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Chatroulette To Log IP Addresses, Take Screenshots

SuperStretchy Cease to exist (194 comments)

Now I know that chatroulette is already irrelevant, but doesn't this nix 99% of its userbase?

more than 4 years ago

UK ISPs Want Copyright Holders to Pay if Users Sue

SuperStretchy Wow... (147 comments)

So now they're getting the ISP's to do their dirty work? Thats pretty low, even for anti-piracy organizations.

more than 6 years ago



SuperStretchy SuperStretchy writes  |  more than 8 years ago

SuperStretchy writes "A new search engine has arisen in the past few months and has started to gain a minute share of search engine traffic. Chacha offers the normal search engine (similar in results to Google), but with a new twist: Guides. Guides are trained persons who will help you if you choose so.

Picking a guide is done for you, based on the system's perception of your search terms- terms that correlate with keywords chosen by guides trained in them.

From the outset, it seems like this service is unnecessary (for the most part it is), but say you have a grandma who wants to find a super-obscure result, but cannot handle the concept of using quotes or operators. This would be a great service for her.

Communication to your guide is done via a chat interface, where they will display several links that match what you're looking for. After the search is completed, you have the option to rate your guide, whose profile is also listed on there "Underground" page. From looking at most of the profiles, they seem to be largely stay-at-home wives."


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