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Amateur Radio In the Backcountry?

StarKruzr Re:Ugh, God, there's one in every ARC (376 comments)

Thanks much from my family and everyone else touched by your help on those days.

I did get licensed and briefly met with a Staten Island ARC before moving out to the Midwest, which is fun whenever I call CQ and somebody goes "KC two?! Huh?" :)

more than 4 years ago

Amateur Radio In the Backcountry?

StarKruzr Ugh, God, there's one in every ARC (376 comments)

"Don't do it." FUCK you, chief. Who are you to discourage a potential future Ham based on what YOU say the Amateur service is "for?" People become Hams for all sorts of reasons. The FCC specifies what we may NOT do on amateur bands, and gives reasons for establishing them in the first place, but EVERY use permissible is entirely valid and should be encouraged to further the hobby.

So this guy starts out with a backpack HF rig to make sure he has a way to get messages out of the wild, and then what? You should know how this goes if you've been in the hobby as long as you say you have. You start out with a specific purpose, and then one thing or another starts interesting you, and before you know it you're watching the waterfall for PSK31 on HF and trying to DX with Zimbabwe a couple months later.

I became a Ham BECAUSE of the service's emergency provisions. I watched a plane fly into the North Tower of the WTC and kill my cousin and her coworkers in Cantor-Fitzgerald, and then heard about ARES and RACES volunteers stitching Manhattan's emergency services together so they could communicate in the wake of having their repeaters turned to ash. I heard those stories and said "I want to be on that team. THAT'S how I'm going to contribute." So I got a license, and got elmered by some of the guys who volunteered on Wall Street, and eventually started learning about how huge the hobby is and how much you can do with it. I found out about MARS and Skywarn and EchoLink and IRLP, and all the incredible things you can do with just a little dual-band HT, and I was hooked. Now my friends and I talk on a number of the local repeaters in town (I've since moved) on a regular basis.

But according to you, I never should have started, because emergency services are not the "primary purpose" of the Amateur Service. Kill yourself. I can't stand curmudgeonly old fucks like you who think if you didn't start on CW on 10m you're somehow illegitimate. Get over yourself.

more than 4 years ago

Perelman Urged To Accept $1m Prize

StarKruzr He could be a genius AND an asshole. (421 comments)

I wonder why no one seems to have thought of this possibility.

"I don't want the burden of righting wrongs." Go to Hell, you self-important shit. Take the goddamn money, give it to charity and stop being such a goddamn Aspie.

Fucking hell. This isn't THAT hard to figure out. Use it to feed the hungry. Use it to build a school. Stop being such a fucking antisocial douchebag.

more than 4 years ago

iPhone 3.1 Spotted In Field Testing

StarKruzr Dear Editors: (136 comments)

That should be a comma in ("iPhone %d,%d",majorversionnumber,minorversionnumber), not a period.

more than 4 years ago

Taking Showers Can Be Harmful To Your Health

StarKruzr Gentlemen, start your start-ups (431 comments)

Creation of showerhead disinfection industry in 3...2...1...

about 5 years ago

Of Science and Choice In Online Dating

StarKruzr I might not have been clear (311 comments)

I don't crouch in my house. I am involved in a LOT of stuff and am actually pretty extroverted. I have a ton of friends, am out every weekend, and am currently in a relationship with a woman that is giving me fantastic sex but that I know isn't going anywhere (she's 9 years older than me, I'm 30, and she has two kids, one of whom is 19). Right now I am applying to go into the military as an officer, participating in local civic theater, and assisting with the creation of a hackerspace. I'm out there. My point was that all of that still isn't enough. You still have to just get lucky, and you may never, ever get lucky.

And in my case, that means that some portion of my life may always feel empty and incomplete, because I've known I wanted to be a father since I was 16 years old.

more than 5 years ago

Of Science and Choice In Online Dating

StarKruzr I'm 30, and I know these things. (311 comments)

My life is dizzyingly active. I'm involved in all sorts of things, have a ton of friends and a girlfriend who is fantastic in the sack (but we're over in two weeks because she's moving).

My point was that enjoying all life has to offer and putting yourself out there and "living" is still no guarantor of anything. It all comes down to luck, and some of us simply don't have it.

"Facile" seemed to work better in that sentence than "easy" to me. Note that I used "easy" in the subject line. If you don't like it, you are free to edit it out with your internal mental sed. :p

more than 5 years ago

Of Science and Choice In Online Dating

StarKruzr For the record (311 comments)

I'm in a relationship with someone right now. The problem is that I know it can't last. She's 9 years older than me (still a fantastic lay) and has two kids, one of whom is 19. But she's way, way too clingy and manipulative. It's going to be over soon.

My point was that you can go out and be an extrovert and have a fantastic social life and STILL be alone your entire life. Being in a successful romantic relationship is far, far more about luck than self-help books care to admit.

more than 5 years ago

Of Science and Choice In Online Dating

StarKruzr Enjoy your church mice. (311 comments)

Also the public health insurance option we're about to get.

more than 5 years ago

The Irksome Cellphone Industry

StarKruzr From VERIZON??? It is to fucking laugh! (272 comments)

Wow. You have rural coverage. Congratulations, guys. How about the fact that you've ADMITTED your business model orbit around fleecing customers by crippling handsets such that everything customers do has to go through your "nation's most reliable network," thereby incurring pay-to-play fees over and over for simple operations that could otherwise take place over WiFi or Bluetooth?

