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A 2560x1440 VR Headset That's Mobile

SuperDre Re:That's pretty stupid (135 comments)

Well, you forget one thing, Facebook bought Instagram and let it do their thing without real interference (even though it IS a service that is ripe for being facebookyfying (as I call it)), just like they did with WhatsApp and a lot of other companies they bought..
Facebook will certainly provide a service for the Oculus which is more in their vein, but it will also be just a hardware device which will be usable for anythingelse just like games, without any facebook connection..
You really are ignorant if you think the direction of the Oculus Rift will change in a way that would be bad for VR, think again..
And then you even mention Google, a company that is even MORE set on monetizing people's data, even your mail/documents.. So if you have a gmail account or an Google accound you are really just a hypocrite for saying something about Facebook..
Let's not forget, facebook is in business of making money no matter how, so if they Oculus Rift is a succes they'll make money no matter what, being it through the hardware as being through other extra VR services..
And at the moment there is no other VR competitor that is in the same ballpark as Oculus, especially as most 'older' VR competitors have always been doing consumer VR as an extra but mostly were building stuff for the millitairy and industry where money isn't really the problem.. Also Mobile tech has only become really usable for VR the last few years..

about a week ago

EU Should Switch To ODF Standard, Says MEP

SuperDre uhhhh... (111 comments)

How would moving to ODF allow real innovation compared to using the latest word format (for instance), does changing the format make writers more innovating? only a moron can come up with such a stupid reason, and the bad news is, most members are just such morons... The real innovation would come if they decided to get rid of a lot of moneywasting meetings/reports/dinnerparties, and actually cutting costs by really doing work instead of just lobbying and wasting everybodies money...

about two weeks ago

UAV Operator Blames Hacking For Malfunction That Injured Triathlete

SuperDre just stop it.. (177 comments)

This only shows that UAV's should only be used by licensed people with certified/licenced UAV's.. Some people think UAV's aren't the same as RC planes/helicopters, but they are wrong, in most countries they fall under the same law's as RC planes/helicopters (because that's exactly what they are).. So this UAV shouldn't have been near/over any person at all.. This moron should stop blaming other people, he decided to use the UAV and therefore he's responsible.. Epecially if the consumer UAV is so easily taken over by just channelhopping of a mobilephone...

about two weeks ago

OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

SuperDre uhh.. (1482 comments)

So why are they using javascript then? And didn't they know Eich already had a high place at Mozilla before actually becoming CEO.. But then again, I never even heard about OKCupid before, and now they had some free advertisement.. Smart marketing...

about two weeks ago

How a 'Seismic Cloak' Could Slow Down an Earthquake

SuperDre but.... (101 comments)

what are the consequences of sending those "anti-waves" on other parts of the world, there is a reason those 'waves' are going on.. those 'waves' are also a way of releasing kinetic energy that has been building up, but what will happen if you just send the released energy back, it might just pop out at the other side..

about two weeks ago

Minecraft Creator Halts Plans For Oculus Version Following Facebook Acquisition

SuperDre hypocrite (300 comments)

Yeah, he also said he wouldn't do a xbox 360 version and a xbox one version.. guess what.. he did.. the man is just a sell-out like anyone else.. If the plaform attracks a good revenue you would be stupid not to support it.. And let's be honest, Minecraft really isn't a game, it's just a social gathering where you can build stuff, it really doesn't have a goal... (but that's just fine for people who love to 'play' it, so don't get me wrong)..

about three weeks ago

Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?

SuperDre simple (490 comments)

the biggest reason would propably be that not everybody has a good enough internet connection to be able to stream without problems.. It isn't too hard to come up with that reason.. And let's be honest, not all streams are even up to DVD quality.. Yes, streaming is easy, but if the quality still isn't really great (high compression rate, macroblocking, fuzziness, no DTS or better sound) for me I still keep putting in my dvd's and bluray's..

about three weeks ago

Mazda Says Its Upcoming Gas-Powered Cars Will Emit Less CO2 Than Electric Cars

SuperDre Re:Do electric cars actually produce CO2? (330 comments)

It's about how much CO2 is produced to recharge the electric car, as the electric car itself doesn't produce any CO2.. BUT ofcourse it's BS as you can power an electric car without producing any CO2 (hydro, sun, wind)..

about three weeks ago

Unreal Engine 4 Launching With Full Source Code

SuperDre Re:This is very exciting for indie devs (149 comments)

Uhm.. yes it's great until you realize it's $19 or 19 euro per developer per month.. UDK is still supported, but won't get any real new options..

about a month ago

Oculus Rift Developer Kit 2 Ready For Pre-Order Today

SuperDre Re:Dubious commercial prospects (100 comments)

I also just ordered mine.. And I also have a VFX-1, and a VR920, but the VFX-1 is far superior IMHO to the VR920 which really has a crap tracking (with every update it even got worse, like the tracking was hardcoded for the US (and I'm on the other side), ofcourse it did have better displays, but due to the crap tracking the VFX-1 is still number one.. Especially when it comes to comfort, it sits so easy on your head, and with the flip-up vizor it's great for sitting behind your desk..

about a month ago

Controversial Torrent Streaming App 'Popcorn Time' Shuts Down, Then Gets Reborn

SuperDre Re:Entitled Asshole (199 comments)

However, the modern crop of Hollywood movies are just not worth the ticket price.

Well, why do you want to watch them anyway?
Everything is becoming more expensive, people want higher wages, the money has to come from some place.. A can of cola is also much more expensive now than it was in the 70's...
If you think a modest 42" TV is better, than you really are going to the wrong movietheaters..

And what is reasonable? some people think 1 dollar is still too much, others think 10 dollars is still too cheap..
Let's not forget those movies costs millions of dollars to make these days (again, people want more wages) and that money has to come from somewhere.. If people keep pirating movies, it'll take longer for the producers to get their investment back..

