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Open Data and a Critical Citizenry

Sp1n3rGy Negative Nancy (50 comments)

Quit being so damned negative!

Many people teach themselves all kinds of extraordinary talents these day. Have you looked around youtube recently? You don't have to be a geek to be interested in learning after college age.

Examples from just one subject:

I for one, assumed all of this data would be owned and sold by companies, making it scarce. Today's business runs on information, though.

Where is this free data? Any sources?

more than 4 years ago

Study Finds Delinquent Behavior Among Boys Is "Contagious"

Sp1n3rGy House Arrest (245 comments)

So does this mean we should be putting more juveniles on house arrest? It seems like the juvenile detention centers breed more crime than they prevent.


more than 5 years ago

High Court Allows Remote-Storage DVR System

Sp1n3rGy Re:No win for the consumer (112 comments)

Since when is capitalism so unpopular?

If I'm evil for trying to turn a buck, then the US is in a shameful state for sure.

I guess you are right. Let's move to China where... wait... umm, they like the Benjamins as well. Russia? Ohh wait, that was almost 20 years ago. How about the moon? Yeah!

more than 5 years ago

Hacking Our Five Senses and Building New Ones

Sp1n3rGy Re:some women can see four primary colors (290 comments)

As a side note, this condition runs in families which also experience color blindness.

Some of the men get color blindness and some of the women get to see extra colors. Truly strange if you ask me.


more than 4 years ago

Sink Your Balls Quickly With Pool-Cue Robots

Sp1n3rGy Re:Cue sticks? (79 comments)

Finally, something on slashdot I am actually qualified to discuss! haha!

The white ball is the "cue ball" and the stick is a "cue stick", "pool cue", "cue", etc... All are acceptable. One who builds cues is a "cuemaker." All one word. No space.

I'm a cuemaker at Carolina Cues.


more than 5 years ago

2,100-Year-Old Antikythera Device Recreated In Working Form

Sp1n3rGy Re:It's not a computer... (258 comments)

The inputs are the current things you know about the planetary system.

Things you know:
1. Phase of the moon. (It would be trivial even for the ancients to keep track of the phases of the moon since the equinox.)
2. Where the planets currently are, if they are out.

You turn your little knob until everything matches what you currently see. Then you can turn it into the future and predict what will happen.

Even by your definition, this is a computer.

Why are you so vehement about this?

about 6 years ago

Time To Discuss Drug Prohibition?

Sp1n3rGy Re:Unconstitutional (1367 comments)

If alcohol prohibition required an amendment to the constitution then how was the gov't suddenly able to prohibit another substance w/o changing the constitution?

I'm not dead certain on the details but it went something like this...

They taxed narcotics. They set up a system where you could buy stamps that allowed you to posses them.

Then cleverly, they never sold the stamps. Therefore outlawing them all together.

about 6 years ago


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