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iTunes On OS X Finally Has Competition

StingRayGun Re:The Truth (668 comments)

Yeah I disagree with that statement too. iTunes (if anything) is bloated, not featureless.

more than 6 years ago

iTunes On OS X Finally Has Competition

StingRayGun Re:Feature Creep is not a Feature (668 comments)

No it just wastes your time with coverflow and by requiring vast resources and being incredibly slow.

iTunes used to be my favorite music software, but aroudn version 6 it got really slow. At least on XP.

I use Windows Media Player on XP, Rhythmbox on Ubuntu. Windows Media player is fast, Rhythmbox isn't but I can't stand those silly sideways tabs in Amarok.

Music software should be able to do everything iTunes 5 could do as fast as winamp.

Now this: "please please please can we stop acting like altering the UI of a program does anything even remotely useful?"

I assume you meant users playing around with the interface, not the actual interface design. Right?

more than 6 years ago


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