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Apple Posts $18B Quarterly Profit, the Highest By Any Company, Ever

SuperDre yeah.... (379 comments)

All it means is that you pay WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY too much for their products.......

9 hours ago

Police Organization Wants Cop-Spotting Dropped From Waze App

SuperDre simple.. (440 comments)

Add a function to track the google employee's and see how fast the feature will be removed.. ofcourse it's ridiculous to add police positions to such a tool.. Developers really should start thinking before adding stuff like that, you think developers would be smarter than that........


Calif. DMV Back-Pedals On Commercial-Plate Mandate For Ride-Share Drivers

SuperDre Re:Insurance (208 comments)

If you got paid to drive your daughter's friends home, then YES you should have a commercial driver's license... There is a difference ofcourse between just driving someone home (you know and maybe get a bit of gasmoney), or being a regular taxi (because that's actually what those services are)..
Why should a regular taxidriver need a commercial drivers insurance/plate while someone who is driving for UberPop or Lyft wouldn't (even though they are exactly the same)..

2 days ago

The Current State of Linux Video Editing

SuperDre Just buy? (223 comments)

There are excellent video/audiosuits for linux which you can buy, so not being able to go linux only is BS..... And 3D and 2D are still best on Windows..

about a week ago

Being Pestered By Drones? Buy a Drone-Hunting Drone

SuperDre Re:Who pays for dammage caused by fall? (151 comments)

It's not legal to fly a drone over property without permission, it's not legal to film a property without permission. Also, it's your drone, so you are responsible to whatever happens if it crashes.. You can try to sue the person who damaged your drone while it was over his/her property, but I'm pretty sure you'll loose...

about two weeks ago

Why Run Linux On Macs?

SuperDre Why run Linux on PC? (591 comments)

It's just the closeminded thinking of an apple fanboy of thinking 'why run linux on a mac', why do people want to run linux on a PC, or a PS3 or whatever device?
So many people so many whishes... Some people like MacOS, some people like Windows, and some people like Linux..

about two weeks ago

Uber Suspends Australian Transport Inspector Accounts To Block Stings

SuperDre Re:Is Uber a big government straw man? (299 comments)

Well, but if the terms and conditions aren't according to the law then those are not valid. Also in a number of countries investigators have priviliges so they don't have to obey some laws if that inhibits their investigation (just like a cop can run through a red light if they have their sirene on)..

about two weeks ago

Uber Suspends Australian Transport Inspector Accounts To Block Stings

SuperDre Not smart (299 comments)

That's not a smart thing to do, it will only make sure there will be even more strict regulations, and with this, they might even go for the people behind Uber themselves..
I still can't understand why Uber(Pop) thinks they don't have to obey the law.. And let's not forget, Uber isn't in it for bettering the community, they're in it for the money...
They claim they will reimburse drivers if they get a ticket or get their car impounded, but have they already actually payed out when this happened?

about two weeks ago

Several European Countries Lay Groundwork For Heavier Internet Censorhip

SuperDre uhhh.... (319 comments)

Not that I agree with the content on those sites, but how is preventing such sites not exactly the same (in that I mean an act against freedom of speech) as what those morons did at the satirical comic office in france... If you really want freedom of speech, you'll have to allow for those hate sites, otherwise you're no better than they are..

about two weeks ago

Archive.org Adds Close To 2,400 DOS Games

SuperDre uhhh... (198 comments)

How about first checking if you are allowed to publish the game like this before actually doing it?
What makes them different from any other internetuser?

about three weeks ago

NASA's Robonaut 2 Can't Use Its Space Legs Upgrade

SuperDre WTF? (58 comments)

How can such a blunder even happen? They did test it rigorously on an identical robot here on earth, or is that something they just completely forgot...
This is something that should just never have happened.. what kind of amateurs are they..

about three weeks ago

South Korean Activist To Drop "The Interview" In North Korea Using Balloons

SuperDre uhhh... (146 comments)

And just plainly ignore the fact it's a commercial movie and to do what they want to do needs the explicit permission of Sony to be able to copy and distribute it...
And they simply don't even think about the enviroment, how many of those balloons will actually end up in the hands of people instead of just being dumped in the woods and streams and affecting wildlife...
The idea is great, but as always with a lot of those lefties, they don't think it through what the actual results are....

about a month ago

Sony Sends DMCA Notices Against Users Spreading Leaked Emails

SuperDre not weirdly... (138 comments)

It's not weirdly that email is copyright.. Everything you write is copyright by default, but you can offer it up 'for free'..

about a month ago

The Open Office Is Destroying the Workplace

SuperDre Does not work.... (420 comments)

Personally I get sooo distracted with other co-workers running around, discussing stuff with each other (workrelated), having (work-related) phonecalls. When I was sitting in a large room with (only) 6 other people, i got less work done, and the work I did had much more bugs than when I was sitting alone or with only 1 other co-worker..
socially, yes it's much more fun, but from a business standpoint (at least for me), it's better to have no visual or audio distractions..
And let's not forget, some people are just much better as closing themselves off to their surrounding..

about a month ago

Why Lizard Squad Took Down PSN and Xbox Live On Christmas Day

SuperDre morons... (336 comments)

How did they show with ddos that the security is lacking? they didn't hack the servers... They are just a couple of morons who only want attention, nothing more nothing less..
And propably it wasn't even that hard, because everybody could have predicted that the servers would already be at full load on christmas day, so simple ddos would topple it..
But the only thing they did, was getting people to hate them even more..
But how did they get an interview if noone knows who they are? Get the bastards and cripple them (physically)..

about a month ago

UK Man Arrested Over "Offensive" Tweet

SuperDre really? (360 comments)

Even tough it's an insensitive tweet, it is ridiculous if he's actually arrested for that... What the hell happened to 'free' speech?

about a month ago

Geoengineered Climate Cooling With Microbubbles

SuperDre sjeee.... (114 comments)

What could possible go wrong............. We don't even have the computerpower to precisely predict the weather, and they think they can change the climate with this without real consequences?

about a month ago

Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release

SuperDre a sad day.... (589 comments)

This really is a sad day, those moronic scriptkiddies have won..
I really hope they can catch the persons who did this, and who made the threats. The should get life in prison if it were up to me (well actually they should just get the deathpenalty if it was really up to me)...
These morons ruined the lives of a lot of hardworking people..

about a month ago

Economists Say Newest AI Technology Destroys More Jobs Than It Creates

SuperDre nothing new... (688 comments)

This is nothing new, we already knew this 10-20 years ago, hell even before that.. It's time to really start thinking about how to transform our society to one which isn't reliant on having a job (as most jobs will in the near future be replaced with AI/robots)..

about a month and a half ago

Sony Reportedly Is Using Cyber-Attacks To Keep Leaked Files From Spreading

SuperDre too generic information (190 comments)

As far as I know it's not exactly the whole site they are targetting, but the specified files by seeding corrupt packages.. That's a completely different story then the mediahorny/clickbait story that is told here...

about a month and a half ago


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