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Teachers Union: Computers Can Negatively Impact Children's Ability To Learn

Str1der Fancy thinkin' machines (310 comments)

"... these gadgets are really destroying their ability to learn." Or maybe kids just learn differently with these "gadgets".

about 4 months ago

NASA's Greatest Challenges In 2014

Str1der NASA's budget is already a joke. (97 comments)

Great, China and the rest of the world are catching up and will soon surpass us in space technology and capability and what do we do? Reduce NASA's relatively tiny 0.5% of the Federal budget even more.

about 9 months ago

Mars Rover Curiosity Finds Ancient Lakebed

Str1der Re:genesis of life (74 comments)

Why down vote this? The core cooling is one of the leading theories on how Mars lost it's magnetic field. Without a magnetic field, radiation and energized particles from the sun and deep space were able to blast most of the atmosphere away.

about 9 months ago

Want To Record Xbox One Gameplay? Get Ready To Pay

Str1der Money. (203 comments)

Microsoft has become excessively greedy, even for them.

about a year ago

Microsoft Confirms Xbox One's Phone Home Requirement, Game Resale Rules

Str1der Another executive decision as brilliant as "Metro" (581 comments)

So no point in taking the console on vacation if you have no internet, also if you're internet is down for more than 24hrs you're screwed. The 10 person limit on playing your own games is laughable. No thanks M$, I'd would actually like to control the things I own.

about a year ago

House Representatives Working On NASA Reform Bill

Str1der Re:NASA's so called Budget (188 comments)

The figures only include people who actually paid income tax.

more than 2 years ago

How Many Seconds Would It Take To Crack Your Password?

Str1der Only if the site dosen't lock you out. (454 comments)

This article is misleading. Most sites will lock you out after so many failed attempts.

more than 2 years ago

PS3 Counter-Strike To Support Keyboard and Mouse

Str1der PS3 mouse response too slow. (168 comments)

I've played fps's, including the Unreal Tournament series, for years using a keyboard and mouse. I love the responsiveness of the aiming and the ability to put the crosshair exactly wherever I need to and as quickly as I need to. I gave this a try using a keyboard and mouse for UT3 on the PS3 and was greatly disappointed. The mouse was not nearly responsive enough. There seemed to be many frames of lag between moving the mouse and seeing the result on screen. It was like aiming with a wet noodle. I've tried a few different mice and settings to no avail. At least with the PC there was usually some work around for this situation, such as turning down max pre-rendered frames to 1 or 0. Unless this issue is fixed I would honestly rather use a gamepad for FPS's on the PS3. I believe this is part of the reason the keyboard + mouse controls never caught on for the PS3.

about 3 years ago

Sweden May Mandate Opt-in For Cookie Transfer

Str1der It's a checkbox. (115 comments)

How about they just uncheck 'accept cookies' if they don't want them?

more than 3 years ago

Apple To Issue a 'Fix' For iPhone 4 Reception Perception

Str1der I think some comments were left out... (534 comments)

I think some comments were left out: "Upon investigation, we were [not at all] stunned to find that the formula [if (bars=2) then DisplayBars(4)] we use to calculate how many bars of signal strength to display is totally wrong [and unethical since it unfairly makes our product seem as if it has better reception than the others]"

more than 4 years ago

The LHC, Black Holes, and the Law

Str1der Re:STFU (467 comments)

My concern is not so much for known or theorized particles being created, it is for the unknown particles that may be created. The potential discovery of previously unknown particles is part of the purpose of this experiment. I still believe the probability is low that any harm will come from this least not on the global scale, but how low is low enough when the potential to destroy everything we are could exist.

more than 4 years ago

The LHC, Black Holes, and the Law

Str1der Re:STFU (467 comments)

same time.

more than 4 years ago

The LHC, Black Holes, and the Law

Str1der Re:STFU (467 comments)

These collisions have likely occurred on earth for a long time but never anywhere near the density which they will in the LHC. The natural collisions are spread out over a much larger area and much longer time. Also with natural collisions only one particle is moving at high velocity which might cause any harmful particle or black hole to move through the earth very quickly. In the LHC two particles of about the same velocity collide. This could cause any potentially harmful particles to linger by some or all of the momentum being canceled by the collision. The natural bombardment of cosmic rays into the Earth cannot prove the safety of so many of these collisions in the same place at nearly the

more than 4 years ago

Hard Drive Capacity Confusion, Lucidly Explained

Str1der Re:Base 2 (482 comments)

I agree the prefix should be changed since kilo as been established for years to mean 1000, mega 1000000, etc. Apparently there was a standard established in 1998 for a binary kilo called the kibi (kilobinary) covered here. Maybe they should have used something more distinct like the Engelbyte (EB) after computing pioneer Douglas Engelbart (60's inventor of the mouse, windows and more) ;)

more than 10 years ago


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