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Belkin's President Apologizes For Faked Reviews

SuperTaro Re:Fake reviews and deleted reviews (137 comments)

True, but by not posting the negative review, they chose to misrepresent their product. They could have simply used the word "testimonials" instead.

about 6 years ago

Belkin's President Apologizes For Faked Reviews

SuperTaro Fake reviews and deleted reviews (137 comments)

Fake reviews is a big problem and definitely not unique to Belkin. Beware of another type of dishonest practice: the retaining of good reviews and tossing of poor ones.

I purchased an iRobot Scooba floor-cleaning robot for $450. Quite an investment, but the reviews were all great so I felt the investment was worthwhile. The unit worked well until shortly after the 1-year warranty expired. When I contacted customer service, I was offered a new unit for a $340 but no repair alternative whatsoever.

So I posted a poor review - one which never showed up on their website....

about 6 years ago


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