And as I said, if you think current movies are crap, why watch them anyway, even the bad remakes.. Let's not forget, movies/series are still just luxury products, so if you think it's too expensive, just leave it be and wait until it pops up at some tv-channel near you, where you 'pay' through having to watch ads..

about a month ago

US Navy Strategists Have a Long History of Finding the Lost

SuperDre Re: I'll make it easy (145 comments)

Cellphones don't have the range to connect to a celltower over land, unless the plane is flying very low.. But a plane flying that low would be spotted immediatly.. This is also one of the weird things about 9-11 where they claim people used their cell-phones up in the air... It wasn't even possible back then without special hardware in the planes (unless you had a satelite-phone), even these days you'll need extra hardware in a plane to be able to use a cell-phone..

about a month ago

Google Sued Over Children's In-App Android Purchases

SuperDre Re:Please.... (321 comments)

Uhm.. the parents are still completely responsible for what kids do on the devices, the parent could also choose not to activate the account before kids play with the device.. Parents are ALWAYS!!!! responsible for what their kids do, nobody else.. Sueing a company for the lack of control of the parent is just ignorant and only shows how stupid some parents really are by not taking the responsibility they have as parents.. If the kid goes to amazon with daddies account and buys everything there is, who's fault is it? amazon? ofcourse not...

about a month ago

The $100,000 Device That Could Have Solved Missing Plane Mystery

SuperDre pfff... (461 comments)

it's easy to say, 'only $100K', but having to fit a complete fleet of planes makes it a very expensive extra, especially with the financial problems the sector already has..
But then again, why would a system like that cost a $100K, I can't believe a 'simple' satelite telephone would be sufficient to stream the data to a basestation, hell it also can be used then to monitor the plane when it goes off the radar..
But people making claims that it 'only' costs $100K are OR selling the device OR are really ignorant in what it actually costs to outfit a whole fleet of planes with those..

about a month ago

Apple Demands $40 Per Samsung Phone For 5 Software Patents

SuperDre hmm... (406 comments)

Apple... The biggest hypocrits on earth... Steal the ideas from others, put a shiny coat on it and say it was theirs... And then they also bitch at samsung which just asks the same price for Apple as they are asking others for FRAND patents, but nooo Apple think THEY don't have to pay.. And now they are asking ridiculous prices for patents which they even shouldn't have had (so clearly an officer at the patentoffice must have been sleeping while checking out the patents or has been given a big extra from apple for passing the patent)..

about a month ago

Google To Replace GTK+ With Its Own Aura In Chrome

SuperDre ofcourse.. (240 comments)

It's logical that google wants to use Aura, they want about every technology used to be from their labs, and people bitched at MS for straying away from so called 'industry standards' but Google is much worse at that... And yes, they put it into opensource, but just look how they really keep control over the projects, if you deviate as a company you'll get slapped on the wrist (just look at android)..

about a month ago

Autodesk Says It's Killing Softimage Development, Support

SuperDre Re:Longtime Softimage Users Are Stunned By The New (85 comments)

Well, also the problem is, if you worked with one package for a long time you don't see (or want to see) the progress in other packages.. All those products have their pro's and con's, but as Autodesk is clearly making it's money on 3DMax and Maya there is a reason why they would dump Softimage, new/modern studio's seem to go a different way, they seem to use 3dmax and Maya more than Softimage.. If Softimage is such a great package (which ofcourse it is in your eye's as you have been working with it for ages), why are other companies not buying it? Appearantly softimage isn't making the money it should be.. It would be something else if Autodesk was just dumping it if it would still make them a lot of money.. Maybe the latest versions of Maya and 3dMax have a lot of features and workflows Softimage has and therefore there really is no actual reason to keep softimage..
It's always crap if your favorite product is scrapped, but in the end you still can keep using softimage if you want to, it still will do what you need it to do, but you won't get any new features..

about a month ago

iRobot CEO: Humanoid Robots Too Expensive To Be the Norm

SuperDre BS ofcourse (122 comments)

Now it is difficult to do those kind of robots, because we didn't have the technology, but with trying to understand this and research into this we will be able to do it in a couple of years and 20 years on we won't even think about how normal and easy it is to build robots like that.. Not only humanoid robots benifit from this research, but also artificial limb-makers will benefit from it.. And people who lost their limbs will be gratefull to those scientists who went on to make these kind of robots and not those wheelie things iRobot is making..
Let's not forget iRobot is a commercial company with a lot at stake, so they're saying this for a reason...

about a month ago

Snowden Says No One Listened To 10 Attempts To Raise Concerns At NSA

SuperDre don't believe snowden anymore... (273 comments)

Well how can you believe such statements from snowden anymore... a while ago he said he was taking the job with the contractor so he could have access to the NSA servers for trying to get information out.. Now he suggests he saw the violations only when he was working at the contractor.. Also he told people he didn't use login's from other co-workers even though it was proven he did.. So how can you believe someone like him anymore, the man willingly signed a NDA-contract knowing he wouldn't abide it anyway, there is IMHO a big difference between him and someone who went into the job not knowing about the problems but found them out and went through the proper channels to try to get some attention..
Personally I really don't believe Snowden even tried the proper channels, and all he wanted was some fame, but in hindsight he didn't saw this coming where he might even be tried for treason..

about a month ago

F-Secure: Android Accounted For 97% of All Mobile Malware In 2013

SuperDre what other? (193 comments)

what other Mobile OS? apart from iOS which has a much strickter policy on what goes into their store and is mostly paid.. Also how much malware is actually from software from the play-store and how much by sideloading (which isn't even possible on iOS without jailbreaking)

about a month and a half ago


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