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It's Official: Registrars Cannot Hold Domains Hostage Without a Court Order

Stunt Pope Re:hmm.... (112 comments)

Registrars can takedown domains for net abuse, the main thing is their terms of service are between them and their registrants, they enforce their policies.

The easyDNS Plain English terms of service state domains will be taken down for net abuse, but if you want to compel a takedown from the outside because *you* say it's illegal, you need a court order.

1 year,17 days

Police Demand Summary Domain Takedown, Traffic Redirection

Stunt Pope Re:Police are right; easyDNS response is drama-que (251 comments)

The AUP is an agreement between a service provider and its customers. That's it. So the only two entities who have any say in whether there's an issue with the agreement are the two parties to it. Somebody else wants to shoehorn their own agenda into that, get a court order or go to hell.

That's why easyDNS can and does say that they are the arbiters of what constitutes a violation of the AUP.

Or as George W Bush would say, "We're the deciders".

about a year ago

Network Solutions Hit With DDoS

Stunt Pope Re:Do Not Use (91 comments)

Google's public DNS is a resolver service, Netsol's outage affects their authoritative servers.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Which Registrars Support DNSSEC?

Stunt Pope easyDNS support (70 comments)

We have it designated as "beta" right now, follow the status on http://easydnssec.com/

You can sign your zones, etc. What you cannot yet do is submit DS keys to the regsitries directly (we're working on it) - this is a "gotcha" of our using openHRS on our backend and we've been in extensive communications with Tucows about this. We're hoping to have this resolved by end-of-summer.

In the meantime we are using ISC's DLV as a workaround.

more than 3 years ago

Amazon Web Services Launches DNS Service

Stunt Pope Re:Sounds great for WikiLeaks (146 comments)

It was not easyDNS who "couldn't handle them", EVERYdns unplugged them. Not easyDNS

In fact wikileaks.ch started using easyDNS yesterday, wikileaks.nl will start tomorrow.

more than 4 years ago

Amazon Web Services Launches DNS Service

Stunt Pope Re:Sounds great for WikiLeaks (146 comments)

It was NOT easyDNS who "couldn't handle them", jeezus, you must be the LAST person alive on the planet who doesn't know this yet.

EVERYDNS unplugged wikileaks. NOT easyDNS. http://easyurl.net/a3191

In fact, as of yesterday wikileaks.ch ADDED easyDNS to their DNS.

more than 4 years ago

NSI Registers Every Domain Checked

Stunt Pope Fooling them into regging useless names won't work (668 comments)

If this is true (and I'll disclose here that I operate an ICANN accredited registrar myself) then my guess is any registrar doing this would be taking advantage of the 5-day grace period, in effect domain-tasting all of these regs and dumping the non-producing ones before the grace period expires for a full refund. This is currently being examined by ICANN but the loophole is still there.

In other words they could do this on a massive scale with a zero cost base and just keep the names that produce PPC revenues within the first five days.

Sorry for the self promotion with what follows, but when I first heard about this we added a "Guaranteed Lookup Privacy" statement to our easywhois portal, basically just going on record saying we have not, do not, will never do this. We feel it runs contrary to the interests of the customer.

about 7 years ago



It's Official: Registrars cannot hold domains hostage without a court order

Stunt Pope Stunt Pope writes  |  1 year,17 days

Stunt Pope (3287) writes "Back when the City of London Police issued those "takedown requests" to domain registrars, most complied but as previously reported here, easyDNS didn't. So a bunch of the taken down domains wanted to move to easyDNS. One problem: their registrar wouldn't let them.

It took awhile but easyDNS fought it, and finally got a ruling under the ICANN policy that ordered the hostage domains transferred."

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London UK Police demand summary domain takedown, hijack traffic to competing www

Stunt Pope Stunt Pope writes  |  about a year ago

Stunt Pope (3287) writes "This morning Toronto based domain registrar easyDNS received a request from the City of London (UK) police demanding that they summarily take down a bittorrent search site based out of Singapore — or else they would "refer the matter to ICANN" — suggesting easyDNS could lose its accreditation.

They directed them to point all traffic for the domain at an IP address that promoted competing commercial online music services based out of London, UK."

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