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Unreal Engine 4 Launching With Full Source Code

Stickiler Re: This is very exciting for indie devs (149 comments)

Actually, the 'big hit' indie developers will get burnt by this new system a shit load less than the previous UDK system. The previous UDK system was 25% net, with the first $50k free. Assuming 30% fees on top of UE fees, the new system equals the old system at $400k gross revenue, and from that point on is just flat out cheaper than the previous one. Obviously the new system gets worse the higher additional fees you have, but on the flip side, the lower your additional fees, the more attractive the new system is. Plus not to mention you are allowed to contact Epic Games to try and work out a better deal with them.

about a month ago

Microsoft Confirms Windows 8.1 Spring Update, To Focus On Non-touch Devices

Stickiler Re:99% (172 comments)

Yeah, as a small Australian business, with Australian internet, I won't be bothering with the cloud bullshit. Guess I'll be looking for something Linux-based to supplant it.

about 2 months ago

Microsoft Confirms Windows 8.1 Spring Update, To Focus On Non-touch Devices

Stickiler Re:99% (172 comments)

Wait, did they seriously remove Exchange from SBS 2013? Fuck me, guess I'm migrating my work servers to something else.

about 2 months ago

Microsoft Has Been Watching, and It Says You're Getting Used To Windows 8

Stickiler Except people who join that program..... (675 comments)

Are already probably lenient towards Microsoft, so they will of course make themselves learn the new UI. About 80% of the people I know just automatically click no and go past it, and the other 20% make an active effort to click no and go past it. It's like polling the people at a major sporting event about how enjoyable they find that sporting event.

about a year ago

FBI Dad's Misadventures With Spyware Exposed School Principal's Child Porn

Stickiler Re:Fraud? (346 comments)

In terms of commonality, DBAN is to system restoration as the hammer is to carpentry. Would you hire a carpenter who's never heard of a hammer to renovate your bathroom?

I think you are incredibly mislead as to what goes on in a computer repair shop. Most shop's will just wipe it by formatting the partitions in the windows install program when they are reinstalling windows. There's really no need for a DBAN, as every virus, worm or trojan I've come across has been removed via this method. Sure it may not properly wipe the drive, but in about almost every case, you don't NEED to properly wipe the drive. Sure you can nerd-rage and go "Well, I'm never going to that shop again" but any other shop you go into will do the same damn thing. If you want to properly wipe the drive, you will have to do it yourself, simple as that, as the shop techs aren't paid nearly enough to pander to your insecurity's about data wiping. Source: I've worked in computer repair shops for almost 6 or 7 years.

about a year ago

Software Uses Almost 1/2 the Storage On 32GB Surface Tablet

Stickiler Re:.NET (471 comments)

You can still program with C# and VB.Net as languages, but those apps will run on top of WinRT, not the .Net runtime.

If you can program in C#.Net, or VB.Net, then you are using the .Net framework. They are literally one and the same. Not once did I say ".Net runtime" I said .Net framework. And the person I was replying to said ".Net doesn't exist on the Surface RT". For C# or Vb.Net to exist on the platform, it NEEDS .Net, or a .Net compatible framework, of which there is really only one other major one, which is Mono, and it is a Linux/Mac solution.

about a year and a half ago

Software Uses Almost 1/2 the Storage On 32GB Surface Tablet

Stickiler Re:.NET (471 comments)

.Net doesn't exist on the Surface RT.

[citation needed] One of the big publicised features was that you could code for the Surface RT in .Net. So I bloody well hope it has the .Net framework on it.

about a year and a half ago


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