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Why the Z-80's Data Pins Are Scrambled

Spit Re:6502 to Z80 work per clock ratio (167 comments)

The 6502 memory access style with the unified map worked well for tickling the registers on coprocessors and on bitmaps; very fast and predictable for display timing. The Z80 bus method was abstracted some although still quite useful.

Regardless, they are such simple devices there's no excuse not to master them both for maximum pleasure.

about 4 months ago

GSOC Project Works To Emulate Systemd For OpenBSD

Spit Re:Ye Gods! (314 comments)

Yes, if this ever gains traction we may possibly end up with a systemd which doesn't suck and can just abandon that horse's ass.

about 5 months ago

Scientists Discover Huge Freshwater Reserves Beneath the Ocean

Spit Whew! (273 comments)

For a minute there I thought we'd have to stop washing our shit away with drinking water.

about a year ago

Employers Switching From Payroll Checks To Prepaid Cards With Fees

Spit Re: How is this legal? (1103 comments)

It is most definitely scrip.

about a year and a half ago

Don't Write Them Off: A Palm Retrospective

Spit I miss Palm. (102 comments)

The old mono palm-pilots were fantastic and I still haven't found an app that can hold a candle to the Palm suite. The battery life was phenomenal and it's only recently I've had a backlit e-reader again.


about 2 years ago

Commodore 64 turns 30

Spit Awesome. (218 comments)

The c64 silicon really is amazing compared to contemporary systems. While the overall system arch is a bit of a hack, the silicon could only have come from a unique environment like Commodore.

more than 2 years ago

Bill Gates: the Traditional PC Is Changing

Spit He's right. (552 comments)

Gates isn't saying that we'll all be using tablets, but that for the vast majority of users, convergent devices are more convenient and suitable.

Workstations will become niche as per servers, but they will remain. The trend started half a decade ago when notebooks started outselling desktop PCs.

more than 2 years ago

Sinclair ZX Spectrum 30th Anniversary

Spit Happy birthday Speccy! (212 comments)

You were always a unique take on the home computer.

more than 2 years ago

Google's Honeycomb Source Code Release Is On Ice

Spit Re:Google is not shipping binaries (AFAIK) (136 comments)

Code is certainly the reason I bought my Froyo phone, I think it's nice that google released the code. I won't get mad at them unless they reneg on the ice-cream sandwich release. Then I won't buy any more.

Until then, I don't own any honeycomb device nor will I buy.

more than 3 years ago

Greed, Zealotry, and the Commodore 64

Spit Re:Yeah can't figure the appeal of the Sinclair (645 comments)

While I love the Commodore computers, I can appreciate the Speccy as being the "good enough" computer which has some great software. While the c64 has impressive custom silicon, the overall system architecture is a bit slapped together. Whereas the Speccy is clearly a masterpiece of minimalist engineering and design:

- Great BASIC
- Clever use of surplus RAM
- ULA for system logic and video

The original dead-flesh design also looks fantastic and tiny. In 1982 it wasn't clear that the c64 would become the powerhouse it was and if Sinclair hadn't fumbled their supply chain, Commodore may have really needed that c16 line.

about 4 years ago

Greed, Zealotry, and the Commodore 64

Spit Re:Yeah can't figure the appeal of the Sinclair (645 comments)

Yes the Vic was the direct competitor along with the parallel launch Oric-1. The Spectrum's design ethic and price point precipitated the Commodore 16 directive from Jack Tramiel, which disintegrated into failure after Tramiel left.

about 4 years ago

Split Screen Co-op Is Dying

Spit You're not looking. (362 comments)

The most popular titles today all have excellent couch co-op and multi features. Examples:

Halo Reach
CoD Black Ops
SM Cart
Gears of War series

There are also countless local multi games available on services like Xbox Live Arcade and PSN..

more than 4 years ago

Debian 6.0 To Feature a Completely Free Kernel

Spit Re:Honestly (283 comments)

Damn straight. OpenBSD has been free of blobs for years now and that system works great. I'm glad Debian team is focussing their efforts on this as Deb is my favourite Linux system.

With two well supported OS built from 100% free software, even sceptics will always have an escape chute.

more than 4 years ago

Avoiding DMCA Woes As an Indy Game Developer?

Spit Good luck (494 comments)

Considering the maze, gameplay, characters and name are all direct copies of the original game by Namco/Midway. Aside from the clear trade of Namco's Super Pac-Man, Pac-Man was the case that set precedent for "look and feel" with its quashing of KC Munchkin, a distinctive yet pac-man influenced title.

Namco have also recently released a new Pac-Man game of which yours is a direct competitor. Don't waste your time on this, do something else.

more than 4 years ago

AVG 2011 Update Causes Widespread Problems For 64-Bit Windows

Spit Re:Microsoft Security Essentuals (318 comments)

Yes, both Nod and Kaspersky are excellent programs. I found the advantage of both over other products is that they transparently proxy network traffic. Other products operate on file access events only. Nod has the advantage of being cheap.

more than 4 years ago

When DLC Goes Wrong

Spit Moochers. (261 comments)

I don't know where all this DLC hubbub is coming from, but I see it posted everywhere. It is a meme propagated by self-entitled moochers without any sense of history. Nobody is forcing you to buy DLC, if you don't think a game or DLC is worth the money, don't buy it. Simple.

I can think back through gaming history, buying Ultimate Doom; an expansion which would create furor in today's climate. I also bought Quake and QuakeII expansions. Even going back to the 80s where games like Mercenary had the Second City expansion.

Thinking about it, I can see a parallel in the recording industry where we would buy LPs, with select songs being sold as singles often with good B-side tunes. Should the B-side tunes be given away free to those who purchased the LP?

more than 4 years ago

Chip Allows Blind People To See

Spit Wild. (231 comments)

Not much of a step from here to arbitrary, computer generated input.

more than 4 years ago

Broadway Musicians Replaced With Synthesizers

Spit Rube Goldburg machine? (319 comments)

What's the point of replacing live musicians with a synthesizer? WHy not just use a backing tape which sounds exactly the same? Maybe because it points out that the stage performance could also get great savings, by being played from film...

more than 4 years ago

Utah State Prof Says Hybrids Don't Kill More Pedestrians

Spit The fuck? (187 comments)

It's not a problem with the cars, it's with dumbshits who don't look where they fucking walk. I ride a bicycle everywhere and it makes zero noise even when freewheeling, not that it matters I can ding my bell til my thumb falls off and many won't hear it because of the ipod craze.

People step out on the road in front of me all the time, maybe not realizing the speed I'm moving at when they last looked up the road, but it's still their fault. There are two ways to deal with this problem: Screaming at the top of your lungs at pedestrians "get of da focken road jackass!" or alternatively, pedestrians can take responsibility for their own personal safety and look with their fucking eyeballs.

more than 4 years ago


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