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What Did You Change Your Mind About in 2007?

Space_Soldier Re:Linux (578 comments)

I concur. Though, as a blind fly bumping into walls, I have taken a rather indirect approach.

I have switched from XP to Vista, which made my life miserable. Then from Vista to Ubuntu 7.10. Then Fedora 8. Then back to Ubuntu.

I only planned to run it on one computer (my laptop). But, one morning I turned on my desktop XP machine and it gave a billion errors about how SVCHOST.exe could not write to a memory address. I also noticed that firefox was never being updated since 99% of the time it ran under a limited account, and unlike Vista, there is no UAC to prompt for an admin user/password.

After that fuss, all the computers in my house run Ubuntu.

more than 6 years ago


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