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Graphene Helps a Robot Creep Like an Inchworm

Spigot the Bear This is the future... (36 comments)

... of robotics and artificial limbs/hearts. No more of this servo/gear nonsense that creates slow, jerky movement. The future is artificial muscle, connected to artificial joints by artificial tendons. We are the templates of the future.

more than 2 years ago

Killing Cancer With Engineered Viruses

Spigot the Bear Re:Problem (144 comments)

All viruses used in this manner are wired not to reproduce. It means you need to inject a lot more copies of the virus, but there's no chance of mutation in a virus that can't reproduce. And no, they can't spontaneously redevelop the huge number of genes necessary to reproduce; they don't even have the opportunity to do so. It's completely safe.

Life finds a way.

more than 2 years ago

Possible Supernova In Nearby Spiral Galaxy

Spigot the Bear Relativity (69 comments)

This has always hurt my brain: from our frame of reference, if this supernova is ~40Mly away, is it happening now or did it happen 40M years ago?

more than 2 years ago

Firefox 10 Released

Spigot the Bear Re:Still no Flash in mobile ... (364 comments)

Flash is a plugin. Bug the people who make it -Adobe, not Mozilla- if you want to use it on mobile devices.

Flash is already supported on Android, but the browser itself, in this case Firefox, has to actually implement support for the plugin. To date, Mozilla hasn't done this for the Android version of Firefox.

more than 2 years ago

Muslim Medical Students Boycott Darwin Lectures

Spigot the Bear Undirected Randomness? (1319 comments)

(Disclaimer: atheist)

...they object to the idea that there is a random process out there which is not directed by God.

Who says it's undirected? To us mortals, a lot of things seem random (radioactive decay, genetic mutations, etc.), but who says these things are undirected? A process which seems random to us could make perfect sense to a deity, and could even be directly controlled by said deity. I don't see the need for mutual exclusion here.

more than 2 years ago

Mongolia Wants To Use Artificial Glaciers To Cool Capital

Spigot the Bear Obligatory (97 comments)

"Solving the global warming problem once and for all!"


"Once and for all!"

more than 2 years ago

Theologian Attempts Censorship After Losing Public Debate

Spigot the Bear Re:Wait! It gets better! (943 comments)

rule #1 - stop digging.

Dig up, stupid!

more than 2 years ago

Why the Fax Machine Refuses To Die

Spigot the Bear Old habits die hard (835 comments)

Reminds me of the people who insist that any sort of business conversation happen in person, no matter how far away they are. Need to have a 15 minute chat with some guy in California? Here's your plane ticket, see you in 3 days. VoIP? Never heard of him, here's your taxi to the airport.

about 3 years ago

Weak Typing — the Lost Art of the Keyboard

Spigot the Bear Re:Whole lot of nothing? (362 comments)

Thanks for letting us know that typing is a useful skill, I guess.

i wash soneo,e haf yold me thus yeard aho@@@

about 3 years ago

New Prices For Google Apps Engine

Spigot the Bear Re:Google App Engine? (41 comments)

Also, the title/summary calls it "Apps Engine", which confuses App Engine (cloud hosting) with Google Apps (domain/email/document hosting).

about 3 years ago

BART Disables Cell Service To Disrupt Protests

Spigot the Bear Re:Statement from BART (440 comments)

Paragraph 1: "We support the First Amendment." (It's scary enough that you even have to say such a thing nowadays)

Paragraph 2: "No First Amendment activities in the trains, boarding areas, or any other part of our property." (I love the "expressive activities" buzzphrase in this one)

more than 3 years ago

Valve Announces Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Spigot the Bear Re:I love TF2 (109 comments)

This week on CS:GO, the Jetsons travel back in time to visit de_bedrock.

more than 3 years ago

Firefox 6 Ships Next Week, 8 Blocks Sneaky Add-Ons

Spigot the Bear Re:Enough with the version number inflation! (247 comments)

For example, take removing the status bar. Chrome will expand the little URL popup that replaced the status bar if you continue hovering a link. Firefox 4 and 5 don't. And for some reason they randomly switch between left-aligning it and right-aligning the popup. And for fuck's sake, why don't you just expand the popup to fill the entire horizontal width of the window?! I've got the room to display the entire URL! Why doesn't Firefox bother doing so?!

more than 3 years ago

Re: the debt deal reached Sunday night ...

