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Microsoft's CEO Says He Wants to Unify Windows

SuperDre WinAPI Windows (285 comments)

Well, if they mean with unifying, going to keep the current Windows which uses WinAPI, then ok, but if they mean going all WindowsRT, they will loose a lot of businesses...

9 hours ago

Russian Government Edits Wikipedia On Flight MH17

SuperDre who cares.. (665 comments)

Who cares if the russians supplied the missles to down the aircraft.. It's about who actually shot down the plane.. It's not like the US hasn't supplied "terrorists" (oh I mean rebels) with weaponry that killed A LOT of innocent people, it's not like other countries have supplied weapons to groups who used them..
And it all looks like a big tragic mistake as the plane was 'just' mistaken for a transportcarrier..

3 days ago

Obama Administration Says the World's Servers Are Ours

SuperDre trivial (749 comments)

yeah, it's trivial.. As an european I can imagine something like that even though I'm quite opposed to it. But if the warant wouldn't be valid, all US companies would store their information abroad and nothing can be searched..
But I can imagine a way around this problem.. For instance, just let an irish person setup a blank corporation which 'owns' the serverpark and rents the servers back to Microsoft. This way the servers aren't owned by the US company and therefore cannot fall under the warrant..

about two weeks ago

Asteroid Mining Bill Introduced In Congress To Protect Private Property Rights

SuperDre pffff.. (181 comments)

it's not like the united states has anything to say about astroids, space is not theirs...

about two weeks ago

Ode To Sound Blaster: Are Discrete Audio Cards Still Worth the Investment?

SuperDre no.. (502 comments)

well at least nog to 99% of the people.. Most people can't hear the better sound anyway, they have 'crap' headphones (and no, those $200+ headphones don't make it any better).
For most people even the integrated soundcard itself really isn't the problem, but the speakers/receivers they use..
And soundquality is still in the eye of the beholder, some people like high pitched sounds better than low frequency or full bass.. it's all a personal taste..
Only real audiophiles will likely notice anything from a dedicated soundcard, but then again, there still is quite some difference between the integrated soundcards on motherboards..

about two weeks ago

The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI

SuperDre not a great test (285 comments)

the lovelace test is not a great test if a machine has to create something original, all by itself, as a lot of real humans can't even do that, so a lot of humans wouldn't even pass the lovelace test..

about two weeks ago

Court Allowed NSA To Spy On All But 4 Countries

SuperDre funny... (242 comments)

that's funny, as that court doesn't have any jurisdiction over other countries....

about three weeks ago

NVIDIA Is Better For Closed-Source Linux GPU Drivers, AMD Wins For Open-Source

SuperDre who cares.. (185 comments)

I don't care if they are closed source or open source, as long as they are good.. I'd rather have excellent closed source drivers than crappy open source drivers...

about a month ago

Theater Chain Bans Google Glass

SuperDre Re:Battery Life (376 comments)

It's something you should consider before deciding to only use google glasses (GG) as your primary glasses.. You know in advance that you are not allowed to wear the GG, so you should just have a second pair of regular glasses with you.. I even wonder how 3D glasses fit over the GG as they are much more protrusive as normal glasses..
Also you must be aware there are area's which also forbid GG like some bars and restaurants.. It's your own fault if you're a moron not to have a second pair of regular glasses at hand for cases like that..

about a month and a half ago

Strange New World Discovered: The "Mega Earth"

SuperDre pffff.. (147 comments)

And that's the problem with a lot of scientists, they can only think in what already has been theorized and can't look beyond that.. Just like they say 'laws of physics', there are no solid 'laws of physics' as those 'laws' have only been created by man who just doesn't know every little detail.. Ofcourse it's great to have some guidelines, but as I said, a lot of scientists can't see beyond those guidelines and see them as a definite border.. Well, if we all wouldn't see past those 'laws' then we would still believe the earth was flat...

about 2 months ago

Zenimax Sues Oculus Over VR Tech

SuperDre Re:Any chance... (97 comments)

It's the pair up that is the base of the lawsuit, if Oculus hadn't sold itself to whomever there wouldn't be a problem, but they sold itself without first consulting Zenimax in regard to the tech.. Let's not forget, Carmack worked on the oculus while he was still working for Zenimax, and appearantly there is an agreement/contract about it..
So it's not like they didn't sue before because they didn't think there was any money to be had, but they didn't sue because there was no 'contract'breach, only after Oculus sold itself to Facebook there was a 'contract'breach..

