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Why the Latest FISA Release By Google Et Al. Means Squat

SpanglerIsAGod Re:Classic Slashdot (131 comments)

The last time I got forced to beta I couldn't even see the comments without enabling googleanalytics, facebook, and twitter. I pretty much don't read slashdot at all on days I'm forced over to beta.

about 7 months ago

With HTTPS Everywhere, Is Firefox Now the Most Secure Mobile Browser?

SpanglerIsAGod Re:What the frak? (279 comments)

I agree with this. The moderation here is designed to make deleting or blocking posts unnecessary, and I like that.
I also like that you can't edit posts since lots of people like to troll and change their post after it get's responses to make responders look like idiots.

about 7 months ago

Federal Judge Rules Chicago's Ban On Licensed Gun Dealers Unconstitutional

SpanglerIsAGod Re:fundamental rights for veterans... (934 comments)

I think rather than requiring a mental health check for owning guns, it would be good to have some kind of societal push to encourage people to get regular mental health checkups. In the same manner we are currently doing for physical health. For a large part of the US going to the doctor for "no reason" (ex. getting a physical) is almost as stigmatized as seeing a psychologist.

I think pushing past the idea that having a mental health issue somehow makes you less of a person would be a bigger step toward reducing gun deaths (and perhaps more importantly shootings since not everyone dies) than any gun regulation we could pass.

about 8 months ago

Disabled Woman Denied Entrance To US Due To Private Medical Records

SpanglerIsAGod Re:very understandable (784 comments)

I think what happened in Colorado is a good example of why this problem exists. In Colorado the governor (IIRC) was kicked out for passing a gun law that 80% of Colorado people agreed with. The thing is the only people to show up and vote on weather to kick out the governor were the 20% who were pissed that there were now laws requiring background checks on gun purchases.

about 9 months ago

Female Software Engineers May Be Even Scarcer Than We Thought

SpanglerIsAGod Re:And? (445 comments)

Or you can say.

Free to choose as long as society doesn't view the choice as politically incorrect it seems. For example men who want to raise children or teach elementary school are often looked down upon or ignored by conservatives as being homosexuals, pedo's, or just plain overly feminine. Conservatives like to pretend they are tolerant, but they are only tolerant of people who don't deviate from their ideals.

And, that's not even going into this pure bullshit quote from the parent you responded to, "It is a fact that women are better at raising young kids"

about 9 months ago

Tesla Model S Has Bizarre 'Vampire-Like' Thirst For Electricity At Night

SpanglerIsAGod Re:The only fix for vampire draw (424 comments)

How did they discover Sex with Sparrows causes cancer? I can't quite convince myself to click the link.

about 9 months ago

I typically visit a doctor (for medical reasons) ...

SpanglerIsAGod Re:I only go... (415 comments)

You are misunderstanding asymptomatic. 33% of people will be infected with the flu, will transmit the flu to others, but show no symptoms themselves. It is hard to tell how long it takes for their bodies to fight it off because they don't show any symptoms, but it most definitely does not mean they fought it off quickly.

about 10 months ago

How The NSA Targets Tor

SpanglerIsAGod Re:Foreign government? (234 comments)

The NSA and the CIA were not created to do legal things. It's just that they were only supposed to do their illegal things in other countries.

about a year ago

Snowden Spoofed Top Officials' Identity To Mine NSA Secrets

SpanglerIsAGod Re:"Brilliant"? Hardly (743 comments)

Yes, on Mainframes it is standard practice and I believe there are Unix options that can do this as well.

1 year,1 day

Hollywood's Love of Analytics Couldn't Prevent Six Massive Blockbuster Flops

SpanglerIsAGod Re:Summary, someone? (1029 comments)

Yea, that line seriously pulled me out of the moment.

about a year ago

Hollywood's Love of Analytics Couldn't Prevent Six Massive Blockbuster Flops

SpanglerIsAGod Re:Here's an idea (1029 comments)

No time is wasted on back story or set-up; the exposition is somewhat crude and artless, but it is calculated to take the minimum time possible to get the viewer to the giant robot action.

I at least partially blame this on viewers. Lots of people complain about how "slow" the movie was when they take time to do setup and back story.

about a year ago

The Canadian Government's War On Science

SpanglerIsAGod Re:Hand wring much? (474 comments)

Without that data you can't even set up voting properly. I'm guessing you are an anarchist because the lack of this data automatically ensures that a representative government is impossible.

about a year ago

Browser tabs I have open right now ...

SpanglerIsAGod Re:Better question (300 comments)

I've never accidentally gotten a malware infection.

about a year ago

Another Way Carriers Screw Customers: Premium SMS 'Errors'

SpanglerIsAGod Re:From the Customer service side. (198 comments)

The odds of two random people having the same sign are likely better than 1 in 12 since birth dates are not evenly distributed throughout the year. It depends on your sign, but odds are any particular individual is born in one of the more common months.

about a year and a half ago

EU Car Makers Manipulating Fuel Efficiency Figures

SpanglerIsAGod Re:Slow news day? (431 comments)

A lead foot is the least of the problem. Constant acceleration and braking uses far more fuel. You see it all the time on the interstate in stop and go traffic with people jamming on the gas to go 10 feet and slam on the break. That will use far more gas than the same trip driving a constant 30 mph over the speed limit.

about a year and a half ago

Student Refusing RFID Badge Now Fights Expulsion Order

SpanglerIsAGod Re:Put badge in microwave for 10 seconds. (743 comments)

None of your coworkers see you come in and know what time you arrived correct? Neither your computer nor the authentication server your computer uses log what time you logged in correct? You also don't fill out a time card of any type declaring when you came in and how many hours you worked?
You're argument seems to be centered around the idea that your boss has no right to know if you are actually fulfilling your obligations as an employee.

about 2 years ago

Student Refusing RFID Badge Now Fights Expulsion Order

SpanglerIsAGod Re:RTFA (743 comments)

The only job I can think of you possibly having is maybe a contractor or working for small businesses? You certainly haven't worked for any sizable company with more than a couple hundred employees.
And as far as badges being Security Theater, you defiantly don't work in any kind of security related position if you can begin to convince yourself that there are no real security threats prevented by locked doors. Are you one of those people who naively believes corporate espionage doesn't really happen?

about 2 years ago

Student Refusing RFID Badge Now Fights Expulsion Order

SpanglerIsAGod Re:Put badge in microwave for 10 seconds. (743 comments)

I'm guessing it is also a violation of your privacy for your boss to see you at your desk? Since it is the same thing has having to use a badge to get through the door and all.

about 2 years ago



Flame uses a yet unknown MD5 chosen-prefix collision attack

SpanglerIsAGod SpanglerIsAGod writes  |  more than 2 years ago

SpanglerIsAGod (2052716) writes "We have confirmed that Flame uses a yet unknown MD5 chosen-prefix collision attack," Marc Stevens and B.M.M. de Weger wrote in an e-mail posted to a cryptography discussion group earlier this week. "The collision attack itself is very interesting from a scientific viewpoint, and there are already some practical implications."
Link to Original Source


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