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Revenge of the Cable Customer

Suzumushi Re:Why I switched from Cablevision to FIOS (397 comments)

I was in your shoes until I got the email that Uverse is available for my home a couple weeks ago. My install is scheduled for next week. I can't wait to cancel the Comcast, that phone call will be very satisfying. (I am going to give them a chance though; 'every channel, premium movie channels, foreign channels, EVERYTHING, for life, at the price of their most basic service', then I won't cancel my TV service... internet would still be Uverse though...) I am slightly curious to see if Comcast will improve its service now that it has a competitive market to deal with instead of a monopoly, and in a way I hope that they do. After all, if the companies rolling out fiber put them out of business, then we'll be back to the same bad situation we were in for the last decade, just with a different tyrant.

more than 4 years ago

Pirates of the Burning Sea Signs With SOE For Publishing

Suzumushi Re:Vanguard-itis anyone? (79 comments)

Wow, with hostility like this coming from the lead designer, then I suppose it is in fact a good thing that you have nothing to do with the marketing and billing. :-P

Good luck with that.

more than 7 years ago



Suzumushi Suzumushi writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Suzumushi writes "As if the exorbidant prices that Comcast charges to view TV riddled with commercials wasn't bad enough, they've decided to increase their ad revenue at the consumer's expense by removing a line from the guide function and replacing it with a pop up ad. The Consumerist points us to The Comedian, a blogger who isn't laughing about this outrage either. It appears the ads are here to stay, and will make their appearances based on primetime peak viewing periods and will cater the advertisements to your demographic based on your viewing statistics..."


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