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Sprint Bets Big On the iPhone

Spy Hunter Re:iPhone 5 may be a Sprint exclusive (366 comments)

Apple could get concessions like better integration with traditional telco infrastructure. Remember Visual Voicemail in the OG iPhone, credited to the collaboration with AT&T? Maybe now we'll see IP calling, integrated FaceTime, etc. Also, Apple could get service guarantees for iPhone users like guaranteed infrastructure investments, unlimited and unthrottled data and/or tethering. Also, piles of money. Perhaps the new iPhone is more expensive to manufacture and Apple needs bigger subsidies that only Sprint agreed to.

more than 2 years ago

The Joke Known As 3D TV

Spy Hunter Re:thrusting (594 comments)

IMAX 3D still uses linear polarization, and ghosting is a constant problem. The recent advance that really is driving the current 3D movie craze isn't digital shooting or projection but circular polarization filters as used in RealD, which effectively solve the ghosting problems all other polarized 3D systems have had, and are cheap enough to be disposable.

about 4 years ago

The Joke Known As 3D TV

Spy Hunter Re:Except it isn't 3D... (594 comments)

That list is missing one of the most important depth cues: motion parallax. It's not present in still images. It is present in video to a limited extent, but it doesn't account for viewer motion; only camera motion. The only way you'll get correct motion parallax for viewer motion in 3 dimensions is with head tracking or holograms.

about 4 years ago

Quake Live Beta Ends, Optional Subscription Plans Added

Spy Hunter Re:All this (100 comments)

Free is cheaper than $10, download is better than CD, plus leaderboards and matchmaking are great additions.

more than 4 years ago

Two Unpatched Flaws Show Up In Apple iOS

Spy Hunter Re:Rather unlikely scenario required (171 comments)

Um, the fact that works is proof that all those things are lining up perfectly. This is a real working exploit.

more than 4 years ago

Safari Privacy Bug May Be Leaking Your Data

Spy Hunter Re:Only if you put the data there to begin with... (152 comments)

Even if you've never used the Address Book app this information could be in there. In the OS X first-launch setup dialog it asks for your real name, and that gets automatically inserted into the address book. I'd wager that most people who use Macs have done this, so their real names are accessible to any website using this technique.

Additionally, though this is less likely, if you fill out the registration form during setup I believe that information also goes into the address book, so there's your home address and email too.

more than 4 years ago

Carbon Nanotube Batteries Pack More Punch

Spy Hunter Re:The issue is price anyway (163 comments)

You don't need a fast charger at your house; overnight charging will work great using cheaper non-peak power, and will probably extend your battery life vs. fast charging all the time. Fast charge stations can be spaced as sparsely as gas stations.

more than 4 years ago

Apple Announces iPhone 4

Spy Hunter Re:Gyroscope vs Accelerometer (1184 comments)

Gyroscopes don't have to spin. MEMS gyroscopes vibrate instead. They do have moving parts, but the moving parts are insanely tiny, fabricated on silicon chips, and packaged in standard microchip packages. Quite amazing, really, when you think about it.

more than 4 years ago

Skype App Updated, Allows 3G Calling On the iPhone

Spy Hunter Re:I don't get it.. (109 comments)

Net neutrality campaigners aren't just worried about "normal" internet connections, whatever that means. Net neutrality principles apply to *all* internet connections.

This situation is the reverse of the normal network neutrality problem. Normally you would expect AT&T to charge extra for the use of Skype, and that would be a clear net neutrality violation. Having Skype charge extra for using AT&T's network is less bad; Skype is not an ISP and there are many competing VoIP alternatives which do not charge. However, if AT&T is involved in Skype's decision to charge, for example if AT&T is charging Skype directly and Skype is passing that cost on, then it's still a net neutrality problem.

more than 4 years ago

Google Releases Chrome 5.0 For Win/Mac/Linux

Spy Hunter Re:#1 reason I use Chrome? Translation. (347 comments)

There are tons of translation add-ons for Firefox. The reason it's not built-in is because it's not actually a feature of the browser; it's a web service. Chrome's translation feature works by sending your entire page to Google's translation servers. Mozilla doesn't run a translation server farm; it would be prohibitively expensive for them.

more than 4 years ago

Win7 Can Delete All System Restore Points On Reboot

Spy Hunter Re:How prevalent? (449 comments)

On the contrary. It is *extremely* rude to throw up a confirmation dialog before every trivial system maintenance task.

As has been pointed out below, System Restore is basically only useful for resolving problems so severe they prevent your system from booting. Once your system has booted you don't really need older restore points, and they take up a *lot* of space. Deleting them is absolutely the right decision for the average user. The *real* problem here is probably the UI for creating system restore points not mentioning the deletion policies and generally misleading people into believing that creating restore points manually is a useful thing to do.

