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What Objects To Focus On For School Astronomy?

SultanJ Depending on your location- (377 comments)

I would submit Saturn. depending on when and where your class is, even with a smaller telescope you should be able to see the rings. They are currently on the way to 'opening' again (as visible from earth), but I believe you could see something there. Another very good resource (I find especially for ISS sightings), is They have LOTS of info, maps, sighting schedules, etc.

more than 4 years ago

H-P's Dunn Enters No Plea, Charges Dismissed

SultanJ What crime?!?! (156 comments)

Gee, I always wondered if white collar crime was ok, but now I have my answer. What a sad state this country is in. If you have any combination of money and/or power, magically you're not a criminal anymore. This doesn't sound familiar does it?

more than 7 years ago



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