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Switching From Microsoft Office To LibreOffice Saves Toulouse 1 Million Euros

Starteck81 The real question (296 comments)

The real question is, what is the long term impact to productivity and work flow? Sure you can save money up front by switching to a different software suite but that doesn't matter if it disrupts your business in a significant way. Before the shouting starts I'm not implying that there is anything wrong. I'm would like to see an actual study done to determine the effect.

about 2 months ago

Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

Starteck81 Re:It's crap (1633 comments)

That argument is a load of crap. Just take a look at every major war fought in the last hundred years. Sure a superior military might conquer and occupy for a while but if the local people aren't on board with it the occupation almost always fails with very few exceptions.

Your argument also relies on the assumption that the majority of those in the armed forces would follow orders to attack civilians. There would be plenty that would disobey that order.

A rebellion by citizen with firearms, even semiautomatic, would give them enough of an edge to take some military bases and upgrade. Especially if they were dissenting military personnel helping in those campaigns.

about 5 months ago

Kansas To Nix Expansion of Google Fiber and Municipal Broadband

Starteck81 Re:They don't deserve it anyway. (430 comments)

Perhaps if they pray really hard, God will create a super fast broadband network for them.

They'll need to p(r)ay harder than the lobbyists who wrote this bill.

There, I fixed that for you.

about 7 months ago

CCC Says Apple iPhone 5S TouchID Broken

Starteck81 Re:social engineering time (481 comments)

You know what? I really love the sound of your voice. ... And there's this one word. I've always loved the sound of this word. ... I would really like to hear you say the word ..."passport".

Hi, my name is Werner Brandes. My voice is my passport. Verify Me.

about a year ago

How Amateurs Destroyed the Professional Music Business

Starteck81 Re:How is this news? (617 comments)

Remember the scene with the "blue" belt?

No, but then again I don't have a vagina either.

Coincidentally you'll never get any action from a vagina either. Some of us have a girlfriend or are married and watch movies with our significant others, some of which they choose. Feel free to pop your head up out of the basement and ask your mom if you need to verify this practice.

1 year,1 day

Man Killed By His Own Radio-Controlled Helicopter In Brooklyn

Starteck81 Re:OUCH (479 comments)

quick, lets ban them! think of the children :D

When I read that I nearly destroyed my work laptop with the water I was drinking.

1 year,9 days

Lord Blair Calls for Laws To Stop 'Principled' Leaking of State Secrets

Starteck81 Re:Oh good lord (395 comments)

Is there anything that cannot be justified by appeals over terrorism?

There are, but don't worry, the things that aren't covered by terrorism are covered under 'think of the children!'

1 year,20 days

Ballmer To Retire

Starteck81 Re:Good news for stockholders (633 comments)

The obvious answer to the old "I'm a Mac, he's a PC" advertising slur was "yeah, Mac guy looks pretty, but he's actually useless. Look at what PC guy can do". They always seemed curiously afraid to go there.

I think you've missed a their most recent strategy/mission statements. The aren't focusing on what the PC can do anymore. They want to become a device/ cloud services company. They want to be more like Apple and Google, device and cloud strategy wise.

1 year,23 days

Maybe Steve Ballmer Doesn't Deserve the Hate

Starteck81 Re:Monty Phython (240 comments)

You're confusing quality of a product with putting a product, that is just good enough to meet the need, out there in front of an emerging trend. That is what Bill Gates was much better at doing while he was CEO. Ballmer almost always misses the mark on putting the right product out, even if it still needs more development, at the right moment.

about a year ago

Maybe Steve Ballmer Doesn't Deserve the Hate

Starteck81 Monty Phython (240 comments)

We found a CEO, may we burn him?!?

