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3D Printer?

SrLnclt Re:Missing Option (175 comments)

So... a micro-machine sized Delorean? Or a 1:20 scale model of the TARDIS?

about a month and a half ago

FCC Rejects Blackout Rules

SrLnclt Re:Online Sports Network (135 comments)

This is the one and only reason I still pay for TV. Virtually all my regularly scheduled programming I watch comes from the internet, and have for many years. But between the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NCAA basketball/football, the only way to get more than a couple games a year via broadcast networks is to pay for cable/satellite. For the teams I watch, I would need online access to the ESPNs, WGN, Comcast Sports Net, NBC Sports Network, Big Ten Network, and the broadcast networks to see 90% of the games. For those networks that do have online components, you need to login with your cable/satellite account to get access. Even if a network or two added an online only subscription, I would still be stuck with the rest of the networks.

It always amazes me how obnoxious TV is when I actually watch sporting events live, since that is the only content I watch on my TV that still has ads. Maybe one day I'll just decide it's not worth it and stop watching sports.

about 4 months ago

This 'SimCity 4' Region With 107 Million People Took Eight Months of Planning

SrLnclt Re:I'm recreating Detroit in my SimCity (103 comments)

I thought SimCity was about building cities, then demolishing them.


about 5 months ago

What percentage of your media consumption is streamed?

SrLnclt Definitions (152 comments)

Depends on how you define streaming. If streaming only includes stuff arriving from the internets (netflix, amazon, pandora, hulu, etc.) then maybe 10% - mostly audio. If streaming includes playing back audio/video from my local NAS box, then it probably around 90%. Only a small amount of my media is played back on the same device that it is stored on, but very little arrives from the cloud.

about 6 months ago

Critical Vulnerabilities In Web-Based Password Managers Found

SrLnclt Re:Surprise (114 comments)

I tried something like this in the past. I had a root phrase I used, and added some other things like certain characters from the URL at the beginning/end. A few common issues with this. Say you want to use the last character in the company name as a modifier for your base password. For Dish Network, do you use h for the last character of the URL (dish.com) or k for the full name (dish network)? Some of the sites I have accounts with have an obscure, seemingly unrelated website/URL for their billing and such. Do you use that URL or the company name you think of typically? If you use the URL, what if they change the URL on you (say from dish.com to dishnetwork.com)? Also, there are outliers. Some require capitals, lowercase, numbers, and/or symbols. Some don't allow symbols. Some have minimum character lengths, others have maximums. If one of them requires a password change quarterly, do you change the root phrase and change all your passwords 4 times a year? This sounds good, but in practice it can be problematic when dealing with dozens of passwords.

about 6 months ago

Encryption Keys For Kim Dotcom's Data Can't Be Given To FBI, Court Rules

SrLnclt Re:all states but Vermont (149 comments)

All US states other than Vermont run balanced budgets, so those same politicians could do the same when they move to Washington.

Have you seen Illinois (or many other states for that matter)? Most have no idea what a balanced budget is. Here's an excerpt from some random google search:

Top 5 State Debt Per Capita
Alaska $40,714
Hawaii $33,111
Connecticut $31,298
Ohio $27,836
Illinois $24,959

Personally I find Illinois a bit amazing, since it is also the fifth most populous state based on the 2010 census.

about 7 months ago

'Curiosity' Lead Engineer Suggests Printing Humans On Other Planets

SrLnclt Re:Fine... (323 comments)

So in a few years referring to a women as a "material girl" could be considered an ethnic slur?

about 8 months ago

Sony & Panasonic Next-Gen Optical Discs Moving Forward

SrLnclt 750MB Zip Drive (250 comments)

Reminds me of zip drives... hey - we've got a new 750MB model! By that time the market had already moved on to CDs and USB flash drives.

Pretty much all of my audio, pictures, and video lives on my NAS. It almost seems quaint when I have to fire up the DVD player.

about 10 months ago

Target's Data Breach Started With an HVAC Account

SrLnclt Re:Why HVAC contractor has network access (232 comments)

Modern HVAC controls are much more than thermostats. There are typically resets for supply air temperatures based on outside air conditions and time of day, and boiler water temperature setbacks based outside air conditions. Fan and pump systems can get feedback from the positions of dampers/valves throughout the system, and the VFD can slow down to minimize energy usage based on the feedback from the worst-case zone in real time. The list goes on, but all of this energy optimizing relies on lots of real time data, and the easiest way to do this is on an ethernet network.

Many large clients, particularly those with multiple locations like school districts or big box stores will hire a controls company, and pay them a bunch of money to save a target dollar amount or percentage amount on their energy costs. This is typically done through an online interface to monitor multiple locations simultaneously, and keep them all operating the same way. The user doesn't typically care how the contractor sets this up, they just want the savings. The cheaper the contractor can get to the target the more money he makes, which can lead to corner cutting by the contractor.

Some people (government, some Universities) tend to make the controls sub-contractors install a second, independent TCP/IP network for their equipment. But this security comes at a cost premium, particularly in existing buildings that already have a network in place for their computer needs. Most places I have seen don't bother with this due to the cost and the general availability of network connections in today's world. If the security is setup properly this shouldn't be needed, but we all know how often proper security is overlooked.

about a year ago

Will Electric Cars and Solar Power Make Gasoline and Utilities Obsolete?

