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A Math Test That's Rotten To the Common Core

Stiletto Re:Failure is expected result (663 comments)

Putting ANY sort of "requirement" on a 15 year old is outrageous. Children develop at a different pace.

about 9 months ago

LinkedIn Agrees To Block Stalkers

Stiletto Re:Caution: website makes your info public (78 comments)

For me, the unsolicited job leads from LinkedIn are obviously targeted, but poorly. I've got 12+ years of progressively senior embedded programming + mobile programming experience listed, and I recently (~3 yrs) transitioned up the chain into management. What do 95% of my LinkedIn job inquiries look like?

"I noticed you have MOBILE development in your background. We are looking to fill the position of THIRD JUNIOR DEVELOPER FROM THE LEFT - ANDROID OS. I would love to chat with you about this amazing opportunity!"

Next to useless, really.

about a year ago

First Asteroid Discovered At Uranus's Leading Trojan Point

Stiletto Well, it was a blast (90 comments)

"Uranus" and "trojan" jokes. This is what Slashdot has become.

1 year,1 day

How Deadbeat Facebook Friends and Using ALL-CAPS Can Lower Your Credit Score

Stiletto Re:Kind of a warning sign actually (362 comments)

I love how people think "privacy settings" mean jack to a company that makes money selling personal data.

1 year,6 days

Only One US City Makes "Top Ten Internet Cities Worldwide" List

Stiletto Re:Seriously? (240 comments)

"Population Density" always gets blamed, but it's not the reason for USA's poor service. If it was, New York City would have awesome Internet service.

1 year,6 days

Experiences and Realities of an Homesourced IT Worker

Stiletto Careful what you wish for... (114 comments)

If your job can be done from home, it can be done from India.

1 year,14 days

Amazon Forbids Crossing State Lines With Rented Textbooks

Stiletto Re:Covering butt (125 comments)

You don't need physical presence in a state to be considered as having a nexus in that state and subject to collecting taxes.

1 year,16 days

New Tech Money, Same Old Problems

Stiletto Re:This is bad. (372 comments)

No, but a house in Walnut Creek or Gilroy is. That's about how far most of the people I work with commute.

1 year,17 days

New Tech Money, Same Old Problems

Stiletto Re:Actually... (372 comments)

Simple. They can't.

Homes out here are not being purchased by middle-class families. They are being purchased by:
* Foreign (mostly Chinese) investors
* Hedge Funds
* Real Estate investment trusts
* Multiple families pooling their money (and planning on having 15 people living in a 3 bedroom house)

If you're making 60 to 80 thousand a year, you're not even close to being able to afford a home. You're living in a 1br or studio apartment in a not-so-nice part of San Jose.

1 year,18 days

New Tech Money, Same Old Problems

Stiletto Re:Allegory (372 comments)

Actually, fuck you with facts:

"In 2000 Santa Clara County voters approved a 30-year-long half cent sales tax increase to fund BART."

"In 2008, to mitigate that fact, the voters were again asked to raise sales tax this time by 1/8th of one percent to come into effect when and if federal funding of the project was given the green light."

"The project was cut into phases with service to northern San Jose at Berryessa originally planned for 2018 and to downtown San Jose by 2025 which may or may not include Santa Clara."

So, after all these taxes, federal funding, and time, this government project has still gone nowhere, they don't plan to even be done until 2025, and even then, they will have failed to even include all the destinations they planned for.

Meanwhile, these tech companies have given up waiting for the government to un-fuck itself, and just deployed their own damn mass-transportation system.

1 year,18 days

New Tech Money, Same Old Problems

Stiletto Re:This is bad. (372 comments)

Live closer to work? LOL. Let's see, where are these companies located? Cupertino, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park... Where STARTER homes are $1 million??? In the Bay Area it is impossible for a regular tech worker to live close to work. Your only real option is a long commute. I'd rather do it in an air conditioned bus with my laptop open than in my old beater with the fan on and my blood pressure rising...

1 year,18 days

New Tech Money, Same Old Problems

Stiletto Re:Actually... (372 comments)

The cost of living is much more than 2X, especially for housing, which can be up to 10X the cost of normal areas in the USA. When I moved out here from "flyover" land, my salary increased by about 1.5X but my cost of living practically tripled. It was not a good deal.

