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Why the .XXX Domain is a Bad Idea That Won't Die

Sv-Manowar I have said before (322 comments)

For those of you who see this as a goldrush or a good idea, you have to consider:

ICM wants to charge $75/year for a .XXX domain, for relatively little extra value - How many domains are you going to go on a spree for with $75 reg fees?

By having a domain on .xxx, you must follow ICM's (not ICANN's) 'Best business practices' or else lose your .XXX - could this include selling them/parking them?

There are bills in congress to make .XXX mandatory, meaning american run adult sites would not be allowed on .com/.net etc.

Their policy includes the right to 'Reserve geographic and religiously/culturally sensitive names', how far could this be expanded? - would someone really end up paying $75 per year for sex.xxx?

There are now hundreds of thousands of adult websites across the .tld spectrum, ranging from .com, to .co.uk to .jp - not all of these will switch, with international webmasters not bound by US rulings - this could create an unfair marketplace for US businesses

From this self-penned article about what is one of the worst ideas in recent years when it comes to TLDs.

about 8 years ago


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Sv-Manowar Sv-Manowar writes  |  more than 8 years ago When I see girls like Liz Vicious entering the business it makes me wonder about what is going on, because I would normally expect sites like Carmen Electra Nude to carry that kind of stuff but not these brand new teen girls who just want to get famous. It really does make me wonder about the future for these kind of chicks and how they will actually grow up around their fame and how it will handle them as they continue in the game.


Sv-Manowar Sv-Manowar writes  |  more than 8 years ago After seeing many things in my life, from carmen electra nude to girls sucking the big one i have to say that I am probably one of the most experienced guys out there when it comes to try and shock me, I think that is why I am so popular in my own circuit and it's part of the reason why I just do it so well because I am the king of the hood and everything always goes my way unless I tell people otherwise, I guess it must just be something that I have in me that you can never get away from.


Sv-Manowar Sv-Manowar writes  |  more than 8 years ago Well I may not have put this down recently but I am feeling pretty good about what I have done in recent months, especially my work on sites that I feel are great such as Carmen Electra Nude and more. Obviously this will show through in my attitude and everything I have worked through to keep you guys in the knowledge of what I am up to and what I have been working through in the last couple of months and even more.


Sv-Manowar Sv-Manowar writes  |  more than 8 years ago It is getting increasingly difficult to hold your own on keywords such as Hentai which has meant that I have to take drastic measures in order to remain as one of the forerunners in this entire business, I hope you can understand why I am doing this and what inspires me.


Sv-Manowar Sv-Manowar writes  |  more than 8 years ago Well I've just picked up Bangbu and I am working more on pumping up the work on the search engine ranks of Hentai which is proving to be almost a torturous task because everyone else has amazing rankings and has really done well at getting themselves up top for that term.


Sv-Manowar Sv-Manowar writes  |  more than 8 years ago Well it's not been going to well lately, with Thea Pix and Smutbus dropping completely off the map, among others. I think some serious effort will need to be put in, if these are to come back to the top and be successful again.


Sv-Manowar Sv-Manowar writes  |  about 9 years ago More work in the Hentai niche is required to get some of the best spots but when they are eventually gotten, hopefully soon. It will be very good to see.


Sv-Manowar Sv-Manowar writes  |  about 9 years ago It kinda sucks that Nautica Thorn dropped recently and never really recovered, much like it's counter parts Taylor Rain and more. I will be trying hard in the future to get them back up into good positions for promotion and maybe a bit higher than that.


Sv-Manowar Sv-Manowar writes  |  more than 9 years ago Thea Pix, Ass Masterpiece and Escort Trick are the latest sites to have been devloped, hopefully they will fare well as they have been optimized and a lot of work has been put into producing them. There is many different ways that these will be taken by the web but I am pushing it hard with the new stuff and that is great.

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