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The Score is IBM - 700,000 / SCO - 326

Spifmeister Re:SCO stock (316 comments)

Stock is a little more complex, stock does not rise or fall on the success of any venture. One can still make some money off their stock even if one beleives they are going to lose the trial. SCO is going to lose, most see that now, but one can still sell it and that is ultimatly all that matters in the stock market. People are just trying to profit from it. Think about it, if I buy their stock at $2.00 and it goes up to $2.50 or $3.00 depending on how much I buy, I can make a pretty penny off of SCO's stock.

The stock market is not all about success or performance of the company, it is about the ability to sell stock higher than one bought it. If the stock market was an indication of the success of the company, then we would have seen less of companies like LinuxOne. There are absurd situations where company stock keeps going up and up and up even though it does not produce a single product or profit. In some cases growth of a company increases the value of a stock, not its profitability. Hell even Amazon told their stock holders that for some time they expect to not make a profit, guess what they are still here. One should not take the ups and downs of a company stock as an indictation of trust in the company or success of the company. If I buy stock, all I care about is selling it higher than I bought it. I do not really care how the company is really doing.

It is true that the profitability of a company, its image, and its success is an indication of how high or low the stock will go. One should buy stock because they beleive they can sell it for more. So long as the company is not going out of busniess, one can make a profit off it. SCO is not going out of busness (yet), and while one may not buy their stock now, it has been profitable in the past because one was able to sell the stock for more then they bought it.

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