1 year,18 days

New Tech Money, Same Old Problems

Stiletto Re:Allegory (372 comments)

There is no serious public transport system between SF and the South Bay/Peninsula (or between tri-valley area and South Bay/Peninsula, or really between anywhere and South Bay/Peninsula). There's only Caltrain which is a sad joke. These companies are stepping up BECAUSE the government has failed. /Disclaimer, I do not work for a company that provides such bus service, but would love to--it's a HUGE benefit to not have to commute yourself 3+ hours to/from work

1 year,18 days

Immigration Bill Passes the Senate, Includes More H-1B Visas

Stiletto Re:There are three kinds of lies. (274 comments)

Yea, gotta say, those are pretty awful job postings. I'm not surprised you'd have trouble filling those positions. They basically just include lists of ways HR will try to disqualify me. They tell almost nothing about what I'd be doing, why I'd want to do it, what makes the opportunity so special or distinct. I mean, as written, minus company names, those job descriptions could apply to half the companies in the valley.

Nobody cares that a company combines and* award winning communications platform with best-in-class reputation and networking tools into one powerful web-based application that seamlessly integrates with existing workflow systems to help businesses build oh my god my brain is leaking out onto the floor out of boredom already

*LOL typo

about a year ago

FTC Reviews Google's Purchase of Navigation App Waze

Stiletto Re:Shutting out competitor or buying up talent? (95 comments)

I'm sorry, what exactly makes Waze's talent "top" as opposed to any other software company out there that could get bought?

And if Google is hurting for talent (something tells me it isn't), surely they could hire people for less than $12 million per head in this difficult job market.

The only talented person in this transaction was whoever convinced Google to pay over $1.2B.

about a year ago

Use Tor, Get Targeted By the NSA

Stiletto Re:Good for the economy. (451 comments)

Why do you use envelopes for snail mail? Do you have something to hide? I think you should be investigated unless you put your letter in a clear ziploc bag with a stamp on it.

about a year ago

UnGrounded: British Airways Attempts to Bottle Some Startup Spirit

Stiletto Re:Would anyone care if it crashed? (128 comments)

Unlikely. People that are good at implementing solutions are not always the same people that are good at envisioning them. My experience is that techies are the worst people to have at a brainstorming session. When an idea is floated, instead of expanding on it, they start nitpicking the technical details. Example: The people on the plane came up with some interesting and provocative ideas, and nearly every comment here is "This won't work because ...."

But they did not come up with interesting nor provocative ideas. "Education is good"--wow, that's provocative. They came up with boring, politically correct, half-ideas that won't be implemented because no participant can or needs to (they're already rich and successful). In reality, what happened was: Silicon Valley's self-professed "elite" got onto a plane and pitched half-baked "ideas" at each other for hours and saying STEM a lot. By "elite" we mean "people who substitute money for brains and talk for ability". Basically venture capitalists, CEOs, and "founders" taking a few hours to brainstorm ridiculous ideas, unburdened from actually having to fund or build any of it.

about a year ago



Yahoo's VPN logs showed telecommuters were slacking off

Stiletto Stiletto writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Stiletto (12066) writes "Business Insider and All Things D are reporting that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's decision to ban telecommuting was as data-driven as you'd expect out of the former Google exec. After spending months frustrated at how empty Yahoo parking lots were, Mayer consulted Yahoo's VPN logs to see if remote employees were checking in enough. Despite all the outrage and flak she's getting from those outside the company for the move, some ex-employees are praising the decision, citing abuse, slacking off, and general "unavailability" of folks working from home."
Link to Original Source

Ask Slashdot: How often do you push to production?

Stiletto Stiletto writes  |  about 2 years ago

Stiletto (12066) writes "I work for a traditional "old school" software company that is trying to move into web services, now competing with smaller, nimbler "Web 2.0" companies. Unfortunately our release process is still stuck in the '90s. Paperwork and forms, sign-off meetings, and documentation approvals make it impossible to do even minor deployments to production faster than once a month. Major releases go out a couple of times a year. I've heard from colleagues in Bay Area companies who release weekly or daily (or even multiple times a day), allowing them to adapt quickly. Slashdotters, how often do you push software changes into production, and what best practices allow you to maintain that deployment rate without chaos?"


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