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Japanese Inventor's Motor Uses 80% Less Power

SyFryer Huh (1095 comments)

Looking at the patents for this reminds me of something i saw once, that is that the field put out by one magnet in series drives another, in a circular chain this 'could' produce enough rotation to keep the housing spinning like a fairground carousel with the horses as magnet and no central engine. This was mentioned a long time ago as being a component of 'anti-gravity' device. Shape of magnet seems to be important which surprises me, in most of the considerations for such a device the magnet is 'birds head' moulded like yin and yang shape. If these magnet spin opposing each other then there *is* a force that is 'free', doing much with the energy would require huge transference technology (magnet and housing) as currently exist though surely?

more than 10 years ago


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