SrLnclt Natural Gas (734 comments)

We are currently at today's forcasted high temp of 5 deg. F (-21 deg. C) here in the middle of the US, not even taking into effect the 20+ mph wind. I feel sorry for the people trying to use electric heat for homes or businesses on days like today. I wonder how many solar panels I would need at my house today to still have any juice left over to turn on the lights, TV, or a computer.

1 year,2 days

Windows 9 Already? Apparently, Yes.

SrLnclt Re:9.1 (1009 comments)

Except MS screwed up the numbering at Windows 7...

Windows 7 - NT 6.1
Windows 8 - NT 6.2
Windows 8.1 - NT 6.3

1 year,12 days

Judge: NSA Phone Program Likely Unconstitutional

SrLnclt Full Text (345 comments)

Read the judge's full ruling.

about a year ago

Judge: NSA phone surveillance program unconstitutional

SrLnclt First Things First (1 comments)

Thank you, Edward Snowden.

about a year ago

Streaming and Cord-Cutting Take a Toll On the Pay-TV Industry

SrLnclt Re:Sports, only thing hold me back (261 comments)

If I could get Big Ten Sports and ESPN streamed I would cut the cord today. That is currently the only thing holding me back. My family never watches "live" TV everything is either streamed or DVR'ed for later viewing.

This describes me exactly. I can't stand watching "live" programming. All of the regular shows I watch I couldn't actually tell you what time they air more accurate than "prime time on Monday". Sometimes I can't even remember what network it is on. The DVR and other services handle all of that for me.

I would have cut out cable/satellite years ago if not for sports. Some networks (like Big Ten Network) have online options, but I believe an account with one of their cable/satellite partners is a prerequisite. Others sports like MLB have all the games online if you buy their subscription... except it is blacked out if you can view it on a channel from your local cable provider - or you can wait something like 24 hours (who watches sporting events two days later?). It's sad, because there could be some serious money to be made if the networks and/or sports leagues started offering true streaming options for their content.

about a year ago

SourceForge Appeals To Readers For Help Nixing Bad Ad Actors

SrLnclt Re:the whole concept is messed up (198 comments)

When I want to download software, I want that software, not other piece of software that's going to install itself in my browsers and mine my information.

I know computer savvy users who have refused to give Chrome a try precisely because it has been bundled with so many other things over the years.

If your software is bundled with something I am installing, I assume your software is junk unless I already know otherwise. Even if your software is decent (e.g. Chrome), I can decide independently for myself when or if I want to install it.

about a year ago

Wikipedia's Participation Problem

SrLnclt Oblig (372 comments)

The battles on Wikipedia are well documented. Articles deleted, added back, deleted again. Back and forth in a never ending battle of arrogant assholes with giant egos.

Oblig XKCD

about a year ago

Water Discovery Is Good News For Mars Colonists

SrLnclt Oblig (247 comments)

Oblig XKCD

about a year ago

Autodesk To Follow Adobe's 'Rent Our Software' Business Model?

SrLnclt Options (89 comments)

Currently you can buy a version outright (say AutoCAD 2014 - you can use that version forever). Alternatively, you can get it on subscription (you pay 20% or 30% of the full cost, but pay it every year), which allows you to get the new version every year plus more support/features. Renting is simply the third option - the other two aren't going away. Their subscription model is a predictable cash cow at this point - there is no way they are giving that up.

about a year and a half ago



AutoDesk Accuses Non-profit User Forums of Trademark Infringement

SrLnclt SrLnclt writes  |  about 2 years ago

SrLnclt (870345) writes "AutoDesk has begun contacting owners of websites with Revit in their TLD name, and accusing them of trademark infringement. For those unfamiliar with this software package, Revit is a 3D modeling tool designed to model buildings and their MEP and Structural systems, which is currently owned by AutoDesk. It is widely used by architects and engineers for this purpose, and has supplanted AutoCAD in the building design fields for many users. One such domain revitforum.org is an independent non-profit, user to user support forum. Typically users on this site are already familiar with Revit, have purchased licenses, and are looking for help, tips, or tricks in using the software. One of AutoDesk's lawyers has contacted [PDF, Registration Required] the site owner, who has responded [PDF, Registration Required] and plans on fighting this issue. Additionally, they are currently looking for legal help from anyone with a legal background willing to donate some time."
Link to Original Source

EMI Boss Opposes SOPA, Says Piracy is a Service Is

SrLnclt SrLnclt writes  |  about 3 years ago

SrLnclt (870345) writes "Joining the millions of people that have come out against SOPA and PIPA in recent weeks, an EMI VP has publicly commented the two pending anti-piracy bills are not the way to move forward. While Craig Davis does believe piracy is a real problem, he feels the industry needs to look within for solutions. He goes on to agree with Valve's Gabe Newell that piracy is not a pricing issue, but a service issue as previously discussed here."
Link to Original Source


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