FUCK Verizon. Fuck them right in the ear. Sideways.

more than 5 years ago

Of Science and Choice In Online Dating

StarKruzr Easy for you to say (311 comments)

Maybe people should just stop dating and learn how to experience life and just get out and do things. My friends that try the hardest to meet someone are the ones that are the least successful at it.

This is a very facile thing for someone in your position to say. For many of the rest of us "experiencing life" all by itself simply means interminable years of crushing loneliness.

I have started to come to the following realization:

Happiness is guaranteed to no one. The best one can expect out of life is that you can always find some way to respect yourself and say "I did something with my life that I can look myself in the mirror and approve of." That status of self-respect is prerequisite for happiness, but it is by no means a guarantor. There is every chance that you'll just get out there and do your thing and live your life and be alone and lonely right up until the day you die.

more than 5 years ago

Of Science and Choice In Online Dating

StarKruzr Why online "dating" is useful (311 comments)

It's not "dating" so much as it is being efficient by running the population through a filter. If I filter out all women under the age of 22, all political conservatives, and all evangelical Christians, I'm probably not missing out on the love of my life an it let's me focus on people I might actually be compatible with.

The reality is that the vast majority of people in the US seem to have gotten married because they figured "it was about time for that" or something similar. If you have anything resembling standards, dating is really, really fucking hard.

Hope that marrying someone wonderful and having a family isn't part of what you need to be really happy, because it sure as hell isn't guaranteed.

more than 5 years ago

Lucky Thirteen On the ISS

StarKruzr Interesting way you phrase that (120 comments)

I'd wager the people who wouldn't identify themselves as "European" come from/live in backwater towns, and the ones who would are from big cities.

Also, that would be "a US-American," firstly, as the phoneme that starts the pronunciation of "US" in this context is a "y" sound, considered a consonant in this case, and secondly, no one says "US-American" or "United Statesian" other than idiots.

It is commonly understood outside the context of formal geographical discussion that "American" means "of or having to do with the United States of America." No one else in either of the Americas lays claim to the term "American," and so it is completely absurd to insist on pedantry like that found in the tags of this article.

more than 5 years ago

Linux To Be First OS To Support USB 3.0

StarKruzr Cute, but engaged, obviously. (296 comments)

Come on, haven't you figured out the way this works yet?

  • Physically attractive
  • Intelligent
  • Sane
  • Single

Pick any three.

more than 5 years ago

Palm's webOS Root Image Leaks Out

StarKruzr Not so good for developers (176 comments)

AJAX? Really? Didn't we go through this once already with the iPhone?

Why don't we try asking ourselves this: Why are cell phone companies (handset manufacturers AND carriers) so terrified of putting real, honest-to-God *NIX-powered cell phones in the hands of consumers?

more than 5 years ago

Warrantless GPS Tracking Is Legal, Says WI Court

StarKruzr c.f. David Brin (594 comments)

and "The Transparent Society," a book about the inevitability of surveillance and watching the watchers.

more than 5 years ago

Mac Tax, Dell Tax, HP Tax

StarKruzr Oh Lord (858 comments)

that ram from apple is far better than that crap you get from the bottom price rung on ... please tell me you don't really believe this.

Please tell me you don't actually believe that Apple's RAM is anything other than thoroughly mediocre.

more than 5 years ago

Best FOSS Active Directory Alternative?

StarKruzr Samba? (409 comments)

How is Samba a drop-in replacement for AD? Does it have the same system of hierarchical groups and policies?

more than 5 years ago

Google To Sell Truly Open Android Dev Phone

StarKruzr This was a really good post. (219 comments)


That said, I would rather be SSHing from a real terminal on my phone (like I do on my jailbroken iPhone) than a self-contained application. It's absolutely a control thing for me.

more than 5 years ago



Apple Blesses 3rd-Party iPhone Software - Sort Of

StarKruzr StarKruzr writes  |  about 7 years ago

StarKruzr writes "Ars Technica is reporting that Apple's Greg Joswiak has said the company is officially taking a "neutral stance" on third-party binary applications for their mobile phone product. This means that while the iPhone community developers will get no help from Cupertino with respect to 3rd-party apps, Apple doesn't intend to do anything to prevent them from going nuts with whatever they want to write. Future Software Updates may break the hacks in one way or another, but it will be incidental rather than intentional. This is pretty great news for geeks who want a UNIX cell phone with a great interface. The iPhone software development community's progress has been accelerating rapidly, and this announcement can only mean that it will speed up even faster now that there is a measure of assurance from Apple that the phone will be "allowed" to be a platform rather than just a pretty device."
Link to Original Source



The New Slashdot Look

StarKruzr StarKruzr writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Honestly, I really like it. It's about goddamn time they updated it.

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