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Did Feds' Use of Fake Cell Tower Constitute a Search?

SteelFist Re:Criminals were captured (191 comments)

Minor detail, if he were an anarchist, the criminal would go free forever with no trial (no government, no prosecution). He is more of a totalitarianist (sp?), where the government has absolute control and, therefore, no trial with prosecution.

more than 2 years ago

Trash-To-Gas Power Plant Gets Greenlight

SteelFist Re:Don't we have this already? (113 comments)

True, I was focusing on hydrocarbons because that's what this technology is usually applied for. But the basic process of taking a long molecular chain and breaking it into multiple smaller chains seems pretty similar to what is done on hydrocarbons, even if the chain contains oxygen as well.

more than 3 years ago

Trash-To-Gas Power Plant Gets Greenlight

SteelFist Don't we have this already? (113 comments)

"Green Power describes its process as a proprietary catalytic pressure-less depolymerization process (CDP) where municipal solid waste or a wide variety of organic wastes are 'cracked' at the molecular level and the long-chain polymers (plastic, organic material such as wood, etc.) are chemically altered to become short-chain hydrocarbons with no combustion. Combustion requires oxygen or a similar compound, but according to Green Power the CDP occurs in an anaerobic environment, exposed only to inert gases like nitrogen."

This sounds very similar to a heavy oil conversion unit, which takes long chains of hydrocarbons (organic materials) and breaks them into smaller molecules. Refineries have been doing this for decades! I'm not saying this isn't good to reduce overall waste or anything like that, but unless I'm missing something, this is hardly new technology...

As a couple examples of conversion units:

more than 3 years ago

1Gbps Optical Wireless Network Might Replace Wi-Fi

SteelFist Re:Useless for me (200 comments)

My room doesn't have a door, you insensitive clod! :(

Caught one too many times, I take it?

more than 4 years ago

What's the Importance of Graphics In Video Games?

SteelFist Re:A good combination of a storyline and graphics. (506 comments)

Geeze, I remember doing exactly this when it came out. Then at night while laying in bed I would be half expecting the room to start glowing red and have something spawn next to me. Never had a game do that me before; definitely was a great game for immersion.

more than 5 years ago

Climate Change Bill Includes IP Protections

SteelFist Re:Actually you're the one who is mistaken (236 comments)

So I hate to reply to myself, but I guess I misunderstood the source I linked to and got it backwards myself... Guess that means it is really time to call it a day.

more than 5 years ago

Climate Change Bill Includes IP Protections

SteelFist Re:Actually you're the one who is mistaken (236 comments)

Actually, the parent is correct. Fractional reserve banking means that the banks keep a fraction of what they loan out as a reserve. A bank will have 10 dollars and loan out 100 or more dollars. This is OK as long as too many people don't want their money at once (a run on the bank); the bank simply cannot repay all of the people who deposited money with the bank because they only keep a small fraction of what is actually deposited.


more than 5 years ago

Angry Villagers Run Google Out of Town

SteelFist Re:Google Maps (1188 comments)

That's nothing - wait until Version 2.0 comes out and not only will it tell you when the nearby rich person lives, it will show you their personal schedule for when they will be out of town, display the best method of entry into their house, and send all the police out to the opposite side of town!

more than 5 years ago

Solution Against Cold Boot Attack In the Making

SteelFist Re:Freeze the CPU (260 comments)

You mean like the sandals? Now I'm really confused...

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Patents the Censoring of Speech

SteelFist Re:Oh come on..... (192 comments)

A while back I was watching Saving Private Ryan on TV, and I actually thought it was kind of funny that they would show people stopping to pick up missing limbs, people holding innards in, etc, but when they were just walking through a field they censored out the curse words. Kind of doesn't make sense to me...

more than 5 years ago


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