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'50% of worldwide spam is gone'

Superdad Relief (1 comments)

Ah, so I can use Outlook Express again now then ?

more than 2 years ago

HP Asks Judge To Enforce Itanium Contract Vs. Oracle

Superdad Why exactly ? (124 comments)

Can somone opine as to why exactly HP is doing this ? What do they hope to get ? Why dont they simply cut n run, and/or move HP-UX to x86 as they've already proven to themselves that it can run on x86.

Corporations are weird.

more than 2 years ago

Last Bastion For Climate Dissenters Crumbling

Superdad Re:When I make Taco breathe hard... (963 comments)

* What effects will that cause (good and bad)?
* What can we do to affect the rate of change?
* What can we do to mitigate the bad effects?
* What can we do to benefit from the good effects?


I think that between 2 and 3, I'd ask how bad is the bad, and how good the good, and then, assuming that they don't balance, ask what will it cost to fix the bad, and then ask if the cost is best deployed fixing the bad, or doing other better things that produce a greater overall 'improvement'.

For example, should 'fix money' be spent on carbon reduction or flood defences ?

more than 2 years ago

CISPA Bill Obliterates Privacy Laws With Blank Check of Privacy Invasion

Superdad Re:Home of the free and the land of the brave? (192 comments)

Because we won World War II

It amuses me to no end that Americans think that they won World War II.

Ah, but who were the loosers ?

more than 2 years ago

Geologists Say UK Shale Deposits Hold Vast Energy Reserves

Superdad Re:Bigger Problems Than That (241 comments)

Having done 4 wells onshore-UK

... two of those wells having been drilled in a Nature Reserve, but not the one at Wytch Farm.

Not quite. Wytch Farm field has/had 104 wells drilled across 8 well sites. And the field lies beneath a combination of National Nature Reserve, National Trust, and SSSI land. Its true that not all the 8 sites are on that land, but some are, and others are adjacent, so the impact could have been significant, but wasn't.

about 2 years ago

Geologists Say UK Shale Deposits Hold Vast Energy Reserves

Superdad Re:Bigger Problems Than That (241 comments)

Hmmm. And between England and Holland too.

more than 2 years ago

Geologists Say UK Shale Deposits Hold Vast Energy Reserves

Superdad Re:Bigger Problems Than That (241 comments)

In the UK, our (minute) onshore drilling industry has an admirable environmental record; the flagship field at Wytch Farm in Dorset is almost invisble (you really have to search for it), and even though its situated in a envornmentally sensitive protected area, it has won awards for its low impact. Onshore can be done well.

more than 2 years ago

DragonFly BSD 3.0 Released

Superdad Re:Will Try it (102 comments)

....... and so the only certified Unixes out there are the ones like Solaris, HP/UX, AIX and OS-X.

And Tru64 UNIX. IIRC it received the branding ahead of the others mentioned above.

more than 2 years ago

Scientists Cut Greenland Ice Loss Estimate By Half

Superdad Re:Ololololo (414 comments)

...was there somebody that tried to recover planes that went down in Greenland known as the Lost Squadron and they were expecting the ice to be 10 feet thick or less (according to scientists' best estimates). When they got there, they found that the planes were 268 feet deep.

This was between 1942 and 1992. .....

Umm, don't objects placed on the surface tend to 'sink' into ice caps ? Gear and huts built on the surface slowly descend into the ice as the years pass. So the P-38s sank down, as well as each years snow/ice deposit being layered on top of them. IIRC isn't the sink faster than the accertion of ice ?

more than 4 years ago

RMS Calls to Liberate Cyberspace

Superdad Re:The people who criticise Richard Stallman... (578 comments)

Of course, the automotive analogy might be bad as well. Just ask any "Shade Tree" or "Back Yard" mechanic. Most curse the day they decided to computerize the engine, thus locking them away from manual adjustments.

Actually its worse than that. Its locked for a reason ; the automotive industry needs to (or is forced to) meet ever more stringent emmissions requirements, while delivering better economy with the same level of power in order to compete effectively. At the same time warranty and service interval timescales continue to rise/extend as manufacturers use them as a USP (or one of many).

That is why under the hood are 'no user serviceable parts', and why letting anyone apart from an authorised servicer touch it invalidates everything .... gotta control the emissions and the 'reliability'.

Hang on ... thats what it is like with certain Liunx distros from the commercial players - roll your own kernel, and sorry.... thats unsupported.

more than 8 years ago


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