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Ext3 Filesystem Explained

Spootnik Re:how to convert to ext3? (174 comments)

This is a pure userspace and login issue. Problems will arise from ftp or other services authenticating you though, because ftpd would also need to know as which group member to do file access. It could use ~/.group as well or use some site specific FTP extension, again a user space issue.

I still won't suggest anyone to do it as it is pretty non standard.

With regards to NGROUPS, I'm sure it can be easily raised. It might be possible to handle it fully dynamic, but you still want to have a hard limit to stop a gone mad process to be in a set of almost 2^32 groups. Also there is a performance issue, any file access will have to loop through the list of groups to determine if you have access or not, so you want to keep the list small. If longs lists of group were allowed I'm sure one can optimize this with a binary search in a sorted list of groups, but this won't help much in conjunction with ACL's then.

more than 12 years ago


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