These people creating restore points all the time remind me of the people who get obsessed with defragmenting their disks every night...

more than 4 years ago

Intel To Ship 48-Core Test Systems To Researchers

Spy Hunter Re:Larrabee (135 comments)

No, actually this is a separate effort entirely. This is a product of the same group which produced the "Polaris" 80-core chip, and is meant for research into communication models and memory architectures for massively parallel systems.

Larrabee is still ongoing as a separate project with a different focus. Larrabee is all about getting maximum throughput by adding a wide vector unit with a whole new instruction set to each x86 core. As far as anyone outside Intel knows, the plan is still to eventually release some Larrabee prototypes as-is (with the texture units and everything), and to develop a Larrabee 2 with the lessons learned that can actually compete directly with GeForce and Radeon in the graphics card market.

more than 4 years ago

YouTube Makes Captioning Available To All

Spy Hunter Search? (102 comments)

I haven't seen any mention of search, which seems odd. Google is adding captions to every YouTube video, and nobody is interested in whether you'll be able to search the captions or not? Seems to me like it could be quite useful to search the captions of every video on YouTube.

more than 4 years ago

DirectX 11 Coming To Browser Games

Spy Hunter Re:Spyware on my GPU (200 comments)

It's true that theoretically shaders can't do much, but shader compilers are imperfect, and since GPUs have no hardware memory protection, compiler or driver bugs could easily result in read/write access to arbitrary video memory, allowing a shader to directly read/write the contents of your screen, or corrupt important data structures to exploit the kernel-mode part of the video driver and gain complete system access.

Video drivers are complex and notoriously buggy gobs of code which run partially in kernel mode and were designed for speed, not security. Allowing any random webpage to make DirectX/OpenGL calls directly (even without shaders) is a huge security concern.

more than 3 years ago

DirectX 11 Coming To Browser Games

Spy Hunter Re:Another pointless plugin? (200 comments)

The difference is that in 1-2 years WebGL will be built into your browser and enabled by default; not only on your PC but your Mac and your iPhone and your Android devices, whereas this crappy Windows-only plugin will still be a crappy Windows-only plugin.

more than 3 years ago

Mozilla Accepts Chinese CNNIC Root CA Certificate

Spy Hunter Evidence (256 comments)

It would be easy enough to prove that CNNIC is performing man-in-the-middle attacks. To perform a man-in-the-middle attack on (for example) gmail, CNNIC would have to send a fraudulent certificate to users. That certificate would be ironclad evidence that CNNIC can't be trusted, so all someone has to do is present one.

more than 4 years ago

Google Hacked, May Pull Out of China

Spy Hunter Re:So what will happen in practice? (687 comments)

Yes! In fact the client does have every CA cert already loaded on its hard drive. Every browser comes with a list of CA certs that it accepts; other CA certs are simply not accepted. At no point is any CA cert downloaded over the Internet (except as part of a browser installation package, but if China were tampering with these it would have been noticed by security researchers). This is how SSL gets its resistance to man-in-the-middle attacks; it all comes from the preinstalled list of trusted root CAs.

Consider yourself educated. SSL is not vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.

more than 4 years ago

Google Hacked, May Pull Out of China

Spy Hunter Re:So what will happen in practice? (687 comments)

No, SSL is not vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks. The attack you describe only works as an attack on the certificate authority itself. It can only work if the Chinese government possesses the private keys of a CA which is in the default "trusted" list of the user's web browser. If the user knows which CA is compromised in this way, they can remove that CA from their trusted list and the attack will no longer work.

Do you know if any Chinese CAs come preinstalled in popular browsers? I don't think they do.

more than 4 years ago



HP to introduce flash replacement in 2013

Spy Hunter Spy Hunter writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Spy Hunter (317220) writes "Memristors are the basis of a new memory technology being developed by HP and Hynix. At the International Electronics Forum 2011 today Stan Williams, senior fellow at HP Labs, said "We’re planning to put a replacement chip on the market to go up against flash within a year and a half." "We’re running hundreds of wafers through the fab," and "we're way ahead of where we thought we would be at this moment in time."

They're not stopping at a flash replacement either, with Williams saying "In 2014 possibly, or certainly by 2015, we will have a competitor for DRAM and then we’ll replace SRAM." With a non-volatile replacement for DRAM and SRAM, will we soon see the end of the reboot entirely?"

