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Denver Latest City Hit By Viral Respiratory Infection That Targets Kids

Stratus311 Re:No deaths? (174 comments)

will drink all there soda regardless off how much is their.

So close man, so close.

about two weeks ago

Oklahoma Botched an Execution With Untested Lethal Injection Drugs

Stratus311 Re:Time to move into the Century of the fruit bat. (1198 comments)

Then those who are anti-capital punishment should foot the bill.

If a person is sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole, I'd rather have them put to death to save tax-payer money (ok, reallocate it to other areas of government) and have the victims and victim's families be able to move on that much sooner. If you are the kind of person who has no regard for human life, that should count towards your own.

about 5 months ago

1GB of Google Drive Storage Now Costs Only $0.02 Per Month

Stratus311 Re:Get what you pay for (335 comments)

No Windows support and no GUI. This should totally appeal to the masses.

about 6 months ago

23-Year-Old Chess Grandmaster Whips Bill Gates In 71 Seconds

Stratus311 Re:Runtime... (449 comments)

I think you have other issues. I have a mix of 8 and 8.1 clients here at work and not one exhibits this behavior.

about 8 months ago

A Little-Heralded New iOS 7 Feature: Multipath TCP

Stratus311 Re:closed source triumphs again (172 comments)

meanwhile everyone with an iPhone is now enjoying the benefits of multipath tcp. Siri.

Obvious troll is obvious.

1 year,2 days

Apple Retailer Facing Class Action Suit Over Employee Bag Checks

Stratus311 Re:The incredible irony of.. (353 comments)

Perhaps when I turn up I show my iPhone in a shocking pink bumper to Mr Security Guard. When I leave I show the same phone in the same bumper and the guard waves it through. Except that I switched a broken 16GB iPhone 4 for an 64GB iPhone 5

Except your new iPhone 5 won't fit into an iPhone 4 shocking pink bumper. At least not without some goatse-type stretching of said bumper.

about a year ago

Meet Focal, the New Camera App For CyanogenMod

Stratus311 Re:i like cyanogenmod..but... (40 comments)

It's a pretty valid response. If your phone isn't supported, then nobody else gives enough of a shit to support it so if that's the case, then you should do it yourself.

about a year ago

The Black Underbelly of Windows 8.1 'Blue'

Stratus311 Re:Expect more of this. (608 comments)

You also probably need to turn off Secure Boot in the BIOS.

about a year ago

The Black Underbelly of Windows 8.1 'Blue'

Stratus311 Re:Expect more of this. (608 comments)

There is no TCO for an all-Apple environment that would "pencil out" better than a Windows environment.

about a year ago

Man Who Sold $100 Million Worth of Pirated Software Gets 12 Years In Prison

Stratus311 Re:His mistake is obvious (304 comments)

Are you seriously trying to correct his correction while agreeing with him?

about a year ago

Apple Shows Off New iOS 7, Mac OS X At WWDC

Stratus311 Re:How stupid is a Mac Pro Cylinder? (607 comments)

Are there no ports for additional internal hard drives? I couldn't see a single place where they would go. Or are you stuck buying into Apples extremely proprietary (and expensive) storage options?

about a year ago

What Keeps You On (or Off) Windows in 2013?

Stratus311 Re:Taxes in the cloud (1215 comments)

This. Or NolaPro. Or KmyMoney. Or Gmoney. Or others.

Honestly, this, IMO, is the best example of why Linux on the desktop turns off so many people. Application names. People want to launch a Calculator, not KCalculator or GCalculator. And not Nautilus or Konqueror , but a fucking file browser. Shit, call it "Files" for all I care but make it at least somewhat descriptive.

about a year ago

Leaked Microsoft Video Parodies Chrome Ad

Stratus311 Bottom line (243 comments)

Absolute bottom line is if you use any online services whether free or pay, it can easily be assumed that you have no online privacy at all. If that bothers you, then maybe the interwebs aren't for you.

I have been using Google services for as long as they've been available for me to use. My life has had absolutely NO negative effects because of this and no money has left my pocket. If I've been sold to other companies for marketing purposes then I sure as shit haven't seen it or felt it. I also have a Windows Live (or MSN, Hotmail, Outlook or whatever the fuck they're calling it now), email account that is almost entirely filled with spam/junk email from none other than Microsoft themselves. I cannot say the same for my Google account.

about a year ago

Most IT Admins Have Considered Quitting Due To Stress

Stratus311 Re:I used to share office with some sysadmins (397 comments)

Our IT group does not keep batteries. We have a small supply room in our company where they get everything they need for their daily jobs, including paper, pens, batteries, etc.

Trust me, if I could convince them that wired mice are just fine for their jobs instead of wasting money on batteries for wireless mice, I would. It's an entitlement issue.

about a year and a half ago

Most IT Admins Have Considered Quitting Due To Stress

Stratus311 Re:I used to share office with some sysadmins (397 comments)

This is what we do all day. We're a 3 person shop and have some of the most clueless users I've had the misfortune of dealing with. Not that I expect them to know much of anything on how a PC works but I do expect them to know how to change their own batteries in their wireless mice before submitting a ticket. Don't get me wrong, I'll take the ticket credit because it looks good in the reports, but FFS!

And because this is Slashdot, I present you with a car analogy: Do you call a mechanic every time your car runs out of gas?!

Oh, and in Soviet Russia, stress quits you!!!

about a year and a half ago



Leaked MS Video parodies Chrome ad

Stratus311 Stratus311 writes  |  about a year ago

Stratus311 (894962) writes "An article from The Verge shows a video leaked from Microsoft that parodies Google's Chrome ad.

Microsoft and Google have been locked in a war of words over a YouTube Windows Phone app, but in the midst of the arguments a new Scroogled ad has emerged. Designed to be an internal-only video, a copy has somehow managed to find its way onto the web right in the middle of Google's I/O developer conference.


Link to Original Source

Google Wins $35 Million U.S. Government Contract Over Microsoft

Stratus311 Stratus311 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Stratus311 (894962) writes "Google and its partner Onix Networking just won a $35 million contract to run the U.S. Department of the Interior‘s new cloud-based email and collaboration system. This wasn’t always a sure bet for Google. In 2010, the Department of the Interior awarded Microsoft a $59.3 million contract to run its email and collaboration system. Google and its Ohio-based partner Onix Networking quickly filed a suit to block this contract. In Google’s view, the Interior Department’s procurement process unfairly favored Microsoft and never gave it a fair chance. Google finally withdrew its lawsuit last September after the Department scrapped its plans to use Microsoft’s solution because its original decision was “now stale in light of new developments in technology and entrants into the market.”"
Link to Original Source

AT&T Killing Unlimited data for Tethering abus

Stratus311 Stratus311 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Stratus311 (894962) writes "Drink up your free AT&T tethering while you can, Jailbreakers. AT&T has got you in its sights.

The carrier confirmed today that it will soon begin killing unlimited-data plans for users who hack their iPhones and use unauthorized tethering or hotspot apps. The new rules also apply to users of Android and other smartphones who hack their way to free tethering access."

Link to Original Source


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