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Remembering Alan Turing On His 99th Birthday

Sparky69 Someone remind Google (146 comments)

Of all the days that Google should have a custom search page today would be it. They've had it for people a lot more obscure than Turing who is ultimately responsible for any of them having jobs. Just sayin!

more than 3 years ago

The Best and Worst Movies of 2003?

Sparky69 X men 2 rocked! (Matrix 1 sucked) (1093 comments)

X men 2 was absolutely perfect. Sure the hardcore comic book readers had some gripes about imperfections in the stories (like where Jason 143 came from) but here is a movie that had the budget to "Lucas" but decided instead to put those FX dollars to good use. The CG was flawless and not overbearing.

On the other hand, the Matrix 2 and 3 were absolute garbage. I couldn't stand watching either one and the last one was almost a personal insult it was so bad.

What about Kill Bill? That was also an awesome movie (moving away from Sci-Fi..sorta)...

more than 10 years ago


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