Link to Original Source

Microsoft releases Photosynth

Spy Hunter Spy Hunter writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Spy Hunter (317220) writes "Photosynth has graduated from a "tech preview" to a complete service. Now you can upload your own photos and have them automatically transformed into a "synth"; a 3D fly-through reconstruction of your home, your vacation, or anything else you can take pictures of. Learn more about Photosynth, see what Walt Mossberg has to say about it, or just go try it out right now!"
Link to Original Source



Username switch

Spy Hunter Spy Hunter writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I haven't posted anything in a while, and that's because I decided to be modeless instead. But now I think I'll switch back. This account has a lot of history. I'll keep using modeless elsewhere (on Digg, for example), but on Slashdot I'll be Spy Hunter.

In case for some reason you desire more information about my nick choice, here's the deal: I chose Spy Hunter as a reference to the original game, specifically the Commodore 64 version. Since the release of the Spy Hunter remake games, this nick has gotten more popular and I can't get it most places, so I wanted something less common as my online persona.

Modeless is a user-interface term. I always prefer modeless dialog boxes over modal ones, and I can't stand it when dialogs are modal for no good reason. For instance, web browser option dialogs which lock the window used to open them, though every other browser window continues to work just fine. Plus modeless is not in most dictionaries and not already registered at most sites, except hotmail. I think everything has been registered at hotmail.


sig update

Spy Hunter Spy Hunter writes  |  more than 10 years ago Thanks largely to Alsee, the size of the code snippet has been reduced again, to 73 characters this time (not counting the slashcode-mandated space that can be removed):

main(c,r){for(r=32;r;) printf(++c>31?c=!r--,"\n":c<r?" ":~c&r?" `":" #");}

It's still a complete self-contained C program, ready for compilation.

I also tried the following (to move the first space closer to the middle to thwart slashcode's evil inserted space):

main(c,r){for(r=32;r;)printf(++c<32?c<r?" ":~c&r?" `":" #":c=!r--,"\n");}

But unfortunately, that version doesn't compile on either GCC or VS.NET. I'm not sure exactly why this version is different. To me it seems like either both should compile, or neither should. Which is it?

OK, I'm thinking this is about it. Maybe one more character can be optimized out somehow, but I can't believe there are any significant optimizations left to do here. Somebody prove me wrong.


new new .sig

Spy Hunter Spy Hunter writes  |  more than 12 years ago Yeah, so I finally found a new sig I think is cool. First person to figure out what it does gets a free lollipop!

for(int r=-1,c=0;r!=38;c++){if(c>r){r++;printf("\n"); for(c=38;c!=r;c--)printf(" ");c=0;}printf(~r&c?" `":" #");}

So of course it needs to be in a file to be compiled. You have to include stdio.h and make a main function, so the whole file is like so:

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
for(int r=-1,c=0;r!=38;c++){if(c>r){r++;printf("\n"); for(c=38;c!=r;c--)printf(" ");c=0;}printf(~r&c?" `":" #");}

Then simply compile with "g++ -o foo foo.cpp" and run. (It is actually C++ code, not C, due to the variable declaration inside the for statement, which is illegal in C.) I think it's a pretty neat example of compressed code. I actually have an even shorter version but due to Slashdot .sig limits it wouldn't fit in the sig box (when converted to HTML it has more than 120 chars due to all the <> signs).

for(int r=-1,c=0;r<65;c++){if(c>r){r++; cout<<endl;for(c=65;c>r;c--)cout<<' ';c=0;}cout<<(~r&c?" `":" #");}

That's 106 characters of C++ code (without the space in between r++; and cout<<endl required by Slashcode). If anyone can figure out how to make it smaller, I want to know about it.

Update (2/15/04): The input of several slashdotters has led to the following new extremely short (82 characters) pure C version, which as a bonus can be compiled as-is, no extra wrapping required:

main(r,c){for(r=-1,c=0;r<39;c++)printf(c<0?" ":c>r?c=r++-38,"\n":~r&c?" `":" #");}

Thanks to joe_bruin and another slashdotter whose post I have lost. I'm still not convinced this is the absolute smallest it can be, so we'll see if anyone else can improve it.


new .sig

Spy Hunter Spy Hunter writes  |  about 13 years ago Hmmmm. Let's see what kind of moderation this .sig gets me :-)
"You should do what God says because God will torture you otherwise"


Obligatory first journal entry

Spy Hunter Spy Hunter writes  |  more than 13 years ago Testing, testing, 1,2,3. Hello? Is this thing on? [tap tap tap]

Oh! Ahem.

Yeah, so this is my first journal entry, just like every other first journal entry, just to prove I can do it. Exciting, huh?

Well, since you came to the trouble of visiting, I'll at least give you an interesting link or two for your time. Try out How Stuff Works and Sodaplay if you haven't already. You'll thank me later.

You could also visit the website of my college even though I don't think it's particularly interesting.

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