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Windows 9 To Win Over Windows 7 Users, Disables Start Screen For Desktop

StirlingArcher Better produce better drivers then (681 comments)

My Lenovo Y580 worked really well with Windows 7 and almost as well with 8. 8.1 totally stuffed the WiFi, and it only works properly when using the Intel Windows 7 driver. If this hadn't worked, I would have reverted to Windows 7. I now remember why my last PC was a Mac....

about 4 months ago



How would you secure your Parents' PC?

StirlingArcher StirlingArcher writes  |  about 10 months ago

StirlingArcher (3463961) writes "I've always built/maintained my Parents' PC's, but as Mum has got older her PC seems to develop problems more readily. I would love to switch her to Linux, but she struggles with change and wants to stay with Vista and MS Office.

I've done the usual remove Admin rights, use a credible Internet Security package. Is there anything more dramatic that I could do, without changing the way she uses her PC or enforcing a new OS on her again?

One idea was to use a Linux OS and then run Vista in a VM, which auto-boots and creates a backup image every so often.

Thanks for any help!"


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