus writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Somnus (46089) writes "In the latest issue of MIT's Technology Review , researchers describe how they can dramatically boost engine output and efficiency by preventing pre-ignition, or 'knock:'

... Both turbocharging and direct injection are preexisting technologies, and neither looks particularly impressive ... by combining them, and augmenting them with a novel way to use a small amount of ethanol, Cohn and his colleagues have created a design that they believe could triple the power of a test engine ...
Why didn't I think of this?"


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