Spigot the Bear Punishment? (788 comments)

So when someone is able to succeed they should be punished by having a larger share taken away? One should be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

If taxes are punishment, what are the rest of us being punished for?

We're talking about people who make more than a quarter million a year (half million for couples). Even in California, that'll buy you a nice house, 2 cars, steak for dinner every night, with enough left over to satisfy all your hobbies and vacation needs. Paying an additional few percent on the money earned after the first quarter/half million will not only save the economy, but most of the people making that much money won't even notice.

It's not punishment, it's being a good citizen.

more than 3 years ago

Re: the debt deal reached Sunday night ...

Spigot the Bear Re:Common Sense, anyone? (788 comments)

I would have to guess you're woefully uninformed about the tax structure in the US. About 50% of the population (on the low-income side) pays zero income tax - including your "black mother of three" - in fact she probably gets the "earned income credit", which is a chunk of "free money" - courtesy of those who do pay taxes. The top 1% of earners pays 38% of income tax (yes, right now with the Bush cuts in effect). The top 10% of earners pay just under 70% of the total income tax collected.

Marginal Tax Rates... Please stop pretending that the top earners pay the top tax rate on every dollar they earn. They get the same tax breaks as the lower/middle class on the first couple hundred thousand dollars they earn. And the reason that so many people pay zero income tax is because they work 3 jobs and yet still don't have enough money to pay rent, feed their families, and put enough gas in the car to get to their 3 jobs.

The other point is that low taxes greatly enhance productivity and job creation

Is that you, Mr Boehner? We've been living under the Bush Tax Cuts (TM) for 10 years, where are all these jobs I keep hearing about? Why are American corporations pulling in embarrassingly high profits, then laying off/outsourcing their workforce? Why are companies giving 8-figure bonuses to their CEOs and then pleading poverty at tax time?

more than 3 years ago

Blizzard Reveals Diablo 3 (Real Money) Auction House

Spigot the Bear Re:DRM (384 comments)

This isn't anything like the Ubisoft situation, which consists mainly of a bunch of PHBs making bad decisions about piracy. From TFA:

The characters you can create in Diablo III, up to a limit of 10, will be stored on Blizzard's servers, and therefore require a constant internet connection to access. This applies to all modes of the game, from co-op to player-versus-player to solo play.

Honestly I think this is a good thing. It was always too tempting to load up a character editor and give myself lots of cool toys. Now, when someone sees you in D3, they know you've put effort (or money, lol) into what you've accomplished with that character. Also, it's The Cloud (TM), so all your characters are there-- even the single player ones-- no matter which machine you use.

As for the real-money auction thing, that does seem a bit off, but I think it's worth waiting to see how it pans out.

more than 3 years ago

Transparent Lithium-Ion Battery Created

Spigot the Bear Re:I'd rather .... (91 comments)

I'm pretty sure different groups of researchers can work on all of those problems simultaneously.

more than 3 years ago

Getting the Latest Rover To Mars

Spigot the Bear Awe (191 comments)

I am in absolute awe after watching the video about the new rover. As people bicker over whether NASA's miniscule budget is worth it, because "space isn't important", it's nice that NASA can still bring out that child-like wonder in me. How can you not be amazed that we can send a robot like this to another planet, land it safely with precision, and study the composition of the planet from millions of miles away? Isn't that awe worth a few billion dollars a year, even if "it doesn't benefit me"?

(Also, it has a laser tricorder. I mean, come on.)

more than 3 years ago


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