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Mass. Supreme Court Says Defendant Can Be Compelled To Decrypt Data

SteWhite Re:The relevant part (560 comments)

Exactly - another key sentence in there is:

"In the Commonwealth's view, the defendant's act of decryption would not communicate facts of a testimonial nature to the government beyond what the defendant already has admitted to investigators. As such, the Commonwealth continues, the defendant's act of decryption does not trigger Fifth Amendment protection."

So if he had not admitted anything already and had refused to decrypt, the ruling may have been different.

about 4 months ago

New York State Passes DNA Requirement For Almost All Convicted Criminals

SteWhite The UK already has this, and worse (260 comments)

As usual for an invasion of privacy or violation of fundamental rights, the UK got there first. In England, you get your DNA taken and stored simply if you get arrested - you don't even need to be charged, let alone convicted.

more than 2 years ago

BioShock Coming To Cell Phones

SteWhite Re:eh? (20 comments)

Too easy?

Apply the patch update and change the options to disable vita chambers. Now death means death.

more than 5 years ago

How To Diagnose a Suddenly Slow Windows Computer?

SteWhite Processor power throttling? (835 comments)

I scanned through the comments and didn't see this mentioned yet, so...

Check if the processor speed is being throttled. I once saw a laptop that seems to have the symptoms you described - everything going slow, processes taking lots of CPU time.

It turned out something was wrong with the power management and it was keeping the CPU at the minimum speed permanently. Setting the power profile to "Always On" fixed it for a while, but then it started again, so I disabled the processor power management features in the BIOS.

The post didn't mention if this is a laptop or desktop, but even modern desktop CPUs have lots of power states. Worth a look.

more than 5 years ago

Why Do We Have To Restart Routers?

SteWhite Re:bad hardware (936 comments)

Yup, "bad hardware" gets my vote too.

I used to own a generic no-name router, the thing locked up all the time.

I've got a Netgear DG834 now and it has currently been up for 124 days, which is the time since we last had a power cut. I never reset it, and never have any problems.

more than 6 years ago


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