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Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments

SoupGuru No "standard" iPhone size? (730 comments)

I think Apple is dropping the ball by not even offering a smaller sized iPhone.

about two weeks ago

Securing the US Electrical Grid

SoupGuru Infrastructure in the open (117 comments)

Sure, securing the technology side of things is essential but delivering power to people requires most of your infrastructure to be left out in the open... much of it in remote areas and unattended. Quadruple factor authentication, 200 character passwords, and air gaps don't really matter when some guy with a .22 can bring your system down.

about a month ago

Interviews: Bruce Perens Answers Your Questions

SoupGuru Re:Protecting the Weak from the Strong (224 comments)

Where do people get the idea that the 2nd Amendment has anything to do with protecting us from a tyrannical government?

The Constitution give us the means of changing government peacefully. If you don't like the government we've elected, you don't get the right to start a shooting war. That's called treason.

If government breaks down to the point where the Constitution becomes invalid, why do we care what the 2nd Amendment of it is?

Also, "the State" is us. We are the government. I know we lose sight of that from time to time but we still elect people to govern on our behalf.

I tend to view the 2nd Amendment as the choice between a standing army or an armed populace. Now we have both. Joy.

about 3 months ago

Seattle Approves $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage

SoupGuru Re:Sweden (1040 comments)

Is this the part where we confuse socialism with communism?

about 4 months ago

Professors: US "In Denial" Over Poor Maths Standards

SoupGuru Re:Professors poor in geography (688 comments)

I once watched a show on the National Geographic channel where they asked a question before a commercial break and would then answer it when they came back. A little cliff hanger, I guess.

This one was "Scientists believe the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs landed on which continent?"

They came back with the answer "Central America, right next to the Yucatan Pensinsula". Which is a pretty epic failure for the National GEOGRAPHIC channel to find something that's not really a continent, and even if it was, it still wouldn't have been right since Mexico is pretty firmly in North America anyway.

about 4 months ago

In the US, Rich Now Work Longer Hours Than the Poor

SoupGuru Bye Slashdot (311 comments)

Fuck you and your political baiting, libertarian fantasy world, clickbait, NON-TECH bullshit this last year.

Where are the smart techies hanging out these days? I enjoy hearing them talk shop.

about 5 months ago

Administration Ordered To Divulge Legal Basis For Killing Americans With Drones

SoupGuru What happened to Slashdot (310 comments)

It's turned into a bunch of paranoid libertarians trying to one up each other with how outraged they are.

about 5 months ago

Apache OpenOffice Reaches 100 Million Downloads. Now What?

SoupGuru Now we get hammered (285 comments)

Then again, that's my reaction to a lot of things, so....

about 5 months ago

Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

SoupGuru Re:It's crap (1633 comments)

No, it's not the whole point, you ninny.

The point is to defend the country if any foreign invaders showed up. When you don't have a standing army, you're vulnerable.

You shitheads with traitorous streaks need to find somewhere else to engage in your fantasies.

about 5 months ago

Mozilla Appoints Former Marketing Head Interim CEO

SoupGuru Nice name (204 comments)

Not to be "that guy" but I do kind of chuckle that there are connotations to the man's last name.

about 5 months ago

Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

SoupGuru Re:Fuck him and the rest of the Republicans (1116 comments)

Are we still pretending that donating money to prevent American citizens from marrying the person they love is just a "political belief"?

You know what would be really shitty? Someone codifying into law a political belief that denies a group of citizens the ability to make medical decisions on behalf of an incapacitated spouse.

Look, I disagree with plenty of things people believe or say. We agree to disagree and move on with our lives. Actively donating money to bigoted causes that seek legalize your views at the expense of mine crosses the line of polite disagreement into "You're an asshole."

about 5 months ago

Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

SoupGuru Re:I May Not Agree (1116 comments)

Wow, that's fantastic.

You think gay marriage is like incest.

Good for you.

about 5 months ago

Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

SoupGuru Re:Some are more equal than others... (1116 comments)


Sort of like if I donate $1000 to save the pandas its ok but if I donate $1000 to shoot pandas, people get bent out of shape.

Or contributing $1000 to get more minorities to vote as opposed to $1000 to prevent minorities from voting.

Or contributing $1000 to clean up a local park vs $1000 to dump more trash in a local park.

Or $1000 to fix potholes vs $1000 to create more potholes.

Should I go on?