All kidding aside he is not a great or even good leader. If he was half as effective as Bill Gates MS would have have only lost half of the product wars that it has. He has perpetually missed the boat on emerging trends, and then tried to chase the boat down in a runabout with a 5HP outboard motor.

about a year ago

Android Co-Founder: Fragmentation "an Overblown Issue"

Starteck81 Re:Most don't notice the difference (289 comments)

Is that really true, though? There's an unfortunate tendency in the tech industry to talk down to the "average user" as though they had never even seen a computer before.

Maybe that was useful at one point, but these days assuming your users are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with technology seems laughable.

I'm sorry but you've obviously never had a front-line tech support position. I have provide tech support to several thousand individuals at this point in my career. I would be more than comfortable saying that at least 70% of smart phone users have no idea what version the OS of their phone is. They simply don't care, as long as their apps load. If a feature is missing they are often oblivious unless a tech savy friend, commercial, or corp IT support person tells them about it. They don't think about security consequences, how protocol enhancements can affect their life, what added enhancements they might be missing out on, no not one bit.

Sit outside Worst Buy sometime and do a random survey asking people what OS version they have on their phone. You'll quickly discover how unaware/uninterested they are.

about a year ago

House Democrats Propose National Park On the Moon

Starteck81 The real reason... (255 comments)

The real reason they want to make a park on the moon is so they can setup a gun free zone that actually has zero crime.

about a year ago

Microsoft To Shut Down TechNet Subscription Service

Starteck81 Re:Herding all devs over to Azure (280 comments)

Those labs are fun for a quickie, like a short test drive, but if you want to do anything more serious than take it for a spin around the block you're out of luck now. This will seriously hamper the ability of IT professionals to do any meaningful research on MS product offerings. My $350 subscription has netted them an extra 10 grand in revenue last year alone. I'm paying for the ability to test drive their products, which is in their best interests, and they think that taking that tool away is no big deal. They are seriously mistaken.

about a year ago

Microsoft To Shut Down TechNet Subscription Service

Starteck81 Re:This is mostly outdated service (280 comments)

Visual Studio and other products have free versions now, so TechNet subscription is mostly outdated service. Visual Studio Express is the same great product that the full version of Visual Studio is, but is great for beginners. Visual Studio as a whole is a great product too. And, MSDN subscription is there too. Combine that with subscription based Office and you have little reason to get TechNet.

You mean other than the fact that it costs considerably more for the MSDN subscription to get the same level of service. I went and looked at their free technet downloads and found the selection lacking, considerably. They only put in the main products so if I want to practice with MDT, MDOP, or any number of other smaller expansion packs I have to go with a much more expensive MSDN subscription. That complaint is secondary only to the fact that I can't do anything complicated with what is available because the trial times are all different for each product they have posted up. So I get my VM environment set up with a domain cluster and then want to try standing up SCCM, WDS, MDT and PKI to learn how to manage that kind of a setup I can't do it anymore. The system expires before I ever get close to setting up any kind a robust lab. If you're just doing a few one off labs like the ones you find in the exam prep books then this strategy might be fine for you. However, for those of us that use it to really get familiar with the products, this is hugely limiting. We either have to spend thousands more a year or we just have to rebuild our labs every time the trial expires, which will be a huge headache.

I hope a good tech witch comes and puts a spell on Ballmer that makes him shit Windows 8 brick phones until he learns to listen to customers.

about a year ago

Microsoft Research Adds 'Mood Detection' To Smartphones

Starteck81 Bleh (110 comments)

Can it detect my apathy?

about a year ago

Verizon Ordered To Provide All Customer Data To NSA

Starteck81 Re:Which amendment would you like to lose today? (609 comments)

I am so tired of such a stupid fucking argument

You failed history in school, didn't you? I think you need to go review every major armed conflict since WWII where we have tried to occupy a country. Especially countries that had an ideologically driven opposing force. Go do that and then come back and tell me that people with rifles and IEDs can't make a war with an advance military so unpalatable that they give up.

about a year ago

Verizon Ordered To Provide All Customer Data To NSA

Starteck81 Re:Which amendment would you like to lose today? (609 comments)

Be that as it may, thinking that your buddies and your machineguns are going to overthrow the most powerful nation in the world is just delusional.

