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Majority of Young American Adults Think Astrology Is a Science

Steelwings What is being taught in school (625 comments)

If they are teaching Creationism as a science then Astrology must be a science too.

about a year ago

Should Wikipedia Just Accept Ads Already?

Steelwings Whats wrong? (608 comments)

Pleading for donations works for PBS.

more than 4 years ago

Sending Data In Bursts of SMS Messages

Steelwings Re:My 300 baud modem shivered... (181 comments)

You must be young. I remember using acoustical modems back in 1974 and they weren't that new back then.

We also used UU encoded text files to down load binary files.

more than 4 years ago

Supercomputer Performs Simulation of Virus

Steelwings Can't wait. (230 comments)

Oh I want to see Ants next.

more than 8 years ago



White House petition for Tesla Motors to sell direct

Steelwings Steelwings writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Steelwings (549043) writes "Tesla has faced powerful resistance in almost every state in the US from entrenched dealerships and their lobbying groups. In response to that resistance, a

<a href="https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/allow-tesla-motors-sell-directly-consumers-all-50-states/bFN7NHQR">We the People</a>

petition has been started on the White House website to attempt to get the Obama administration to make policy on the matter and allow Tesla to sell to consumers without being encumbered by conflicting state regulations. The petition seems unlikely to pass, though; at this point, there are eight days left on the clock and it's still short about 80,000 signatures from the 100k signature mark."
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Disney researchers add sense of touch to augmented reality applications

Steelwings Steelwings writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Steelwings (549043) writes "Technology developed by Disney Research, Pittsburgh, makes it possible to change the feel of real-world surfaces and objects without requiring users to wear special gloves or use force-feedback devices."
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