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Apple Shows Off New iOS 7, Mac OS X At WWDC

SteveSgt Tubular in 1984? (607 comments)

1. iOS7: Multitasking? It's about time. What is this, 1984?

2. Mac Pro Desktop: All of that tubular elegance is going lost in a rats-nest of external boxes and cables because all of the expansion of that chassis has to be external--there's no internal room for optical drives, RAID arrays, media card readers/writers, etc. And SSDs big enough for media production are still way too expensive. And how do you rack mount a dozen of them in the machine room of a video editing suite (as I've done many times in my business)?

about a year and a half ago

U.S. Kids Don't Understand First Amendment

SteveSgt Re:The Kindness of Strangers? (2124 comments)

To rub salt in the wound, the money is then mostly wasted and used inefficiently.

I've worked in state and city government, and for large corporations. The government organizations I worked for did far more with far fewer resources than any of the companies I worked for. People who choose to work in government, that I encountered, were there out of idealism that they could make a difference -- happy to be there in spite of lower wages than they could get in private industry. The companies I worked for are full of greedy bastards who think primarily of their own gain, and what they can gouge the company and the customer for.

As far as England is concerned, we also tried it before Truman's new deal. We got better education for fewer resources. I'm not saying it was perfect or that it would work exaclty the same now, only that it is certainly doable.

I consider myself a product of a public school system, in the relatively poor state of Iowa, that worked very well. Lots of local community control. Lots of parental involvement.

There was a large jump in US literacy between 1940 and 1960. I would attribute that to the rise of public education programs -- which were much less common before then.

Imagine if people had twice the resources and knew the government wasn't going to help the less fortunate for them.

They'd be buying bigger TVs, bigger SUVs, and bigger houses, sending their kinds to more expensive private schools. Every man for himself! You'll have a hard time convincing most people that, if their taxes were eliminated, that they should still pay, say, 20%, to charities.

Do you like the fact that you're paying for military protection for basicly the entire globe,

Nope. I didn't vote for people who support this agenda.

...massively subsidising whole industries like airlines,

Hmmmm. A tricky one. In general, I certainly don't favor government subsidies of businesses. But take a small town like Burlington, Iowa. If there wasn't some regulation and subsidy, the town would not be served by any airlines -- the nearest airport with a commercial airline would be 2:30 hours away.

...farm corporations, telecom, transportation,


and paying to incarcerate and destroy the lives of millions of non-violent cannibus users?

What I find interesting is that most of these examples you cite were instituted as part of a conservative or Replublican agenda. Hmmmmm.

more than 9 years ago


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