You're assuming that some of the military will not take the side of those fighting for their freedom. Also look how well insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan have done before you write off a gorilla force with just small arms and IEDs.

about a year ago

Verizon Ordered To Provide All Customer Data To NSA

Starteck81 Re:Which amendment would you like to lose today? (609 comments)

Funny how there's such a huge passionate uproar about supposed loss of second amendement rights, but comparitively little concern about actual loss of fourth amendment rights...

Actually I make a very big deal about the second amendment because I care so much about the other amendments. The second is the last line of defense in the protection of the others. It is the only amendment that gives the people a physical recourse should the three branches of government fail to up hold the Constitution.

While were on the topic, the people that said they didn't want universal background checks because they feared a national registry could be constructed seem less like silly now, don't they?

about a year ago

Keyless Remote Entry For Cars May Have Been Cracked

Starteck81 Re:This tempts me to go black hat so bad. (398 comments)

This tempts me so bad. I don't want to steal cars. I just want a button that sets off everyone's panic alarms.

Have you thought about trying a wiffle ball bat with a thin lay of foam on it? Sure you have run up and down the row or vehicles to make it work but it's 100% reliable and much cheaper.

about a year ago

Syrian Electronic Army Hits Financial Times Sites, Feeds

Starteck81 Re:Syrian Electronic Army? (24 comments)

Why? What do they gain from these hacks?

I have the feeling that this has nothing to do with Syria.

They really, really, really wanted first post.

about a year ago



Yahoo, Feds Battle Over E-mail Privacy

Starteck81 Starteck81 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Starteck81 (917280) writes "Yahoo and federal prosecutors in Colorado are embroiled in a privacy battle testing whether the Constitution’s warrant requirements apply to Americans’ e-mail.

The legal dust up, unsealed late Tuesday, concerns a 1986 law that already allows the government to obtain a suspect’s e-mail from an ISP or webmail provider without a probable-cause warrant, once it’s been stored for 180 days or more. The government now contends it can get e-mail under 180-days old if that e-mail has been read by the owner, and the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment protections don’t apply.

Yahoo is challenging the government’s position, and defying a court order to turn over some customer e-mail to the feds. Google, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Center for Democracy & Technology and other groups late Tuesday told the federal judge presiding over the case that accessing e-mail under 180 days old requires a valid warrant under the Fourth Amendment, regardless of whether it has been read.

Read More"

Link to Original Source

Airport device follows fliers' phones

Starteck81 Starteck81 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Starteck81 (917280) writes "

The Transportation Security Administration is looking at installing devices in airports that home in and detect personal electronic equipment. The aim is to track how long people are stuck in security lines. The TSA is in the early phases of exploring the technology, which Purdue University researchers tested for a month last year at Indianapolis International Airport. Thumbnail-size receivers near checkpoints detected serial numbers emitted by some electronic devices being carried by passengers. The receivers recorded the time when a passenger entered a security line and the time when the same passenger cleared the checkpoint, Purdue transportation engineer Darcy Bullock said. Only part of each serial number was recorded, and the numbers were quickly deleted, he said.

My thoughts, Wouldn't it just be cheaper, and less likely to be abused, if they had some minimum wage worker time people?"
Link to Original Source


USA Linux User Group acutions off it's nerds

Starteck81 Starteck81 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Starteck81 (917280) writes "Looking to recruit more women, and perhaps date some sorority girls, the largest computer club at Washington State University hopes to hold a "nerd auction."The idea is to trade their computer skills to sorority girls in exchange for a makeover and, possibly, a date.

"You can buy a nerd and he'll fix your computer, help you with stats homework, or if you're really adventurous, take you to dinner!" Ben Ford, president of the Linux Users Group, said on its Web site recently."


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