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Tomorrow's Science Heroes?

StoneDog Re:Mythbusters does it (799 comments)

I must disagree with this analysis. I have watched every episode, including out-takes and a lot of extra footage. They do indeed do controls and a large number of trials for their experiments. They constantly complain of the limits imposed by the 1-hour time requirements. It is clearly not lab work as it really exists, but as someone who has done real grinding work in the lab, I don't think that there is any better way of killing a love for science in little kids than trying to convince them that repeating an experiment 100 times is fun.

Ages 2 and 5 are a time for wonder and magic. It is not the time to wow them with the scientific method. It works better than any other way of knowing, but it is *not* sexy.

more than 5 years ago

Suppression of cold fusion research?

StoneDog Re:can anybody tell me (248 comments)

One of my physics profs. was present for the Pons/Fleishman original presentation. He said that they were missrepresented horribly. Some doorknobs reported "cold fusion" where "unexplained heat and some neutron production" was said. The physicists present at the talk actually were sort of embarased when P/F suggested cold fusion as a solution. Overcoming electrostatic repulsion enough to cause fusion to occur isn't too likely to happen by simple proximity due to chemical binding.

more than 15 years ago


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