Yes, there are certain things you could contribute money to that will be OK when contributing to the other side is not OK.

about 5 months ago

Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

SoupGuru Re:The Re-Hate Campaign (1116 comments)

Really? You're making the argument that you never know what you're contributing to when you donate $1000 to getting Prop 8 passed?

about 5 months ago

Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO

SoupGuru Re:This is intolerance (1746 comments)

...or preventing him from marrying the person he's in love with.

about 6 months ago

Brendan Eich Steps Down As Mozilla CEO

SoupGuru Re:I think this is bullshit (1746 comments)

For the love of god, I hate this argument. Stop it. Just stop. You're not half as clever as you think you are.

There are lots of ideas that we shouldn't tolerate. Enslaving other people, for instance. Killing other people because of their religion. Things like that and many many others.

But you go on thinking you're the clever one by pointing out that it's technically "intolerance" if you speak out against those things. My, aren't you smart.

about 6 months ago

Senate Report Says CIA Misled Government About Interrogation Methods

SoupGuru That's a shocker (207 comments)

This shakes my world view to its very core.

Also, whoever decided to auto-play audio on Slashdot should be fired.

about 6 months ago

OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

SoupGuru Re:Who cares? (1482 comments)

Wow, that's a mighty high horse you're on there.

So what I hear you saying is that it's ok to sit by when people make laws preventing a black man from marrying a white woman. Let's not rock the boat there and recognize that we all have precious opinions and none of them are more right than others.

Or it's OK that little Billy doesn't want to sit next to that wetback in his classroom. After all, we wouldn't want him to think we were intolerant of his unique view of the world.

No no no, you're right. We've got to make sure we include all opinions and make sure we treat them as equally valid.

Or we can continue to fight bigotry where we find it and shrug off people like you that do mental gymnastics to define "tolerance" in a way that no one else does.

about 6 months ago

OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

SoupGuru Capitalism (1482 comments)

Yay for capitalism.

Being a dick isn't illegal. People calling you a dick and making sure everyone knows about it isn't either.

Sorry if I don't feel a lot of sympathy for a bully getting bullied.

about 6 months ago



Sanotum's Wikipedia problem

SoupGuru SoupGuru writes  |  more than 3 years ago

SoupGuru (723634) writes "The Register weighs in on Rick Santorum's Wikipedia problem: 'For some, it's a word. For others, it's not: it's the result of a campaign to create a word. The distinction – however subtle – has sparked weeks of controversy among the core contributors to Wikipedia, the "free encyclopedia anyone can edit". If you find this hard to believe, you've never been to Wikiland – and you've never Googled "Rick Santorum".' Is a word created as a political statement any less of a word? The fact the word has such an interesting beginning and that it's in pretty common use around the net makes me think the lack of a Wikipedia entry would be more of a sign of political influence than the existence of an entry."
Link to Original Source

More than half of electric infrastructure hacked

SoupGuru SoupGuru writes  |  more than 4 years ago

SoupGuru (723634) writes "More than half of the operators of power plants and other "critical infrastructure" say in a new study that their computer networks have been infiltrated by sophisticated adversaries. In many cases, foreign governments are suspected. The survey is based on interviews in September with 600 executives and technology managers from infrastructure operators in 14 countries. It was prepared by McAfee Inc., [ahem] which makes security software, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, which analyzed the data. The respondents aren't named and specifics aren't given about what happened in the attacks."
Link to Original Source

Newegg goes public with IPO

SoupGuru SoupGuru writes  |  more than 4 years ago

SoupGuru writes "In a sign that maybe the economy is turning around, Newegg, which has grown to be the second-largest online-only retailer in the United States and one with a specialty in IT parts and consumer electronics, is going public.

Newegg was founded in 2001, and is aptly enough located in Industry, California. The company distributes over 30,000 products, has 12.6 million customers (about 4.1 million of them are active currently), and is known for decent prices and fast shipping among techies who build their own PCs and servers or who want software licenses for boxes or various electronic gadgets."

Link to Original Source

Man arrested for streaming Guns N Roses

SoupGuru SoupGuru writes  |  about 6 years ago

SoupGuru (723634) writes "The Register reports that the FBI has arrested a blogger for streaming unreleased tracks from Guns N Roses' "forthcoming" (possibly coinciding with the Duke Nukem Forever release) album, Chinese Democracy. Was I horribly uninformed in the past or is copyright infringement supposed to be a civil issue, not a criminal offense?"
Link to Original Source


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