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Does 2012 Mark the End of the Netbook?

Sulka Not everything (336 comments)

Atom is really, really poor at running Flash, which is what Joe Average cares of. If YouTube and web games don't work on your new netbook, and Flash banners grind your browser to a halt, that's a major problem for consumers. The anecdotal evidence I have of people purchasing netbooks, the primary decision point in getting one was the price. I haven't personally talked to a single netbook owner who was happy about the device's performance more than a week after they got it, so you can probably consider yourself to be in a minority, with a specific primary use-case that does work on the device. For most other people, netbooks just didn't perform well enough.

about 2 years ago

How to Turn Your PC into a Mac

Sulka Mac ease of use (492 comments)

My mother despises MacOS and can't "figure anything out."
I've made some relatives get a Mac and I concur. While I do think Macs make you more productive than Windows or Linux (with exceptions, of course), I don't think Mac OS is any easier to learn than Windows.

The few older people I've guided through the OS are having severe usability problems, some of which are stuff which is actually done better in Windows. For example, OS X doesn't have a way to lock the Dock from accidental drags by default. I dislike the Start Bar but at least there Joe Average won't accidentally remove his apps by one misguided click'n'drag.

I'm happy to deal with these issues though. The relatives who insist on Windows without bothering about security upgrades are much harder. Maybe you could ask your mom whether she'd prefer to have to do her own support for updates and virus protection or have you help her with the mac? :)

more than 7 years ago


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DB server

Sulka Sulka writes  |  more than 13 years ago

I was thinking of submitting this to Ask Slashdot but then thought I'd dig for more information before posting it. I guess the slashdot journal is as good a place to store this as any. :)


I took the task of creating a spec for a heavy-duty Linux database server and it's proving out to be much harder than I thought. Experienced in this? Please help! I'm intentionally not saying which (open source) DB I'm running.

One of the first things I did was to check out what slashdot is using. Unfortunately, that's a VA Linux box and thus not available. The configuration sounded good though, I started to surf for something similar. The system I'm aiming for at the moment is 2-4 CPU rack-mountable machine with 2GB RAM, hotswap RAID5 with 5 drives and one hot spare. Where can I find a box like this, without paying oodles

Putting the drives on an external enclosure sounds interesting. Anyone have experience on this? This would certainly make it easier to pick a machine.


Testing out the journal system

Sulka Sulka writes  |  more than 13 years ago

First try at this, I only now noticed the journal feature exists. :) I've been meaning to write about my experiences with OS X, Solaris and Linux somewhere so I guess I'll be entering notes here soon. Cool! :)

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