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C# Memory Leak Torpedoed Princeton's DARPA Chances

Sun Tzu Hotfix from Tech Support! (560 comments)

Ok, so the headline is bogus...

But what a lost opportunity for a Reboot Fix, in the grand tradition of MSware throughout history. Just think, an automatic reboot for your robot car, plane, spaceship... and it just keeps going! (or, more properly, starts going again -- now, where was I?)

more than 7 years ago


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Dangit! Slashdot ate my journal entry!

Sun Tzu Sun Tzu writes  |  more than 13 years ago

Dangit! Slashdot ate my journal entry! I will try again but only half-heartedly until I've got some confidence that this entry won't also disappear into the ether.

I've been working on a game client for Starship Traders. It currently runs only under Linux because I'm too lazy to set up a Windows development machine.

The game is a decendant of Star Trader (the original inspiration for Trade Wars), Czarwars, Tsarwars, and The Last Resort. SST can be played via telnet as well as with a web browser.

The game server can be downloaded from here and will run under Linux only. (that's not going to change any time soon!).

If a few people are interested in playing with the client or porting it to windows, I'll make the source code available when I get some time. It's pure C code using Mesa3D, GLUT, and GLU libraries so should mostly be a matter of fixing the #include's to compile on a Windows box with the above libraries.

Post a comment here or email me at the Librenix.com site or post a comment to STAR TRADER within the Continuum of Chaos game at Starshiptraders.com (I'll get that faster :).

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