about 2 months ago

The Technical Difficulty In Porting a PS3 Game To the PS4

SuperDre Re:Own medicine (152 comments)

Uhm, you mean, finally a game that actually makes use of the hardware you bought.. It's the biggest problem with PC's, because there is a new GPU every quarter (even though consumers don't buy them only once a few years), and the incredible ammount of different configurations, there is no incentive to even to TRY to optimize and actually use the hardware.. That's the beauty of buying a console, you know the games will still look ok/good/great by the end of the lifetime and you won't have to upgrade it, but with a PC you're glad if you're 2 year old PC can actually run the latest games on a level that looks like the console-version, or finally be able to run that 4 year old PC-game at a level that was shown in gameplay-previews due to the developers using triple SLI GPU's that weren't even on the market at the time..

about 2 months ago

Game of Thrones Author George R R Martin Writes with WordStar on DOS

SuperDre Re:Why do people still pay money for basic softwar (522 comments)

Yes, but a lot of alternatives just miss some functions that you just need or if you are reliant on macro's, well good luck converting all of them to other applications..
Free doesn't always mean better (just like paid isn't always the better one)..
Also having to invest time to get used to the othe application can get costly, if it takes you (in business) a few days/weeks to get used to the 'free' application, it's cheaper to just buy a license..
BUT then again, why upgrade to newer versions if the older versions are doing what you want? Office 2013 isn't more usefull than Office 2007..

about 2 months ago

Your Old CD Collection Is Dying

SuperDre Weird... (329 comments)

I don't understand, I've got many CD's from late 80's and early 90's and all just play without a problem..

about 2 months ago

Study: Earthlings Not Ready For Alien Encounters, Yet

SuperDre scrap funding... (453 comments)

If a university is coming out with a report like that, than it was not handled properly and public funding should be scrapped (IMHO a lot of public funding for universities should be scrapped IMHO, as a lot of time they are really 'researching' crappy subjects just to get their funding..

People are ready enough to learn about the existence of 'aliens'. There will always be some people who aren't ready for it (especially religious people, but then again, they believe in stuff like the bible, thoran and Qur'an which are mostly nothing more than fictitious stories laced with some thruth, but then again cinderella and little red riding hood are also..)

The people responsible for censoring every information about aliens are really just holding back the information for themselves, so they can thrive through the knowledge they get from them, and use it for their own profit..

We all know (at least if you're not a moron) we aren't the only ones in this whole universe, that's just impossible..

about 2 months ago

What Was the Greatest Age For Indie Games?

SuperDre 80's and right now (92 comments)

The 80's were great as it was easy to create games as a single person (no need for a real graphics artist for a long time).. And Now because of the easiness of how people can find your game, but it requires more people to actually produce something top quality looking..

about 3 months ago

Sony Warns Demand For Blu-Ray Diminishing Faster Than Expected

SuperDre sad (477 comments)

And yet the quality of a bluray is much MUCH better than any streaming of Netflix or HBO Go (at the moment).. And even 3D bluray's are really much better than any downloaded SBS/OU version, and the better detail is very important for better 3D (the higher the quality, the less eyestrain/headache (for people who have problems with that))..

about 3 months ago

Elderly Mice Perk Up With Transfused Blood

SuperDre Re:Vampirism (178 comments)

Well, what do you think would happen if we all lived much longer? Overpopulation.... And all those people need a job, but there aren't any.. We first need to rethink our society before we actually go and create 'immortality'...

about 3 months ago

Finally, Hi-Def Streaming Video of the ISS's View of Earth

SuperDre why? (97 comments)

Why is it shut down during their 'nighttime'? Is it because noone is around to censor the video quickly when needed?

about 3 months ago

Oklahoma Botched an Execution With Untested Lethal Injection Drugs

SuperDre uhh... (1198 comments)

Just give the person some sedative and when he sleeps, just pump the bastard full of cyanide.. He won't feel a thing and it's cheap... How hard can it be... Or just use a guillotine...

about 3 months ago


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