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iPhone App Wins Microsoft App Contest

Spyky Re:The only way to win (233 comments)

Yeah, sorry. I use Visual Studio every day and dabble in Eclipse and XCode. I prefer either of the later to Visual Studio. Visual Studio isn't a bad IDE, and it is certainly an appropriate choice for Windows only development, but saying it "light years ahead" of any other environment suggests you have never used anything else.

more than 5 years ago

Leopard Early Adopters Suffer For The Rest of Us

Spyky Re:So What (461 comments)

I've had 2 kernel panics (one last night) on a year old MacBook Pro with Leopard. Something about freeing buffers that were already freed. Somebody definitely missed that in quality control. That said, it is a .0 product, no service releases at all, and I've had kernel panics in Vista too (at work). But it's definitely a lot buggier (for me) than Tiger was when it came out. But I like the new features, I have a hard time thinking of features that I want that it doesn't have, Tiger had several areas I thought were lacking (Finder, Mail, printer configuration, network configuration, etc...). I'm confident that Apple will have the issues fixed in some point releases, Tiger at .10 was rock solid.

I had some weird bugs in Leopard Mail.app as well. It got into a loop where it was trying to add mail to the "Sent" folder on an IMAP server, but the IMAP server would return an error, so it would keep trying. But apparently it was actually working while reporting that it wasn't working, so I had the same mail in my sent mail folder 35 times before I finally deleted the settings for the IMAP server and re-added it. It's been fine since then.


more than 7 years ago


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